Easy 3-Step Guide On How to Make A Gaming Chair

Are backaches getting in the way of playing games? Relax and read to learn how to make a gaming chair in just three steps! Lasting for a few hours in front of your computer won’t be a problem now.

We all want to enjoy the leisure of playing games in the most comfortable position possible. However, buying ourselves a good gaming chair is not exactly budget-friendly, and building one from scratch is a lot of work. Now, what if you can turn an old car seat into the gaming chair of your dreams?


Materials Needed In Making Your Own Gaming Chair

Making a customized gaming chair based on your personal preferences is possible with just a little bit of creativity and imagination. Here’s what you have to look for:

  • An old car seat from a junkyard (car seats are usually ergonomic and nicely upholstered, so scoring one for a gaming chair indeed sounds great!)
  • A 5-star base from an old chair
  • Paint and paintbrush (to make something old look new)


Building A Gaming Chair

Since you are making a gaming chair out of a pre-made seat, there won’t be that much amount of heavy work. Nonetheless, an effort is always something that should be present. Remember that every sweat bears sweet fruit!


Step #1. Grab a car seat from a junkyard

Visit a junkyard and check out some good car models. Remember that premium cars have the best car seats so you should look and check some out.

Sit on each seat you can find and choose the one you are most comfortable with. Then, talk to the owner about taking it out and negotiate for a good price.

You should get it as cheap as possible — or else just buy yourself a new gaming chair, don’t waste time. Know the value of the price you are paying. You are here to save, okay?


Step #2. Attach a 5-star base to the car seat

Since you have started with a recycled material, why not have another one? Look for an old gaming chair or any chair that’s not functional anymore and remove the 5-star base.

Now, attach the base to the car seat you bought from the junkyard. Take note that the base should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the seat. Car seats are usually made of heavyweight materials so they are kind of heavy.

Obviously, your base won’t fit your seat perfectly — you are super lucky if it did — so be patient enough to make adjustments. You might need to drill a few holes to attach the two.

Car seats mostly use heavy-weight metals for their base, so you should cut them out first before drilling. This will make the work easier as the seat becomes lightweight when you remove the heavy metals.


Step #3. Customize

Got something that looks too plain or old? You can always do some magic with your hands.

If you want to add some good colors to your gaming chair, you can use vinyl paint and a brush. This will help transform your chair in an instant, since an old car seat may not look that good. You can also use multiple colors if you want, it is always up to you.

Adding some stickers and patches is also a good idea. You can stick some statement designs to make the chair more personalized and unique. Create that gamer feel and play head-on!

All done! Your DIY gaming chair is now ready, so go, seat, and play all your favorite games because you deserve it.


Is building a gaming of your own worth it?

If saving some money is what you want, then yes. It is also a good DIY project to make your own gaming chair. A crafty person will surely enjoy this project.

Also, you are getting a premium car seat as a base! Aside from that, you are creating something of high value as it is made with time and effort — which is also its disadvantage at the same time. This project will definitely consume a lot of your time.

In addition, a DIY gaming chair is nowhere near the ones you buy when it comes to features. It is also heavier and might be harder to transport.

Looking at the bright side, the journey of finding a good car seat and painting the finished product is fun. What’s also awesome is getting to sit on a Ferrari car seat while you play racing games!



It is always good to acquire something new like learning how to make a gaming chair of your own. Saving some money while getting to enjoy the fun of creating new pieces from recycled materials is always worth doing.

Who knew that you can actually use a luxury car seat as a gaming chair, right? Yes, it is indeed something that requires time and effort, but everything will definitely be worth it. Things that we work hard for are the things we get to enjoy the most.

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