How To Make A Mexican Blanket: Easiest 3-Step Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a Mexican blanket. The iconic look of the Mexican poncho, with its unsewn sides and lack of sleeves, has become a fashion icon in recent years.

According to history, the Mapuche people, a group of weavers gifted with tremendous skill, popularized the blanket across Latin America. Today, anyone with a poncho draped over their shoulders looks straight out of Mexico.

how to make a mexican blanket

Back then, the purpose of it was to keep the body warm without restricting movement, and only men were permitted to wear them. Today, however, anyone can wear the poncho as a fashion choice.


History Of The Mexican Blanket

Of course, Mexico is famous for its Aztec ancestry. The Aztecs, as far back as the 1500s, were already wearing these colorful blankets because they believed the gods were pleased by them.

Early ponchos were decorative items woven with traditional methods, using wool and cotton, and typically would take more than a year to create. Ever since Europeans introduced looms operated by foot pedals, however, the backstrap looms used by indigenous people suffered a decline.

Today, the Mexican fabric is known as a “serape,” usually made of a cotton acrylic mix. The “Boho” style increased the popularity of such fabrics and since then became a celebration of Mexico’s rich culture.


How To Style A Poncho

Most people mistake the poncho for a cardigan or a jacket, and so they fail to style them. Do not make this mistake to avoid looking drab.

To style a poncho, you must match it with clothes to suit your look. First, the poncho is quite baggy. Styling with layers is the best route to take. To complete the look, add scarves but wrap them tighter to your neck.


Materials Needed

The poncho is somewhat plain on itself because it’s just a piece of clothing. What makes it stand out is the patterns found within the fabric.

In choosing the textile, go for the design you find most appealing. You have exciting choices with crafting your Mexican blanket.

There is an array of bright colors to choose from, weaved out of agave and cotton fibers. Look for the specific feature of the Mexican blanket—the diamond shape in the middle.

Prepare the staple tools for any DIY project. Bring out your scissors and a sewing kit. For added decorations, you can add pom poms to your Mexican blanket.

This tutorial is super easy and will only take you an hour to finish. A poncho is a superb costume to wear on Halloween or a safeguard from rain as a raincoat.


How To Make Your Own Mexican Blanket


Step #1. Cut the fabric

Before cutting the fabric, have a clear idea about the size you want. With a measuring tape, note precisely how long you want the poncho to drape over your shoulders. A trick you can do is find a t-shirt you already wear and base the measurements from there.


Step #2. Make an opening for the head

In the middle of your poncho, you will cut a hole in your head. Cut an oval shape as you work around the neck, or attach a v-neck shirt to use as your guide for a cleaner cut. Try sliding it over your head and make sure your cuts are symmetrical.


Step #3. Add accessories

At both sides of the poncho, attach pom poms to hang freely as decorations. Opt for pom-poms that match the color scheme of your poncho, or strive for contrast by using earth tones.


Can I use the poncho as a raincoat?

Yes, ponchos are so versatile you can use them as raincoats, too. To make one, you will follow the same procedure like the one above. Capture the basics of a poncho with an opening for the head.

In this case, however, you will likely use nylon as your material since it’s water-resistant to help you avoid getting drenched in the rain. Also, it might be suitable to add sleeves, and a cap, too.

If you want to preserve the Mexican aesthetic, use nylons with bright zigzag or stripe patterns.


How do you clean mexican blankets?

Keep in mind how delicate cotton and wool are if you have a traditional blanket since you need to hand wash them with extreme care. If the blanket uses synthetic fibers, cleaning them with a machine is okay. Wash the poncho in cold water.


How do you wear the serape?

Since the serape is like a long blanket, you would wear it as a cloak. As with most blankets, it is close to the shape of a square, but the one you have should be bigger than most shawls. It would be best if you draped the serape over your shoulders, wrapping it around you like a scarf.



If you want to look fabulous with baggy clothes, learning how to make a Mexican blanket can add a valuable item to your wardrobe. On cold nights, you can wrap the poncho around your body to keep you warm. We hope this tutorial was a great help.