How To Crochet A Batman Blanket: 4 Easy DIY Steps For You

Batman is a loved persona among children and adults alike, so learning how to crochet a batman blanket is an excellent way to get on their good side. You can crochet one by using granny squares. Know more about it below!


how to crochet a batman blanket

Crochet A Batman Blanket With These Steps


Step #1. Prepare the materials

You need a crochet hook, balls of yarn (black and yellow), and a batman pattern. The pattern for this project is a whole batman logo, which will have a pixelated effect since we are going to use granny squares to make it.


Step #2. Start the squares

First, you have to calculate how many squares you need to make. You can learn about it here. Then, proceed in making granny squares.

Step #2.1. First, do a slip knot and make a chain 3.

Step #2.2. Next, do the first double crochet cluster. Do this by crocheting two double crochet stitches into chain 3’s base chain.

Step #2.3. Make a chain 2. Then, create another cluster by crocheting three double crochet stitches on the loop of chain 2.

Repeat twice and slip stitch into chain 3’s initial chain. This is the corner of the square.

Step #2.4. To slip stitch into the chain 2 space, slip stitch into the top of the 2nd double crochet.

Step #2.5. Do another chain 3 and create two double crochets in the same chain 2 space. Then, make three double crochets. This will be a corner for round 2.

Step #2.6. Make three double crochet in chain 2. Next, make three double crochets into chain 2’s space of round 1. Continue doing this in the two spaces to join the first chain 3 with a slip stitch.

Step #2.7. To make the corners, start with a slip knot and insert it along the side of the square. Yarn over, pull through the space. Make sure the thread is on the hook. This is round 3.

Step #2.8. Do a chain 3, then create two double crochets in the same space. Work on the cluster as aforementioned in chain 2’s corner space.

Step #2.9. Make three double crochets with no chain spaces along with the spaces. Repeat along the square. Finish it off with a slip stitch.

Step #2.10. Create round 4 the same way round 3 was done but with two double crochet side clusters on each side.


Step #3. Check the pattern

Create as many granny squares as needed based on the batman pattern. Make sure you have enough squares of each color (black and yellow). When you finish the squares, prepare to join them as you go.


Step #4. Join-as-you-go 

After making your granny squares and checking if you have enough, you can join them.

Step #4.1. You can start on which side you want. When you’ve decided which side you work on, make one granny cluster of three treble crochets.

Step #4.2. Make a chain in the corner. To form your second chain, fetch yarn from the granny square you are joining your new one with by leading your hook from front to back. Through the corner, pull the yarn and loop it. This is the second chain.

Step #4.3. Make a chain. Do not join it on the adjacent granny square.

Step #4.4. Crochet your second granny cluster in the corner by doing three treble crochets. Do the joining method in each space between the granny square clusters.

You can do this by leading your hook from the front to the back to take yarn in the granny clusters’ space. Then, pull it through that space and loop.

Step #4.5. When you need to join three granny squares, skip the middle and join the upper and the one to your left. Do the joining method again and fetch yarn from the upper corner first. Pull it, then make the loop; this is the first chain.

Step #4.6. Make another chain and do the joining method, this time joining the left corner. This will be your third chain. Then, create a cluster using three treble crochets and continue to connect your granny square to the left granny square.

Step #4.7. Join the last corner you skipped earlier. Finish the row with a slip stitch.

Step #4.8. Repeat the above steps until you join all your granny squares for the batman blanket.


What is the quickest crochet stitch for a blanket?

There are numerous crochet stitches, but the quickest one to do is double crochet stitch. Moreover, it’s sturdy and works well with thicker yarn.


How many skeins of yarn are needed to crochet a blanket?

It depends on the dimensions of the blanket as well as the type of yarn you are going to use. You can calculate how many skeins of yarn you need here.



Since you know how to crochet a batman blanket now, you can start this project to wow your children or a special someone!