How To Make A Twin Bed Look Like A Couch? 9 Easy Steps!

Do you want to make your bed multi-purpose, so you want to learn how to make a twin bed look like a couch?

The dimensions of a twin-sized bed are the closest to a couch, so this should be easy.

how to make a twin bed look like a couch

There are some minor differences to their structure, which we’re going to address today.

You’ll need materials, such as pillows and bolsters, to transform your bed.

However, if you don’t know where to start, you can subscribe to this article.


Steps To Make A Twin Bed Couch

These steps will not transform your bed into a couch permanently.

But it could make you save money and maximize the uses of your bed.

And this process is so fun! So be creative as much as you want.

This article will divide the steps into two parts: making a backboard and styling the bed into a couch.

Let’s start!


Making a backboard

Here are the steps in making a backboard:


Step #1. Determine the dimensions and materials

Measure the length of your twin-size bed.

It’s usually about 75 inches.

However, if your bed has a headboard, you might want to keep it short.

For this matter, use your mattress as a guide for how long the backboard will be.

The height and thickness of the backboard should depend on your preferences.

But make sure that it won’t take up too much space.

Purchase your chosen material for the base.

We suggest that you use sturdy wood because of its durability, and you can find it easily.

You might include buying thick batting and upholstery buttons.


Step #2. Cut the material for the base

You can purchase pre-cut wood from the hardware store or lumber yard.

It would be easy for you.

But if you wish to cut it your own, make sure to seek help for an extra set of hands.

Moreover, you can also add carvings to your wood or choose a wood that has a unique shape.


Step #3. Attach the batting

After you’ve cut the wood, prepare it before adding the batting.

Sand your wood’s edges and surface to prevent the batting from tearing.

Lay the batting on top of the wood and attach it by using a stapler gun.

You can adjust its thickness by adding more layers.

Cut the excess batting by tracing the shape of your backboard.


Step #4. Tufting

Cover the headboard using your preferred fabric.

We suggest that you use a material that works well with your bed.

Again, use the stapler gun to keep it in place.

To add more design to the backboard, use tufting.

It could also help secure the fabric and batting to the board.


Styling the bed

Now, here are the steps to style your bed:


Step #5. Remove additional accessories

Clear out your bed first by removing these additional accessories, which include your pillows and bed toppers.

This step is to draft the couch structure and also to expand your workspace.

If the headboard and footboard are detachable, you can remove them.

However, both can serve as sofa arms.

The only problem is that the headboard might be too high, but it could contribute to the design and uniqueness, do you agree?

If your bed has risers, remove them.

Likewise, a couch should not look tall.

Step #6. Position the bed

Make sure that the bed is in contact with the wall in a lengthwise manner.

It will serve as a support for the backboard.

And it could allow you to lean your back comfortably without falling on the opposite side of the bed.


Step #7. Place the backboard

It depends on you to decide if you will attach the board permanently.

If you want to change the look of your bed at any time, directly place the backboard on top of the bed facing you.

But to secure it to the bed, you can drill holes onto the sides of the board and the bed.

And fasten them together using a screw large enough for both of them.

With this, you can detach them whenever you like.

But it would be best, if not frequently, since you could damage the wood.


Step #8. Put on covers

The covers will serve as the protective layer for your couch.

And it will be the first thing to be damaged or stained.

If you’re satisfied with your backboard and bed covers, you can skip this step.

But you can also purchase matching sets for both of them, including covers for your bolsters and pillows.


Step #9. Add pillows and other bed toppers

Bed toppers include additional blankets, pillows, and bolsters.

We suggest that you add a bolster that is a long and round pillow.

Place it near your backboard, which will add more support to your back.

However, if your backboard is already thick and comfortable enough, you don’t have to include this.

Some people use bigger and wider bolsters as an alternative for backboards.

Next, lay a thin quilt on top of the couch. And place a bunch of pillows.

Don’t forget to use pillows of different shapes and patterns.

But their color should match your couch.

You shouldn’t add too much that there’ll be no space left.

And that is how to make a twin bed look like a couch.



This part is where the article “how to make a twin bed look like a couch” ends.

We hope you like this DIY project and turn your bed into a multi-purpose piece of furniture.

Enjoy your new couch!

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