How To Make A Low Bed Higher? 4 Easy Ways!

Are you wondering how to make a low bed higher?

Well, there are many ways, my friends!

how to make a low bed higher

For example, you can use a bed riser, a book, or another foam or mattress.

Just come to think of this:

You sleep every day! And that means that you need your bed all the time.

So, there’s no way you should compromise comfort.

One of the best ways for you to keep your utmost comfort is to make it higher.

I guess you’re thinking of how high is high? Well, it’s not what you think based on our childhood stories.

Anyway, imagine if you have an oldie at home; having a low or high bed can be challenging.

So, if I were you, I will make sure to have the right bed for my family and me.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Make A Low Bed Higher

So, how to make a low bed higher?

There are five easy ways to do so.

Here are the following:


#1. Using a bed riser

Of course, the best way to make a low bed higher is to raise it.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pull it up; as simple as using a bed riser, you’re sure to make your bed higher.

My friends, you’re certain to provide additional height to your bed.

And it comes with many options- height, weight, material, size, and so forth.

These things depend upon your preference, my friends.



You can’t buy just any height as it comes in different options.

So, to obtain the right side of your bed, choose the most appropriate height for your bed riser.


Weight requirement

There are also limitations according to weight.

That means that the bed riser can carry a specific weight as it has a weight requirement.

So if you want to purchase one for yourself, see to it that you’ve checked the weight limitations.



You have varying options such as metal, plastic, or wood to make a low bed higher.

Perhaps, the most common material used is plastic.

It’s the quickest material that you can find and place below your bed.

Much more, you can choose from among many colors available.

I’m sure it will add to the beauty of your bed.

However, this option is not the most durable one.



The first question is, how wide is your bedpost?

If you’ve already determined the right measurement, then you can buy your bed riser.

Identify how narrow or wide the bed riser you will get.


#2. Using a mattress topper

Here’s another means of increasing the height of your mattress!

Use a mattress topper.

Perhaps, this option is the easiest to accomplish.

For sure, you can have a good night of sleep.

And it will help your bed become softer than ever; as you will compare it to your typical bed.

But then, the increase in height is not that significant.

All you have to do is to place a mattress topper above your bed.


#3. Try having a bed wedge

Another thing that you can do is to incline your bed.

Well, if you’ve read the article about how to use a bed wedge pillow, then you already know that the principle used herein is just the same.

For sure, you can reap the utmost comfort.

At the same time, it can ease pain, whether you’re suffering from back pain, sleeping disorders, or even spinal injuries.

Now, you can put your mattress back and have fun with your raised bed.


#4. Using a bed frame

The last but not least solution is to use a bed frame.

For sure, it can make your bed higher at the same time, maximize the space of your bed.

Take note that some bedposts are attachable and removable.

That means that if you have at least one in every corner, you can make your low bed even higher.

Plus, it can make a great space below it.


Reasons To Make A Low Bed Higher

So, how to make a low bed higher?


#1. Ensures comfort

Without a doubt, sleeping in a high bed is comforting.

Given its elevation, you’re sure to have more airflow.

And with this, you will get the utmost relaxation that you deserve.


#2. For aesthetics

Making a low bed higher can make a drastic change in your bed’s look.

For sure, you can alter the appearance of your bedroom in a breeze.


#3. Increase storage

If you maximize space below, you will have greater storage.

With this, you can have better space for your things.

You don’t need a huge space for other things, for that matter.


It’s A Wrap!

Undoubtedly, making a low bed higher is beneficial in various forms.

You’ve already known what these benefits are, right?

Anyway, that’s how to make a low bed higher.

Try using a bed riser, a bed wedge, a bed frame, or a mattress topper.

The preference still lies to you.

Also, you must raise your bed for many reasons, mainly for comfort, aesthetics, and storage.

That’s all, my friends!

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