How To Make A Sleigh Bed? 5 Easy Steps!

How to make a sleigh bed? You can make a sleigh bed either by assembling ready-made parts or build it yourself.

Being in the bedroom means rest for everyone.

The sound of a comfortable bed waiting after a long tiring day is so exciting and inviting.

As for me, it is the bad weather that I love the most.

It does not end with having a bed, this recent times, beds also come in design depending on what you want and what interests you the most.

Having a plain square-shaped bed is sometimes boring.

Beds can be made with design and with what you want too.

As for me, I have a plain square-shaped bed. Simple yet enough for me. It gives me the feeling of warmth and comfort I needed.

But I don’t close myself when it comes to the idea of having another type of bed. I have other preferences too.

Like a platform bed and a sleigh bed, but what could be their differences? They’re both beds, aren’t they?


Platform And Sleigh Beds

There are 2 types of bed that I like. The platform bed and a sleigh bed.

Although I’d rather much prefer the sleigh bed when it comes to style.


Platform bed

A platform bed is used to cater to different types of sleepers. The manufacturer has come up with the idea of designing plain beds.

Before deciding anything, you need to first identify the type of bed frame that is suited for you.

Platform beds are any bed that is made using different types of materials.

It helps in supporting your mattresses even without using box springs.

In the platform bed, your bed is a bit closer to the ground because we don’t need any box springs anymore.

We have the following types of platform beds. We have a flatbed, profiled bed, and slatted bed.


Sleigh Bed

From the name itself, the sleigh bed looks like it and is modeled after the sleigh.

It is a bed that the headboard and footboard curve outside like a sleigh.

This type of bed design gives off a bit of flourish.


Types Of Sleigh Bed

There are 3 types of sleigh beds: wood, tufted, and storage sleigh beds.


#1. Wood sleigh beds

A wooden sleigh bed has a type of timeless design. It has a curved wood panel that looks gorgeous and solid.


#2. Tufted sleigh beds

Tufted sleigh beds are a type of Sleigh bed that is perfect for showing off the headboard and footboard curve in a design that is like a sleigh.


#3. Storage sleigh beds

Storage sleigh beds as their name suggests are a type of Sleigh bed perfect for saving space.

The bottom of the bed has a storage compartment while still providing a beautiful design.


Steps To Make A Sleigh Bed

As we are having our plain square-shaped bed, we didn’t realize that we can make it extra fabulous by making our headboard into a sleigh headboard.

It will give more life and glam to our room.

We can also do it within the comfort of our homes. We can also save money by doing this because this will not cost much.

If we have our old headboard and footboard, we can save more by changing it into a new sleigh-designed headboard and footboard.

So together, we will learn how to make a sleigh bed.


Step #1. Know the measurements

You can do it by fitting your do-it-yourself headboard and your bed. That’s why it is important to measure it first.

We can do it by measuring the width of the bed itself to make it more appropriate.

As for the height, it depends on what you prefer or whatever you may like.

You can let your imagination do the talking.

The headboard and the mattress should at least have 2 to 4 inches clearance.

You can do this by measuring your height with a tape measure and then out some extra inches above your head for the headboard.


Step #2. Be careful with cuttings

For avoiding mistakes in cutting, it is important to have a template for your chosen design of the headboard.

Providing a template will help you provide the appropriate measurements needed.

Once done, you can now proceed with cutting your template.

To the MDF board. In sleigh beds, the design of the headboard curves outside.


Step #3. Assembling

You shod know how to cut your MDF Board according to your given template

You must be aware of when is the time to put them together.

Basic headboards comprise two parallel boards and one upright.


Step #4. Finishing

To protect the quality of our sleigh beds, it is a must to coat our headboard with vinyl paint and polyurethane.

After this coating, you can paint using whatever color you prefer.

Then you can sand the board to have a smoother texture.


Step #5. Mounting

If you are done, you can now mount the headboard you created. You can attach them by using screws.



Beds can have transformations too. It may be costly, but it is always worth the cost.

Especially if you see the product of your labor. It may be hard but you can do it by yourself.

You just need to know the steps on how to do so.

In this article, you can be able to do that. A sleigh bed is one different type of bed design you can have.

Upon reading this, you now have an idea of how to make a sleigh bed. Consider having this type of bed for the ambiance and feels this may bring is awesome.

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