How To Make A Bean Bag Bed? 5 Easy Steps!

How to make a bean bag bed? Well, you’ll have to prepare several materials first, plan the size and follow through with the steps in this article.

I first saw bean bags in a kindergarten facility in a mall I once visited when I went shopping in the mall with my little niece.

How to make a bean bag bed

It was nice to sit in and I loved the comfort it brought me. So I decided to make one my own too.

At first, I didn’t know what to do or where to start with.

So, after several searches in the net, I’ll save you the trouble of doing what I did.

Others have bean bag chairs as their couch at home but why only feel the comfort in the living room if you can do the same in the bedroom?

So instead of making a bean bag chair like everybody else, I did mine as a bed. Yes, you’ve read it right.

We’re making bean bag beds!

Although, I’ll teach you how to make a bean bag just like what I did to mine. Do get excited and let’s get on with it.


What Is A Bean Bag?

Bean bags are a trend when it comes to squishy and soft feeling kinds of couches.

It is usually filled with Styrofoam either recycled or not.

But these couches or bean bag furniture do come pretty handy and artsy when it comes to crafting.


Steps To Make A Bean Bag Bed

So, how to make a bean bag bed?

Follow through the following steps as I’ll guide you with your crafty journey.


Step #1. Prepare the necessary tools and materials

Before we proceed to make the bean bag bed, make sure to have the materials needed and the tool that you’re going to use.

This includes the following:

  • Bean bag beans
  • Spandex fabric
  • Sewing machine


Step #2. Consider the Size

If you are ready with the materials you’ll need, let’s decide on which size of the bed you will go with.

Here are some of the most common sizes that you could choose from.


#1. Standard bunk bed

If you want to use the bed alone, or you intended a 1 person kind of bed, then the standard size should do the trick.

It has a 39-inches by 75-inches dimension. It’s good for an adult or a child to sleep on.


#2. Full bed

If you want some spaces to roll over on the bed, try the full-size bed. It can accommodate 2 adults with its 54″ x 75″ capacity.


#3. Queen

One of the most common bed sizes is queen-sized beds.

It is already big enough for couples sleeping together or some kids co-sleeping with their parents.

A queen-sized bed is usually 60″ to 66″ wide and 80″ to 84″ long.


#4. King

Another bed size is the king-sized bed. It can accommodate a family of two children co-sleeping with each other.

It has dimensions of 76″ to 80″ wide and 80″ to 98″ long.

But just so you know, we’re not going to buy a bed but we’re making one.

So if you’re going to choose large-sized beds, your materials should be sufficient enough.


Step #3. Get beans

We’re making a bean bag so we should be filling it with beans shouldn’t we? Well, we want to fill in our bean bag bed for a least 80% full.

So you will have to calculate the volume of the bed that you’ve chosen.

Let’s say, you chose a standard bed size with 39″ x 75″ dimensions.

You chose it to be at least 3 inches thick so your formula should be this one.

Volume = (76” * 39” * 3” * 0.8) = 7,020 cubic inch which is equivalent to 585 cubic feet.

The bean bag beans are sold by the cubic foot so you’ll need a lot of beans for standard bed size.

Where can you get these beans? You can go find a local Styrofoam manufacturer or an EPS online store.


Step #4. Cut and sew

Make sure to have a sufficient amount of spandex fabric.

It’s not an air-tight type of fabric but it is smooth to sleep into.

Well, you’ll still put some sheets too.

Cut 2 pieces of rectangular-shaped fabric with dimensions depending on the size you’ve chosen.

Add an extra 6 inches each for the allowance.

Cut a strip of fabric according to the thickness preferred as the width and length equal to the perimeter of the rectangle.

Add additional 4 inches to the length as allowance.

Sew all the edges but leave a part open for filling the beans later.

You might want to do double stitches to all the sewing areas.

We don’t want any spoilage.


Step #5. Fill in and Seal

Next is to fill the beans in. there is no particular method with it just have to put everything then seal the whole.

To seal the hole, you could either sew it by hand or sew it with a sewing machine if manageable.


Sleep And Enjoy!

After following the steps, you can now enjoy your newly made bean bag bed.

You can put some sheets on it and replace your mattress with it.

You can now have the same comfort right in your sleeping space.

The method is pretty simple, right?

If you want to make bean bag pillows, you can still use these steps.

Just make sure to keep the dimensions neat.



It’s not that bad to know how to make a bean bag bed.

Once you master the steps, you can even make sofas, couches, or pillows.

You will have a room full of bean bags and have that comfortable space throughout your room.

You did not only learn something like arts and crafts but you also managed to save the planet.

By using these Styrofoam products and not throwing them away you’ve recycled.

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