What Is The Pillow Challenge? Facts That You Should Know!

You may be asking what is the pillow challenge? At first glance, you will see people are wearing a chick mini dress with a chunky belt on.

But I assure you that what you see is not the case; this is the pillow challenge!

what is the pillow challenge

Pillows. We usually use these fluffy objects for sleeping and place them under our heads at night.

However, what if I ask you if you’ve seen the recent pictures that people have been taking on Instagram?


The New Viral Instagram Challenge; Who Created This Trend In The First Place?

This massive trend started on April 5, 2020, when two relatively huge fashion influencers’ @myforteisfashion and @stylebynelli, posted their Pillow Challenge photos to Instagram.

As soon as people saw how unique, stylish, and chic the pillow looked on those two fashionistas, it took Instagram by a storm.

People started recreating the iconic challenge and making sure they placed the #PillowChallenge on their post’s caption. More and more people saw the trend, and that was just how it started.

However, you might be curious about how to do the challenge and why are so many people interested in recreating such uncommon and peculiar looks.


How To Do The Viral Trend; The Quarantine Pillow Challenge

What is the pillow challenge?

Well, here’s how you do it.

The first step is to find a pillow, any pillow will do.

But perhaps a pillow that can cover your whole torso and reach below your hips might be more effective when doing this trend.

Then, hold the pillow against your chest and adjust its place to make it look like a dress from the front.

Afterward, cinch the pillow in with a chunky or gorgeous belt around your waist, and there you have it.

You’ve only done the #PillowChallenge and made yourself look like you’re wearing a stunning short strapless dress.

Doing the trend is relatively easy, but somehow the fun starts when people try to make or spin on it.

Most influencers might use different pillowcases, such as silk, satin, or even fur, to change the style and texture of their so-called “dress” in the picture.

Others may try to make the belt look interesting by choosing different types such as chunky, funky, or sparkly and cute.

There are just so many ways to go about this outfit that there’s not only one correct way to go about taking a picture.


Recreating the #PillowChallenge; cute looks you can try for yourself.

If you want to recreate this challenge, remember to make the style as uniquely you as possible.

Choose your pillow size or shape of choice, decide what the stylish pillowcase will be

And finally, pick the perfect belt to accessorize your glamorous strapless pillow dress look.

Although the trend may seem out of the ordinary and just absolutely not something people would usually wear or use outside, this wasn’t the whole point.

The movement started at the peak when the world just started to go into lockdown this quarantine

And everyone has stuck in their homes all scrolling through Instagram to find the next big trend.

Well, this was that next big trend!

A simple and easy trend to recreate plus materials as common as belts and pillows.

Well, with that combination, practically everyone on lockdown during quarantine could join in on the fun and pull that trend off.

It’s incredibly accessible, especially for everyone at home, and not to mention the challenge is brilliant!

I mean, sure, everyone can see it’s a pillow, but look at it as a dress, and it starts to look pretty chic.

It seems unique, fashionable, avant-garde, and just something we’ve never seen before on Instagram or any other social media platform, for that matter.

It’s all such as a unique twist on everyday household items turned into fashion outfits that look like the absolute cutest mini strapless dress I’ve ever seen.

Since the pandemic forced us to stay at home and most of our plans are canceled, hopping on the trend help most people to kill boredom, and it’s easy to do!

This trend had hit a massive gold mine with how quickly it was getting noticed and recreated by thousands of people, creators, and influencers worldwide.


Why So Many People Jumped On The Trend

If you’re like me, then you’re also probably wondering how the challenge took Instagram by a storm.

It was practically the hippest and current fashion trend that had gone viral during the quarantine period this 2020, and people loved this challenge!

Everyone was obsessed, and so was I. Who wouldn’t love a good photoshoot that costs you nothing?

Just using a pillow from your bed or any room in your house, a cute belt, and pose for the camera.

You will end up looking like a fashion model in a chic dress that costs you no money whatsoever.

No expenses necessary, and the preparations for this challenge were all too simple and quick to do.

I mean, it’s no surprise that this pillow challenge is making waves now because comfy duvet-like clothing has been a part of the fashion world for quite some time now.


Let’s Wrap Up!

You’re already aware of what is the pillow challenge, right?

As more days go by and the rest are still self-isolating, creativity can only go up because of the excessive amount of time people now have.

Whether that may be because of boredom or a lack of things to do.

There’s an exceedingly increasing level of creativity that continues to soar, especially in social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

More people continue to join in on exciting new trends and viral challenges.

It seems like these social media platforms are the new go-to sources of our entertainment.

Since most of us are stuck at home with nothing to do but stare at our phones all day long because we can’t go outside.

So, don’t waste your time contemplating; the #PillowChallenge awaits!