Feet Hurt In The Morning When I Get Out Of Bed; 6 Best Reasons Why!

Ever ask why do my feet hurt in the morning when I get out of bed?

Have you ever experienced waking up and something is hurting, then getting out of bed to figure out that every step your take hurts?

feet hurt in the morning when I get out of bed

There are many reasons why your feet might hurt right after waking up like, arthritis or simply having shoes that are too tight for your feet.

It’s infuriating. Every time you step, it feels like something is stabbing your feet.

To fix this, we should first find ta cause of this problem.

It’s easy to overthink these kinds of stuff, mainly since it affects your health, but I reassured you this article would help you.

So read on!


Reasons Why Your Feet Hurt In The Morning When You Get Out Of Bed

Nothing annoys me more than something stabbing my feet every step I take.

It unbearable, especially when it’s early in the morning.

Having a goodnight’s sleep is one thing, but also waking up great is also another.

And instead of waking up feeling refreshed and relaxed, you get irritated and annoyed by the pain in your feet.

You don’t want to wake up another day and still have your feet hurting.

So you better look for the cause of this and see a doctor quickly.

We have gathered possible reasons why your feet hurt.

Stop questioning why do my feet hurt in the morning when I get out of bed?

And here they are:


Reason #1. Plantar fasciitis

According to an article, it is when your plantar fascia is irritated.

The plantar fascia is a thick ligament at the bottom of your foot.

When your feet feel stiff or in pain, this is usually the reason.

Having inadequate blood supply to your feet would cause the symptoms to worsen.

Plantar fasciitis is prevalent in athletes.

Athletes tend to do a lot of running, which places stress on their feet and heels.

Swimming and running or cycling activities on the same day may cause the symptoms to appear.

If you have this problem, you need to exercise your feet before stepping.

Then, you can walk or warm up your feet, and the pain will disappear.


Reason #2. Flat feet

Flat feet or fallen arches is when your feet have low to no arches.

That causes your sole to touch the floor when standing.

Having a flat foot cannot cause pain, although it may lead to swelling in your sole since, most of the time, only the heel and the front pad of the feet touch the floor.

The pain is caused by a lack of support ligaments in the arch, which causes strain to the foot muscles and ligaments.

If you figure out that you have a flat foot, see the doctor immediately to diagnose you.

Most likely, they send you to therapy and proper footwear to return your foot arches to normal.


Reason #3. Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is stiffness or pain in the heel area of your feet.

The Achilles tendon is located in between your calf muscle and heel area.

Pain in your foot may be more evident in the morning when your resting circulation is limited.

Unlike Plantar fasciitis, this one cannot be remedied by warmth up, and you will likely feel pain throughout the day.


Reason#4. Bone spurs

Bone spurs occur when your bone grows too big that it can rub against other tissues near the nerves of your feet.

That is often located in the heel and can cause unbearable pain.

Having plantar fasciitis can cause bone spurs to occur.

Consulting a podiatrist or an orthopedic for a more precise diagnosis for your illness.


Reason#5. Arthritis

Arthritis is usually evident in the joints of the body, which means it can also be present in the joints of our feet.

When you can’t walk on your feet in the morning because it is very stiff and painful, Rheumatoid arthritis or simply RA is to blame.

Different types of arthritis can cause foot pain and are very evident in the morning.

In addition, aging can cause arthritis, which is called osteoarthritis.

Now don’t be discouraged.

Though arthritis is ultimately incurable, you can slow down symptoms using specific remedies and slow down the progression of pain in the feet.


Reason #6. Ill fitted shoes

When wear shoes make sure that it is the right size for your feet. And wearing shoes that are too tight can cause foot pain.

It should have proper arch support and provides comfort to your feet.

Athletes should always wear shoes made for a particular sport because they protect them from any injuries.

Wearing ballroom shoes and playing basketball can cause your feet to hurt.

And we don’t want to wake up and have your foot hurting.

Most of the foot disorders and foot pain are attributed to wearing improper shoes.

Those with special footwear suggested by doctors and experts should be worn when and where the doctor tells you to wear it.

It is designed to protect your feet from any more damage, so you should listen and obey what your doctors tell you.


Wrapping Up!

And that is all the information needed to help you understand the topic “feet hurt in the morning when I get out of bed.”

Remember when it is already unbearable, and you are unable to walk? Please consult a doctor.

For more information regarding the topic, please visit this article!

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