How To Make Bed Slats Stronger? 7 Useful Tips!

To improve your bed quality and add comfort and support, we will ponder how to make bed slats stronger.

There are many ways to achieve this, but why do we need to do this? Is it necessary?

Well, one thing’s for sure, this will help us achieve a good night’s sleep.

This article that we prepared will help you upgrade your bed’s quality to a better level.

So, enjoy reading!


how to make bed slats stronger

Tips To Make Bed Slats Stronger

It just feels like heaven whenever you lie on your bed, and you don’t want to get up again.

But, how long will this feeling last?

Little did you know that your bed frame is somehow getting weak, and the bed slats are turning frail.

We all don’t want that to happen, do you agree?

So, here are the most helpful tips on how to make bed slats stronger.


Tip #1. Fasten the bed slats tightly

If you’re contented with the condition of your bed slats, fasten them tightly to make them more sturdy and hold their shape.

To do this, gather your materials, such as the screws and your drill.

It is an easy way to strengthen your slats since it does not need a workforce, and it won’t cost you money.

Start by choosing the right size of screws or nails depending on the thickness of the slats.

Find the part of the bed frame where you think lacks support, and implant the screws or nails until you are contented with them.

But don’t add too much. It can also result in wood breaking because of too much force applied.


Tip #2. More bed slats, fewer gaps

Well, sometimes a thing gets weaker when it is provided with less or no support.

So by adding more bed slats to your frame to reduce gaps.

Thus, providing the mattress more assistance to the amount of weight it can endure.

Start by measuring the space between the slats so you won’t need to remove and replace them.

Then, buy the wood depending on your preferences and attach them to the bed frame.


Tip #3. Top the bed slats with plywood

Plywood is like a thin piece of wood that you could put on top of the bed slats.

Although, its thickness depends on you. The weight of the mattress and the number of people sleeping on the bed.

Measure the dimensions of your bed frame, and ensure that the plywood can fit perfectly.

Also, consider the quality of the wood you are going to buy.

Having plywood on top of the slats can provide more support and comfort, resulting in a blissful slumber.


Tip #4. Improve the wood quality of the bed slats

There are different types of wood to choose from for your bed.

Maybe it was a very long time ago when you bought your bed, which made the bed have poor quality.

Or the bed manufacturers designed the bed depending on a person’s basic needs, which is having a place to sleep.

One way to improve the wood quality is to replace the wood with thicker lumber or higher rate.

Try to research the most recommended type of wood for this situation, or check for hardware stores that sell the best-reviewed wood.

Also, try to have more choices, and you can ask the opinions of those who sell wood or wood experts.


Tip #5. Add a support beam

A support beam looks like the bed slats, but it is thicker and has support legs.

Clear out your bed by removing the mattress and other things such as the pillows.

Then, lift the bed frame onto the side and make it lean against the wall. With this, you’ll have enough access to the bottom part of the bed.

Get your tape measure and start measuring from the head to the foot perpendicular to the slats for the wood beam.

The next step is to measure the height of the desired support legs by measuring from the bottom of the slats to the bottom of the bed frame’s legs.

Once you have all your materials and equipment, you are ready to assemble and build the support beam for your bed.


Tip #6. Replace wood slats with metal

Metal can give you a stronger bed slat and a sturdier bed than wood. And it can last longer!

Although, this is only considered an economical solution for beds with box spring mattresses.

And this method requires more manpower and will make you spend more money.

Since using metal will result in a large gap between the slats, it won’t work for a foam mattress.

That is because you cannot place this kind of mattress on slats with more than 3 inches gap.

Determine the length and thickness of your desired metal tube for the bed slats and purchase them at a local hardware store.

Other hardware stores don’t cut the metal tubes depending on your preferred length, so it’s better to have your metal saw or grinder.


Tip #7. Buy a box spring

Most people say that this is the easiest solution among all the methods!

Identify the type and size of your bed before buying the box spring. It serves as the foundation of the bed, and this is where the mattress is placed.

It somehow resembles plywood because they have the same purpose. However, it is thicker, and it looks like a mattress.

So, having a box spring makes your bed look so comfortable and fluffy. So exciting!

But, a box spring is not cheap.

So, to ensure the quality of your bed, you need to pick the best box spring mattress that you could find, no matter how much it costs.


To End

And we’re about to reach the end of this article!

These are all the information that we have gathered regarding the topic, “How to make bed slats stronger.”

We hope that these tips can help you in achieving that peaceful and comfortable slumber.

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