How To Convert Crib To Full-Size Bed? 4 Easy Steps!

How to convert crib to full-size bed? There are four easy steps for you to follow to transform your crib into a full-sides.

This article listed all the things you need to consider below.

how to convert crib to full-size bed

However, what is a crib? A crib is a type of bed that is meant for newborn babies or toddlers to sleep.

It is usually tiny and contains high railings or slats that protect the babies.

Also, keep them from falling into the ground.

Furthermore, cribs nowadays are often convertible.

So you can change or modify them into a full-sized bed if your baby has grown up.

It is vital to think of another way to make it useful in your household to avoid the abandonment of the crib.

If you tend to neglect its usage, it will just add the junks in your garage or storage room.

In addition, it may become a home for insects like bed bugs.

Thus, instead of throwing your old crib away, convert it into something beneficial.

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Steps To Convert Crib To Full-Size Bed

Converting the crib into a full-sized bed is a long process.

However, you only need to prepare your crib, conversion kit, and other tools.

To create the transformation to your full-size bed, review the instructions that came with your convertible crib brand.

However, when it comes to transitioning your crib, you must stick to a straightforward strategy.

Make sure to place your crib in a perfect location before doing the transformation and the addition of beddings.

Then, as you finish the conversion, it is hard to move it into another place.

Here are the following steps on how to convert crib to full-size bed:


Step #1. Dismantle all the parts of the crib

The first thing you need to do is disassemble your convertible crib.

To begin, take apart the crib. For this step, merely detach every panel.

Then, remove the base of the mattress as directed in the instruction manual.

The base of the bed may be a spring or a hardboard.

By removing the parts, it is easy for you to decide the design you wanted to create.


Step #2. Construct the bed frame

Build the frame or the foundation of the bed.

To do this step, you must follow the instruction attached to your frame.

However, in some circumstances, the framed delivered are already ready for set-up and do not need any assembling.


Step #3. Put the large back panel

Connect the large rear panel of the crib to the back of the frame.

People frequently use conventional bolts in this situation.

Please make sure they are well-fitting and securely fastened.

You can use old plywood or even an old back panel in this process.

You may also purchase a new one in the nearby furniture store.


Step #4. Add a box spring

Put your new purchased box spring.

This base will serve as the foundation of your full-sized bed.

Then, do not forget to add your mattress, pillows, blankets, and the like.

Arrange all the beddings.

Now, you can change your old crib into a new full-sized bed!

In addition, you can add more designs if you wish so!


Basics Of Convertible Cribs

Convertible cribs are similar to a standard or traditional cribs in appearance and operation.

However, unlike non-convertible cribs, convertible cribs generally come with directions on transforming your crib into a bed.

This additional manual makes the crib more useful and convenient in the future as your baby gets older.

Typically, this only entails lowering the crib cushion to the minimum setting possible.

And detaching features like the front panel.

This instruction only transforms the crib into a toddler bed and not a full-sized bed.

To convert, you need to prepare more tools such as your headboard and a full bed frame.

Since a full-size bed is 53 inches broad and perhaps the longest rail of a convertible crib is 55 inches in length.

Your child’s previous crib might be a practical method to blend their newborn moments into their youth.

Though several convertible cribs only demand ordinary screws to join this section of the crib to the full-sized box spring.

This will serve as the headboard, you must study the specifications and buy the necessary conversion kits.


Warning You Need To Take Note

Before actually making the change, ensure your child is entirely prepared to sleep in a full-sized bed.

For little kids, some cushion sets might make the bed excessively tall.

In addition, it increases the danger and risk if they will unexpectedly tumble out of bed.



You can use cribs to make a full bed with only four easy steps.

In addition, you only need few materials in this process.

This conversion helps you save money and enables you to use your old crib in your storage room for a long time.

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