How To Make A Crinkle Taggie Blanket For Kids: 4 Easy Steps

Mothers are wondering how to make a crinkle taggie blanket on their own.


how to make a crinkle taggie blanket

After all, the design for this blanket has a patent and buying one from the company that holds it can be expensive.


If you don’t want to get sued for buying knock-off brands, you can make one yourself with scraps of ribbon. 


The first time you encounter a tag blanket may be confusing.


At first glance, you can’t tell whether it’s a toy or not since babies play with it even though it doesn’t resemble the standard toy.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to make one and why babies love it so much. 


What Is A Taggie Blanket?

Tag blankets are toys to keep babies preoccupied, stimulating a baby’s sense of touch.


Toddlers can explore colors and textures by touching the assortment of ribbons.


Not only that, the toy produces a crinkly sound when the baby grabs it. 


Playing with a tag blanket reaps benefits for the baby. Apart from providing security as an official “lovey” blanket, it develops the brain.


Motor skills improve along with his hand and eye coordination. 


The tags are sewn at the edges, whereas the center produces the crunchy sound.


Ribbons are looped at the end, prone to break loose, so the stitch must be secured. Sometimes, the fabric itself has bumps for added texture. 


Materials Needed



The tag blanket is square-shaped. For this, you will need two 12″ × 12″ pieces of fabric, usually cotton.


To have better appeal, consider using textiles with prints of animals or bright colors. 


To elevate the sensory challenge, you can use two different fabrics—one dotted, one with ridges.


Both could be unalike, too, preferably fleece, terry cloth, or satin. Bold choices like these elicit a better response. 



Next, you will need an assortment of ribbons in varying textures. Scraps from your last DIY project will do.


Apply the same tenets for choosing the fabric—go colorful with those ribbons!


Common ribbon materials include satin and grosgrain. When choosing ribbons, never go for glittered ones or those with buttons.


Those are hazardous, and the baby might swallow them by accident. 


Once you deem yourself ready, prepare the materials and read the guide below.


Even though the tutorial is straightforward, follow each step carefully. The project should consume no more than 20 minutes of your time only. 


Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Crinkle Taggie Blanket


Step #1. Cut out two squares

Using a ruler, mark a 12″ × 12″ square with a fabric pen.


Cut out the pattern you traced with sharp scissors to avoid fraying the edges too much. Keep them for later. 


Step #2. Place the ribbons

Using the fabric pen, mark the points where you want to place the ribbons—make sure the spaces in between are even.


Measure the width of each ribbon if they are uniform. Take each ribbon, fold it in half and point the raw side toward the center. 


Fill in all the points you marked earlier. Spare an inch for allowance and secure that spot with pins to hold them in place.


Complete the three remaining sides of the square. 


Step #3. Sew the ribbons shut

It’s so much easier to accomplish this step with a sewing machine.


All you have to do is place the second fabric on top of the first, align the edges, and start sewing.


Turning the last corner, leave a gap in the middle and do not sew completely.


Reach for the gap, insert a hand, and turn the blanket inside out. Doing so should reveal the ribbon in the right direction, facing outwards.


Now, you can finally close the gap with a few stitches. 


Step #4. Add finishing touches

For a cleaner output, you can choose to clip the corners of the blanket. To do so, trim the fabric first around the seams.


Check for poorly stitched ribbons lest they come off and become choking hazards. 


Then, gently press over the finished product and try it out yourself. Apply considerable pressure to see if the ribbons would come off.


Let your child try out the toy immediately to his or her approval. 


How long should the loops of the ribbon be?

Not too long if you don’t want the fingers of your baby all tangled up.


Making the ribbons a tad too short may cut the finger’s circulation once it gets caught up in it.


The child might insert a finger through one of the loops when he twists the blanket. 


What should I put at the center?

The crinkle material is almost always made of plastic. A cheaper alternative would be using the plastic in cereal boxes. 



Are you scrambling to find the perfect gift for an expectant mother?


Instead of burning dollars on an expensive one, knowing how to make a crinkle taggie blanket might be a better option.


Children outgrow toys much faster than you think, so a gift like a tag blanket is memorable.