How To Make A Comfy Bed On The Floor With Blankets? 6 Easy Steps!

Can’t afford a bed, or you want to sleep on the floor like a caveman and ask, “How to make a comfy bed on the floor with blankets?”

Did you go camping and forgot to bring an air mattress and you want to sleep comfy?

How to make a comfy bed on the floor with blankets

After all, comfort is essential to everybody.

This article will help to give you insight into how you can be comfy in the wilderness or simulate our ancestors by sleeping on the floor,

And to start this adventure, you need first to collect the necessary materials.

It won’t cost that much since you won’t need a mattress, and you might already have some of the materials in your house.

So read on!


Steps To Make A Comfy Bed On The Floor With Blankets

Sleeping on the floor can come with benefits in your muscles and the overall build of your body.

It may also come with some disadvantages but sleep on your own choice.

Since you’re feeling a bit adventurous, we will help you with your plans.

Having a broken bed and not have a budget to buy a new one can also be a reason to sleep on the floor.

And nothing can stop you from having a goodnight’s sleep, right?

So you’re looking for a perfect substitute for your bed.

We looked up the steps on how to make a comfy bed on the floor with blankets.

And here they are:


Step #1. Collect the materials

You can’t start making unless you can make sure that your materials are complete, right?

Well, the things you need would be a yoga mat and a sleeping bag, blankets, a comfy comforter, pillows, and some more blankets.

Most of this stuff can already be found in your house or maybe.

However, if you lack some of these, they can be easily found in general stores, making it convenient.

The yoga mat and sleeping bag will go in handy since they are usually thick and can cushion your back when you lay down.

Sleeping bags are made of foam or inflatable pads that can accommodate one person, so it is a commodity among campers.


Step #2. Find a space you can place your mat

Next, you need to find a space where you can freely lay down and comfortable.

It would be advisable to place it in an open space, especially for claustrophobic people.

It would give you access to an ample space where you can move while you sleep.

Free it of clutter to avoid any lumps when you sleep

Anyway, who wants to sleep on an uneven platform?

Sweep the area or vacuum the area to remove any trash and clutter.

For campers, even out the ground first and fill any holes in the area.

It would also be advisable to pick a dry area. Laying in a damp area would be very cold, trust me.



Step #3. Lay the first layer

Place the yoga mat first since it is the thickest and should serve as a foundation for your improvised bed.

It will also shape your bed and cushion you so that you are not directly lying on the floor.

A sleeping bag would suffice. It also very thick and can provide some warmth.

It can also cushion you against the floor and provide comfort since it is made of pads that make it closer to a mattress.

Sleeping bags would be the go-to first layer for campers since it is what serves as their bed.

However, if you have both, you should first place the yoga mat then the sleeping bag.

Since a sleeping bag is softer, making it is the best option for sleeping.


Step #4. Add layers

When you compare a yoga mat to a mattress in cushioning, a yoga mat would be on the shorter end.

Adding more blankets would make it softer and thus makes it more comfortable.

First, you may add some bedsheets, some blankets, or a comforter if you want something thicker.

Using blankets with crazy designs can have bulges, thus making it uncomfortable.


Step #5. Add pillows

Put pillows to sleep on to provide support to your head and neck.

Sleeping without pillows can stress out your neck and thus making it hurt when you wake up.

The same goes with putting too many pillows.

It can strain your neck, so place only a sufficient amount of pillows in your improvised bed.


Step #6. Experiment

Lay down on your bed and try all positions.

First, try to lay on your back, on both of your sides and stomach.

That would simulate what your experience would be when you lay down on your bed.

Make adjustments according to your own volition since you’re the one who will be sleeping on it.


Wrapping Up!

And that is all the information we gathered regarding our topic, “How to make a comfy bed on the floor with blankets?”

Remember first to collect all the materials needed so that it would be convenient!

Also please read how to make your mattress more comfortable if want to get more details. Then this article might interest you.

Nevertheless, thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Please refrain from. Calling anyone a caveman because they want to sleep on the floor. An entire country, Japan, sleep on the floor. I prefer the floor. With lots of cushions. I get great support and cloudlike comfort. If you take you time and experiment for a few weeks adding and subtracting different blankets, foams, and flannel sheets with a lofty comforter can be amazing.

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