Why Do Cats Poop On The Bed? 4 Best Reasons!

After seeing the first unwelcome surprise on your sheets, you will be confused; why do cats poop on the bed?

You will wonder why your pets would abandon their litter box to poop on your bed.

why do cats poop on the bed

This behavior is very unpleasant and distressing.

Even if it does not happen every day, which is still a problem that can stress you out every time it happens.

You must know why this happens so that you can easily figure out how to solve the issue.


4 Reasons Why Cats Poop On The Bed

If there is a smelly issue in your bed, then it can be due to one or a combination of the reasons we will discuss in this section.

Although pooping outside their litter box happens less likely than cats urinating outside it, the reasons behind that two unpleasant behavior are very much alike.

Again, you must know what triggers that behavior so that you can easily correct them.

So, why do cats poop on the bed?


#1. Insecurity and stress

This usually occurs when there are minimal changes in their environment and routine.

However, the issue can be a bit handy in this case.

If you recently brought those cats home, then they might be exhibiting that particular behavior due to insecurity and stress.

That is because they are separated from their sibling and mother.

They might also be anxious about their new home.


#2. Illness

A few illnesses are said to cause cats to poop onto the bed.

The first step to correct this behavior is to visit your vet for some medication.

Diseases like IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal parasites, and cancer can make the cat look for another place to do their business.

The pain brought about by those illnesses is often mistaken by your cats caused by their litter boxes, which is why they will avoid defecating there.

Furthermore, if you have more than one cat at home, other cats tend to eliminate the cat with illness instinctively.

They will not allow the ill cat to be near the litter box.

That is why it is highlighted that all your cats must have a litter box of their own.


#3. Environmental and routine changes

It is a bit tricky to detect this one.

Cats belong to creatures that can be very sensitive to the changes in their environment.

I already have mentioned this earlier since this can also lead to stress and anxiety.

When cats are unhappy, they might act it out in unpleasant and odd ways.

Defecating outside the litter box and on your bed of all places can be their way of telling you something that they do not like or appreciate.


#4. Issues with their litter boxes

Most cats are a bit fussy when it comes to their litter box or the litter itself.

So, you should experiment with this to find out what exactly is appealing for your cats.

Consider the following aspects of litter boxes:


Aspect #1. Type of litter

Be particular in choosing the litter since this can be a big issue for cats.

Most often than not, cats prefer sandy and soft litter as compare to those huge and chunky pieces because they tend to come with sharp edges that can hurt their toes.

Also, consider that lightweight so that it will be easier for you to scoop and carry them.


Aspect #2. Litter box type

Some cats have no issue in using top-entry or hooded litter boxes.

But other cats prefer to use pan or non-lidded ones since they provide an open space.

Also, make sure to pick a box that is right for your cat’s size.

For kittens or any small cat breed, you may get a tiny litter box.

But for large cat breeds like Maine Coons or Ragdolls, of course, they will need bigger space when doing their business.

You will know that it is the right size for them if their rear ends are not hanging over the litter box’s side when they are standing inside.

Otherwise, you should upgrade the size.


Aspect #3. Cleanliness of the litter

The most important aspect of litter boxes is their cleanliness.

You must scoop and clean it regularly.

Do not let the waste of your cats build up and wait for a few more days to dump them.


Aspect #4. Placement of the litter box

Finding the right place where you should position the litter box is also crucial.

You must not place it somewhere that is highly trafficked since your cats wouldn’t like it.

They would want to have their privacy when doing their business.

With that being said, it would be best to put it somewhere your cat can access easily.

There must also be no obstacles along the way to escape or access the box with ease.


It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks!

Those are the potential reasons why do cats poop on the bed.

And since you are aware of this already, you can easily point out the problem and solve it.

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