What Bed Bugs Smell Like? 3 Best Things To Do!

What bed bugs smell like? They smell like coriander and a bit musty to the nose.

As much as we love to snuggle in bed and feel the comfortable sheets softly brushing off our skin, a single rancid smell could ruin all of that.

What bed bugs smell like

The comfort that we should feel when we’re on our bed will simply vanish because of that gross smell.

Do you know where this smelly problem comes from?

No, it’s not from the dirty clothes, nor the kitchen but it could probably be coming from the bed bugs.

Yes, you’ve read it right. That smelly problem of yours may be coming from the bed bugs that are probably hiding within your walls.

Haven’t heard of a smelly bed bug yet?

We’ll talk about it more in this article, so make sure to read up to now more.


What Are Bed Bugs?

Have you ever woken up from your sleep where you see red dots or spots all over your body?

You might feel a little bit itchy somewhere on your back or in any parts of your body and this usually happens because of bed bugs.

You might be wondering what these little pesky vampires want with you.

Yes, I consider them little vampires since they suck out your blood as mosquitoes do.

Well, these creepy bugs make your body itch from feeding on you.

They may be wingless but they usually are quick when it comes to escaping.

They are usually active during the night since they’re nocturnal and gone as soon they’re done with you.

You may see these crawling on your sheets if they’re adult bugs.

You might also see their marks left on your pillow.

But one of the most disgusting signs that they’re there is their smell.


What A Bed Bug Smells Like?

You might not know what bed bugs smell like. But one of the signs of them manifesting your house is the odor that they give off.

It might be unnoticeable at first but if you do smell a musty odor, suspect that there may be bed bugs in your home.

These small bugs give off a smell like coriander. You can mostly notice this smell if the infestation is big.

It’s the unpleasant odor as smelly as moldy shoes or a wet old sock that has been worn for a long time.

I know it’s disgusting just by imagining how it smelled. It is awful sleeping in a smelly place with bed bugs.

You could also compare the smell to rotten fruit, cilantro, or almonds. They may sound delicious but believe me, you don’t want them in your room.

These smells usually are from the bug’s droppings.

Yes, it’s their poop that smells. Typically a larger population of bed bugs causes this smelly problem.


Can’t Smell But See Signs

As the saying goes, “To see is to believe” you don’t want to wait until you see some bed bugs crawling on your bed.

An itchy body and bite marks from these bugs are all the evidence that we need to determine that there is a positive infestation happening.

Dogs however could detect the smell for you. Some Bed Bug Detection Dogs are trained to find bed bugs in certain areas.

The man’s best friend could be your friend in the meantime. They have a 97% detection rate than what humans could provide.

These dogs are a positive tool when it comes to sniffing these bugs from your room.

You may think of it as the man’s best friend could be a bed bug’s worst enemy. Well, you share the same enemy so it makes sense.


What To Do

If you’re positive about having bed bug infestation, what should you do? Well, here are the things you should do for now.


#1. Don’t panic

I know you would love to get rid of them right away and you want to toss all of your sheets out but please don’t.

Refrain yourself from throwing your bed sheets and pillowcases out of your house, this may spread the infestation even wider.


#2. Check and identify

Since you have seen some marks that bed bugs might be hiding, check other areas too.

They mostly hide in mattresses, creases of your sheets, on your bed frames, or a corner near your bed.

These tiny bugs may be wingless although they can crawl into the ceiling and hide between the walls or on the floor.

If you see some bugs crawling anywhere n your room, identify if it is a bed bug.

Some bugs may look like bed bugs like nymph cockroaches which needs a different approach in extermination.

Once you are done checking and are positive of a bed bug infestation, proceed to the next step.


#3. Terminate

You might be tempted to use DIY methods in exterminating bed bugs but I advise you don’t.

I’ve been there and done that. It is not as effective as you think.

The best method is to hire a professional bed bug exterminator.

It is best to let the professionals do their jobs.

It’s okay to have someone else do it thoroughly to solve your problems efficiently.



Now that you know what bed bugs smell like, it is best to take action once you’ve noticed the same smelly problem in your room.

Ignorance never solves a problem it even worsens it.

You won’t be able to handle the aftermath of the bed bud attack.

This is especially true if they’ve become a big colony and colonizes your home.

You may imagine it, it’s scary, isn’t it?

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