5 Easy Steps On How To Make A Mexican Poncho From A Blanket

Folding your fabric then cutting a hole for the head is the best way how to make a Mexican poncho from a blanket. You can reuse old materials at home and turn them into a versatile piece of clothing.

Ponchos are a great addition to your wardrobe. They can come in any style, from plain colors to extravagant patterns. Making a poncho out of a blanket is also very easy; you don’t need many materials, and sewing it is a basic process.

how to make a mexican poncho from a blanket


What Is A Poncho?

A poncho is a sleeveless garment worn over your clothes. It was introduced to the world as a comfortable covering that can protect you from all types of weather.

Colorful ponchos used to be exclusively for men, but lately, women have been using elaborate designs on their cloaks. It’s a great accessory that complements any size.


Uses Of A Poncho

A poncho is one of the most flexible garments out there; it has many uses and designs. Ponchos serve as raincoats when the weather is gloomy.

A great thing about this covering is that it will protect your bags along with your body. It’s big enough to cover a wide area, and many commercial raincoats follow the poncho style.

Next, it can be used as a fashion statement. You can use the variety of colors and patterns to match your outfits!

Did you know you can use ponchos on the beach, too? They offer excellent protection from the sun, and they can cover your swimsuit when you start getting chills. The bright colors go with the energy of the beach too.

Imagine you have a Halloween party tonight, and you still haven’t decided what you want your costume to be. Don’t worry, just pop on your poncho, and you can go as a cowboy or cowgirl, drawing inspiration from Clint Eastwood’s signature look.


How Much Material Do You Need To Make A Poncho?

Ponchos don’t have a fixed size. They’re good as long as they can go over your head and protect your body. A safe estimate for your fabric is six yards of fabric, three yards for both sides when you make your hole in the middle.

Fleece is a popular material for ponchos, but since blankets come in all types and textures, you don’t need a specific kind of fabric. Some people even use their old jeans as the linings of the outfit.


Step-By-Step Process On Making A Mexican Poncho

Do you have an old blanket that’s just lying around in the living room and not being used? Maybe it’s too old, or it isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.

Why not recycle it into a poncho? Your material won’t go to waste, and you will add a fabulous outfit to your wardrobe!


Step#1: Prepare your materials

You will need an old blanket long enough to cover your torso when it’s folded for the fabric. You can also use some old jeans as the collar, but any other scrap fabric you may have is good enough. You will also need pins, scissors, a tape measure, a fabric pen, and a sewing machine for the tools.


Step#2: Fold your blanket

First, lay your blanket flat on a surface. Next, you need to fold it once from left to right, then fold it again from top to bottom. You need to do this to make the hole for your head to go through.


Step#3: Mark and cut the neck hole 

Find the folded corner, and mark how far down you need to cut with your tape measure and a fabric pen. A firm fabric will need around four inches of neck room, while a stretchy fabric will only need three inches. Make sure when you cut out that hole that you keep it in a curved style.


Step#4: Add your hem

Now it’s time to get your scrap jeans or other material. Proper measurement is 35 inches long and six inches wide.

Fold it back to itself twice and pin it in place. Repeat it on the other side, and sew it onto your poncho from the inside.


Step#5: Finish up

When everything is attached, turn your poncho inside out and add an angle to the collar to give the signature V-neck look. Turn your project right side out, and you have your new poncho!


What Other Things Can You Make Into A Poncho?

Almost anything can be made into a poncho, as long as it’s big enough. You don’t have to limit yourselves to blankets. Large towels, tablecloths, old curtains, and rugs can be made into an excellent accessory if you have the practice and patience.

You can choose fabric and any size and type. It’s all up to you how you want to make your poncho, what’s important is it will protect you from the weather.



Ponchos are a perfect outfit to add to your collection. They are beautiful with multiple uses.

When you know how to make a Mexican poncho from a blanket, you can recycle any old fabrics you may have at home. Less waste, less cost; it’s an excellent decision for the environment and for you!