How To Make A Throne Chair In 9 Easy DIY Steps

Dreaming of sitting like a princess, a queen, or a king? No worries, because learning how to make a throne chair is a piece of cake. In just a few easy steps, you will become the royalty of your own castle.

It has always been a child’s happiness to witness his/her little dreams coming true. Making this possible does not have to be painful to the pocket, but maybe just a little painful for the body. It’s not really a bad thing, right?


What You Need To Prepare

DIY projects require some work and a little to several materials. Another thing that’s great about it is using materials you thought should already be thrown away and turning them into something beautiful. For creating your own throne chair, you need to have the following:

  • A plastic chair with arms
  • Pillow
  • Some cardboard boxes (hard ones, not the saggy ones)
  • Newspapers (enough to cover some floorspace)
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape or glue gun
  • Beaded ribbon or sequins
  • Plastic jewels


Turning a simple chair into a throne chair

With your wide imagination and creativity, you can transform an ugly chair into that of the royalties. Just do the following steps.

Step #1. Get an old cardboard box and lay it flat. Grab your pair of scissors and cut one edge of the box giving you a big cardboard piece.

Step #2. Place the piece of cardboard on one side of the chair. Trace its height and width — including the arm to the height — and mark using a pencil.

Cut the cardboard following the measurements. Repeat the same process to the other side.

Step #3. Next, you have to cut a bigger piece of cardboard. This should go in front of the chair starting from the top of the seat to the floor.

Step #4. Measure the back of the chair and cut cardboard a few inches taller than the dimensions. Create round corners by trimming the corners of one of the shorter sides.

Then, measure the front of the back support starting from its to the top of the seat. Repeat the same process.

Step #5. Grab some old newspapers — better not be the ones your grandparents are currently reading — and spread them in an area of your workspace. This is to protect the floor from unwanted colors.

With spray paint, add some colors to the cardboard. Do it in front and back. Let them dry.

Step #6. With duct tape or a glue gun, attach the pieces in place. Put the adhesives in areas that are not visible when the throne is done. Also, make sure that everything is secured unless you want them falling one by one later.

Step #7. Accentuate the lines of the chair with some ribbons or sequins. Use the glue gun to secure them in place.

Step #8. Add some more designs using the plastic jewels. You can draw an initial or anything to symbolize the throne.

If you are doing this for a kid, you can ask him/her for the design that he/she wants. If possible, it will be fun for them to directly participate in decorating.

Step #9. Finally, grab a pillow with an elegant pillowcase and place it on the seat as a cushion. This beautiful throne chair is best with a crown, a magnificent dress, and a gummy smile.

There are different styles and designs you can take inspiration from when making throne chairs. You can either do simple ones or go all out.


Where can you use your DIY throne chair

It is very common for parties to follow a royal theme, especially at children’s parties. Of course, a royal party will never be complete without a throne chair.

Buying a throne chair is costly, so most people opt to create a DIY throne chair. Aside from parties, it can also be used for photoshoots, as a home display, and even for school projects.

DIY projects are always good to kill time, practice creativity, and for bonding. Creating great things out of ordinary things is indeed a fun thing to do.


What makes making your own throne chair better than buying one?

If you have an extra budget, you can always buy a throne chair from furniture shops. However, if you want to save some money, DIY is the key!

Creating your own throne chair will make it more valuable. It will also be more personal, especially when you are making it for your child. You can spend some time together as the process of making the throne chair is a memorable experience.



Children all have a dream of becoming a prince or a princess. It is such a dream that is less likely to become a reality since not everyone’s given the chance to be born in the royal family.

However, mastering how to make a throne chair is one way to bring them closer to their dream. With a throne chair, they will get to enjoy reigning over an imaginary kingdom of their own. A small effort for your little one surely won’t hurt.

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