How To Make Bed Rails? 8 Easy Steps To Follow!

Would you like to learn how to make bed rails? In eight easy steps, you can, my friends.

If you want to save money by making your bed rails, this article will guide you throughout the process.

how to make bed rails

Making these bed accessories is not an easy task.

It needs enough strength, patience, and perfection.

To make these bed rails work, you should build them with accurate dimensions, and they should be aligned perfectly.

Don’t worry because this article has all the information you need about making bed rails.

So, keep on reading!


Step To Make Bed Rails

The primary purpose of bed rails is to keep a young child or an elderly from falling out of the bed.

If you have a child who constantly moves while sleeping, you need to have bed rails for support.

So, without spending much money on a new bed with rails, you can follow this article.

So, the steps on how to make bed rails are as follows:


Step #1. Determine the right dimensions

Before buying your materials, you should first measure the length of the mattress.

The bed rails should be longer than the mattress for extra space when placing the mattress.

So, add about 1-2 inches in its length.

You do not need to measure the width of the mattress.

Since you’ll buy two pieces of wood later on that will be placed separately on the bed.

And take note that the wood used for the bed rails will have a thickness of 2 inches.


Step #2. Buy your materials

Identify first what type of wood you would like to incorporate in your bed.

If you want a sturdy type of wood, you should go for oak or walnut.

These two are some of the best wood for your furniture.

However, you can also choose the wood that matches your bed.

And it will look like the bed rails came with your actual bed.

Use the dimensions as the guide in buying your materials.

You may also buy wood that has an inside edge.

It looks like a sturdy board that will support the rails in place.


Step #3. Cut the wood

Cut the wood to the appropriate length with a chainsaw or power saw.

Or you could buy pre-cut boards from a lumber yard.

We have mentioned earlier that you can buy wood with a pre-built inner edge.

But you can connect and glue the two pieces of wood on your own.

You will place this inner edge under the bed slats.

So, each bed rail should look like a letter L facing the center of the bed.

Bed rails have different looks, and you can make them look like a fence.

Or any design that you would like instead of just making it look like rails.

But this option would depend on your preferences.


Step #4. Glue the inner edge

Find someone that could help by holding the side rails as you try to glue the inner edge onto the bottom surface of your bed rail.

You can use a carpenter’s glue to secure them together.

The width of the wood for the inner edge should be at least 2 inches.

It will help support the bed slats and the mattress.


Step #5. Make a mortise in the rail

Bed rail hangers are sometimes called fasteners which you can buy in any hardware store.

You’ll need four-bed rail hangers for each corner of the rail.

Trace the outline of the fastener using a pencil, including the holes where you will insert the screws.

Do this to all corners.

Using a chisel, make or cut a groove on the wood following the outline you draw earlier.

This mortise is where you will place the hanger.

So, you should associate its depth depending on the thickness of the fastener.


Step #6. Mortise for the bed frame

To connect the bed rail later onto the frame securely.

You’ll need to attach the opposite half of the hanger to the edge.

So, just like in the bed rail, trace and cut a mortise on each corner of your frame.

Ascertain that they are parallel to the side rail’s fastening.

Now, install the opposite portion of the bed rail hanger.

Screw the fasteners down firmly.

Carry on in this manner for each corner of the bed.


Step #7. Attach the side rail

Slide the bed rail hanger of the side rail to its opposite half in the corner of the bed.

You can ask for help in this step since the wood could be heavy.

Once you have connected two opposite halves of the fasteners, use a rubber mallet to secure them together.

Do this to all four corners.

You may also wish to add carpenter’s glue onto the edges of your rails to the sides of the bed.

This step will increase the security and firmness of your bed rails.


Step #8. Finishing touches

Sand the wood to have a smooth surface and prevent the sleeper from having scratches.

Apply a stain to add more color to the rails.

And to match it with the color of your bed’s wood.

You can apply the stain with any tool, including a rag or spray gun.

However, using a brush in applying the paint would make the wood look unnatural.

For better results, apply a varnish.



And that is how to make bed rails.

With this guide, you can now sleep comfortably without worrying that your toddler will roll out of bed.

We hope you enjoyed learning with us.

See you soon!

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