How To Make A Bed Frame Stronger? In 4 Easy Methods!

Before you sleep, you should always be assured that your bed is sturdy enough to hold you, so let’s ponder how to make a bed frame stronger.

There are plenty of ways to reinforce your bed frame, such as tightening the screws or replacing its bed slats.

how to make a bed frame stronger

Once this problem is solved, you will undoubtedly be enjoying your beauty sleep without any worries.

And with that being said, we have come up with this article to help you out.

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Methods To Make A Bed Frame Stronger

There’s nothing worse than a bed that wiggles whenever you make a sudden movement, such as switching to the other side while you’re sleeping.

However, you don’t need to buy a new one to fix this.

So, we gathered some of the best and practical methods that could help on how to make your bed frame stronger.

Keep in mind that there are different types of bed frames, so the way you approach them depends on their type.

And you might need a driller and some screws for these methods.

So, how to make a bed frame stronger


Method #1. Tighten the screws, bolts, or pins

These screws, bolts, and pins are responsible for connecting the bed slats and other parts to the mainframe.

So, if there are any loose parts, these are the things that you should check first.

Examine your unstable bed in a spacious area of the room that could give you enough access.

Check for loose parts in every corner of the frame.

Please take note of these areas, so you could go back to them later and restore their sturdiness.

With that, you can now install screws, of the right size, to the areas that need to be secured.

You can use a driller, but you can also use a screwdriver if you do not have this equipment.

But make sure to tightly fasten the screws or other materials depending on your original bed frame uses.

You may also wish to add more screws for support, but do not add too much.


Method #2. Increase the number of bed slats

More bed slats mean more support to the weight of the mattress, and yours too.

This method increases the strength of your bed frame and prevents the possibility of the other slats from breaking due to force and pressure.

Here are the steps you should follow if you wish to add some bed slats:

  • Measure the correct dimensions by using the existing bed slats (length) and the gap between each of them (width) as a guide
  • For wood bed frames, you may wish to choose a sturdier type of wood, such as lumber; metal tubes also come in different sizes and diameters, which could increase their durability
  • Visit nearby hardware stores until you have found the perfect bed slats
  • Install them tightly using a drill or screwdriver and with screws/bolts of the correct size

In addition, the wider the gap between the bed slats makes your bed less sturdy.

So, it would be best if you had closer bed slats to support the weight of both the mattress and the person.


Method #3. Replace the support beam in the center

The support beam of a bed frame is the wood or tube that is perpendicular to the bed slats.

You can observe if this is the part that you should fix by checking the bottom side of the bed.

If the bed slats arch downwards because of the weight of the mattress plus any heavy object, then it needs a new support beam.

First, detach the original support beam and measure the exact dimensions for the new one—research for a more sturdy material for replacement.

The support beam includes support legs, so make sure to replace them also. And make sure that you have taken note of their exact measurements.

Like the second method, this one will also help support the bed slats in holding the mattress and sleeping.


Method #4. For wood bed frames, secure the joints

This method is only applicable for wooden bed frames.

Unlocked joints will result in the wobbling movement of the bed frames, which may be the cause of your uncomfortable sleep.

Reconnect the joints that may have shifted over time.

If this problem is not fixed immediately, it may cause more damage, such as broken parts of the bed.

So, in reconnecting the joints, you may ask someone to elevate them, or you could turn your bed sideways for better access.

Using a mallet, gently hammer the joints and repeat for any open areas.

However, if your bed frame utilizes wood glue, you can add more to the joints and spread them evenly.

Then, secure it by using a clamp or any equipment to add pressure, and wait until it dries.

Repeat this process to any disconnected joints that you have observed.


Keep In Mind!

If none of the suggested methods have worked, maybe more significant issues are needed to be fixed by a professional or furniture expert.

You may also consider buying a new bed if your bed is getting old and starts to fall apart, which could lead to more damage.

But, again, your safety is our priority.



That’s the end of our article today. We hope that you learned a lot from us today.

With that, we have provided the best methods on how to make a bed frame stronger.

Hooray for no more squeaking sounds and wobbling beds.

Cheers to more comfortable beauty sleeps and fresh-looking faces in the morning.

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