How To Loft A Dorm Bed? 4 Easy Steps!

Have you ever come up with any ideas on how to loft a dorm bed?

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how to loft a dorm bed

What are dorm beds? Looking at the word itself, It already explains if where this bed is used.

The majority of these dorm beds are actually at a Twin XL size that measures a full 5 inches longer than a standard twin-sized bed.

These dorm beds are more comfortable than a regular bed. Its size makes it comfier to lie on and stretch your whole body without any problems.

The majority of dorm beds are already comfortable, just only by themselves.

Some put a mattress topper on another layer for the dorm bed to be more comfortable.

This one is just a bit of info for you to know more about what dorm beds are.

So, stay with us until the end of the article, and you may find the solution to your question.


Steps To Loft A Dorm Bed

Lofting a dorm bed can be hard as it seems.

You may need one or two more people to help you carry the heavy parts of the bed.

Or you may end up hurting yourself in the process of doing this because of its weight.

Dorm beds often have a wood base, so be cautious when doing the lofting process.

Don’t rush and make it perfect by doing it slowly and with care.

In response to your question, we will figure out what steps you can take to do this correctly.

Here are the steps on how to loft a dorm bed easily without having any problems.


Step #1. Taking the mattress off the bed

To start the whole process of doing what is in this guide, you should begin by taking off the mattress from your bed.

That will make it easier to raise your bed frame because the mattress is off and will make the frame lighter when being carried.

Some mattresses could be heavy, so it is better to have one or two friends come over and help you make your bed.


Step #2. Unhooking the frames

For this step, a rubber mallet will play a big role here. You can get these in any hardware store that is near you.

Start by tapping the corners underneath slowly with a rubber mallet to avoid damage.

You can do this by tapping underneath the corners of the bed frame where the diagonal parts of the frame slots are placed.

Slowly push it using a mallet in an upward motion to avoid any danger.

Also, we suggest that you should do it one at a time.

Having a friend with you to help with holding the frame when it starts to loosen will make the task easier.

This part is a crucial one and is needed to be done slowly; otherwise, some parts may go missing and will loosen the tightness of the bed frame when assembled.

Your beds should always have a hook in them to avoid unnecessary movements or dangers that may harm you or others.


Step #3. Moving the frame to your desired position

It is where your friend comes in handy.

For this next step, you and your friend need to carry the bed frame and put it to your desired height.

Make sure to carry the bed frame slowly as its materials could cause any harm at no time.

When done putting it to your wanted position, make sure to check that all four corners of the frame are fully slotted into the proper position.

Please take note that you should hear a clicking noise or sound whenever the frame hooks correctly onto the corners of the slot and into the legs of the bed itself.

If you have done these steps correctly and the bed frame does not completely slot into its corners, try using a rubber mallet and hammer it down until it is tight.


Step #4. Reinstalling the mattress back to the bed frame

You can do the last step with ease to not worry about anything because it is easy to do.

Bring your friend with you too so that you can do the final step more easily.

Start by putting your mattress back up onto the bed frame placed on top of your bed.

Also, put sheets, blankets, pillows, and anything necessary for you.

Once these steps are done, you can now display more stuff underneath your bed.

It can be a desk, drawers, storage boxes, etc.

Also, take note that if it turns out that you don’t like the new height of your bed, you can constantly adjust it to your desired position.



So that is the end of our article.

With such easy-to-follow steps, we hope that you will be able to loft your dorm bed.

Everything becomes easy when a team works together, so it would be best to ask some friends to come over and help you out.

Nevertheless, that is how to loft a dorm bed.

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