How To Sleep With A Body Pillow? 5 Best Types Of Pillows!

How to sleep with a body pillow? Having enough sleep at night is necessary for a person to function in his day to day life.

However, there are times when we feel unsatisfied with our rest.

How to sleep with a body pillow

Sometimes we even wake up with soreness and stiffness all over our body.

Lately, I wake up with my arm crushed and neck in an awkward position.

There are times where I have trouble sleeping and end up having not enough sleep at all.

That is why, after thorough researches, I made the best decision of my life. I added a body pillow to my sleep routine.


Why I Use Body Pillows

Body pillows that are also known as pregnancy pillows provide full-body support.

This type of pillow is very huggable and comfortable.

I like this type of pillow as it is not only great for pregnant women because it also provides comfort to almost everyone.

This type of pillow can alleviate pressure points, back pain, and sleep apnea when used correctly.

However, the problem is how to use a body pillow correctly. How do you sleep with a body pillow?

Body pillows vary in shapes and sizes. Knowing which to choose or how to use it effectively might be difficult for you.

Since I have done my research regarding this matter and have also used various kinds of body pillows, I am an expert regarding this matter myself.

Before anything else, we have to learn the different types of body pillows and how to use these.


How To Use Different Types Of Body Pillows?

How to sleep with a body pillow?

Body pillows have various types, and each has its benefits to suit different needs.

In choosing a body pillow, considering how much space the pillow will take up is necessary.

For instance, rectangular and cylindrical pillows are best for smaller beds, while U-shaped pillows are best for at least a queen or king-sized bed.


#1. U-Shaped

The best pillow shape for pregnant women is the U-shaped pillow as it provides head, neck, and back support.

Furthermore, it is also ideal for people who love large body pillows. U-shaped pillows also have pillow wraps around the body to prevent you from rolling over.


How to sleep with a U-shaped body pillow:

When sleeping with a U-shaped body pillow, you must place the curve on top of the bed. Rest your head on its top curve and gently lay between the arms.

You are allowed to side sleep in both directions of the pillow.

When side sleeping, you can also hug one of the arms while the other one will be the one to provide support for your back.

You can also place one of the arms between your thighs.


#2. C-Shaped

Another large curved pillow that provides the same benefits as a U-shaped pillow is the C-shaped pillow.

Although it is smaller than the U-shaped pillow, it aids in reducing back pains and giving support to the head, neck, and legs.


How to sleep with a C-shaped body pillow:

First, lay in the center opening of the pillow.

Second, place your head on the upper curve of the pillow.

Then place your back against the length of the C.

Lastly, hug the top hook of the pillow and place your knees between the bottom hook.


#3. J-Shaped

If you are looking for another type of pillow that provides several benefits as a U-shaped pillow, you may consider using a J-shaped pillow.

J-shaped or candy-cane pillows have excellent head and leg support and aids in maintaining your spine aligned.

This type of pillow also requires less space than a U-shaped pillow. However, it does not have any back support.


How to sleep with a J-shaped body pillow:

First, place the pillow down with its hook at the top of your bed. Second, lay down facing its arms.

Rest your arms and head on the hook of the pillow. Lastly, wrap your legs around the arms of the pillows.


#4. Rectangular

A pillow that aids as an excellent head and knee support for side sleepers may consider using rectangular pillows.

Rectangular pillows are often used on small beds as they are long but not incredibly wide.

This type of pillow is common in the market and is mostly available in various lengths.


How to sleep with a rectangular body pillow:

In sleeping with a rectangular body pillow vertically, you must rest your head on the top portion of the pillow.

Then, wrap your arms around the middle, and put your knees on the bottom part.

In sleeping with this type of pillow horizontally, consider using it similar to a large pillow.


#5. Cylindrical

Cylindrical body pillows are almost similar to rectangular pillows.

The difference is that cylindrical body pillows are fuller and takes up the shape of a cylinder.

Just like rectangular pillows, this type of pillow is best for small beds and comes in different lengths.


How to sleep with a cylindrical body pillow:

First, place your pillow vertically on the bed, and rest your head on the top part. Next, wrap your arms around its center portion.

Also, put the bottom half of the pillow between your knees.


Why Sleep With A Body Pillow?

Body pillows are excellent in providing support specifically for pregnant women and side sleepers.

Aside from this, body pillows can minimize stress, stiffness, and back pain as well.


Relieves pressure points

Pressure points occur when your mattress is too firm or when you have conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Body pillows can support the shape of your body. It can also distribute your weight and prevent you from experiencing soreness or stiffness all over your body, mainly your hips and shoulders.

Placing a pillow between your knees will allow your spine to be more naturally aligned and prevent your knees from scraping against each other.


Minimizes sleep apnea

Resting with your head elevated reduces snoring and sleep apnea because it ensures that your airways and throat are clear.


Reduces back pain

Putting a pillow between your knees allows your body to be in a more relaxed and natural state. It aids healthy spinal alignment and posture, thus reduces back pain, and prevents conditions such as herniated discs or sciatica.


Calming and stress-relieving

If you struggle with overthinking every night, having a body pillow to hug may reduce anxiety and stress.

Hugging something can lower blood pressure, reduce cortisol, and release oxytocin. You might be able to relax and sleep comfortably.


Holds you in place

If you have a hard time sleeping because of constant tossing and turning in beds, body pillows can hold you in place during the night.

Also, body pillows prevent you from rolling to your sleeping position.



How to sleep with a body pillow?

Sleeping is our body’s way to regain energy. Nothing will make our sleep more comfortable than adding body pillows to our beds.

However, knowing how to use it properly may be challenging as body pillows also have various types.

The first step is to determine the available space in your bed and choose the best pillow for you.

Then follow the methods stated in this article and enjoy sleeping!