How To Make A Memory Pillow? Follow 3 Best Steps!

Are you wondering how to make a memory pillow? Sometimes, it’s hard to part ways with a particular memory or a person.

It feels like all we need from them is a tight, warm hug, and lying down by their side.

how to make a memory pillow

Luckily, you could make a pillow out of a shirt, sweatshirt, flannel, jacket, or any clothing that you value the most.

Today, we are tackling how to make a memory pillow with these three steps: the gathering of materials, forming the memory pillow, and sewing.

All this process needs are a sewing kit, piece of clothing, pillow, and your sentimental memories.

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Why Make A Memory Pillow?

Some clothes hold our best memories with a particular person. Sleeping with a pillow made from that clothing could help us cope with a person we miss.

A memory pillow could be an excellent coping method for someone who has lost a close member.

Memory pillows could also provide you comfort and warmth, just like a standard pillow would. It also helps in reusing and recycling old materials, which make these sustainable for our environment.

It’s easy and isn’t tedious to do.


Steps To Make A Memory Pillow

You could create a memory pillow by yourself through these three simple procedures:


Step #1. Gathering of materials

Before making one, you should gather the correct materials. These include significant clothing (sweatshirt, shirt, etc.), sewing kit or sewing machine, and the desired pillow size.

The pillow should also depend on your preference. Your preferable type of pillow also relies on your sleeping pattern, so you should note that for your utmost comfort.

Making a memory pillow could be done either by hand or using a sewing machine, which is more convenient and manageable.

Here are some portable sewing machines that you could purchase online.


Step #2. Forming the memory pillow

Lay down your pillow on the shirt or jacket that you have chosen. Ensure that the pillow isn’t too large for the clothing as this won’t fit and fully enclose the pillow foam.

Measure the size of the cushion on the clothing as you would need this later.

After doing so, cut the shirt into two parts since the back, and the front would serve as the casing of the pillow itself.

Trace the pillow on the clothing, having at least an inch of allowance for the sewing process afterward.

Carefully cut the outline.

If you made your memory pillow out of a shirt or any clothing without buttons, insert the pillow inside later.

Make sure that the pillow is placed at the center to avoid any mistakes. Pin together all of the sides of the “square” or “rectangle” for sewing.


Step #3. Sewing

Attach the pillowcase to a sewing machine and sew the assumed pillow’s surroundings to form the memory pillow of your choice.

Ideally, the process should go slowly yet surely to secure the pillow’s position inside the clothing safely.

If you want to sew the memory pillow by hand, use a thread and needle. Remember to keep safe and use a thumb cover to minimize any risks of pricking and other accidents.

After sewing the pillow, cut any excess fabric around the pillowcase and add some surrounding designs such as a wavy pattern if preferred.

A T-Shirt memory pillowcase should have the pillow foam inside of it as of right now. However, suppose you have a memory pillow from a sweatshirt or jacket with buttons.

In that case, you can insert the pillow foam inside the pillowcase by opening the buttons and tightly securing the corners of the pillow to match the shape.

Button it back up again, and your memory pillow is now complete.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a memory pillow out of a tank top or sleeveless shirt?

It is possible to create a memory pillow out of a tank top or a sleeveless shirt. However, this type of clothing structure is limited to the upper part, limiting the choices of pillow sizes you are willing to put in.


Can I make a memory pillow out of two pieces of clothing?

Yes, you can! One of the pieces would serve as the front, and the other would serve as the pillowcase’s back.

Tightly sew both sides to create a stable and secure memory pillow.


Can I make a memory pillow out of a blanket or scarf?

If the blanket or scarf is big enough to encase your choice’s pillow, the same procedures will apply in creating a memory pillow out of those.

Remember to give a small allowance around the pillowcase to fit the pillow inside tightly.


Final Words

This article has discussed how to make a memory pillow. These take three simple steps: the gathering of materials, forming the memory pillow, and tightly sewing the fabric.

Valuing our memories with our loved ones is a regular human action indeed.

Without it, our lives would become meaningless as these memories are important parts of ourselves.

Through this article, you now know how to create a memory pillow that values your connections.

Good luck and keep safe!