How To Kill Bed Bugs In Books? 4 Easy Tips For You!

Who knew that bed bugs could also infest books.

So, as a book lover, you might want to learn how to kill bed bugs in books.

how to kill bed bugs in books

Usually, bed bugs are found in beds, clothes, or luggage.

They are experts when it comes to hiding, thanks to their tiny size.

In books, bed bugs hide between the book’s pages but mainly in the spine, especially on books with hardcovers.

They usually aim for old books.

Or books you haven’t used for a long time that is sitting on your bookshelves for a long time.

Bed bugs in books may be unlikely to happen, but it is not impossible.

The bed bug infestation can transfer from one place to another by attaching to humans’ clothes.

For example, a person may come from a place where he might catch bed bugs in his clothes.

He will then go to a library to borrow some books or just to read them there.

In this way, it can cause the bed bugs to leave on books or bookshelves.

Bed bugs will then find a place to stay and infest.

Suppose you borrow books in libraries and didn’t know that the book you borrowed has bed bugs.

Bringing an infested book at home is like welcoming the bed bugs to your home.

Another possibility is keeping your book close to your bed infested by bed bugs you might not know.


Tips To Kill Bed Bugs In Books

Despite the size of bed bugs, you can tell if a book is infested if it shows certain signs.

Check your books, and if you notice black spots on the edge of the book or in its spine, it may be bed bugs.

Another sign that your book has bed bugs if your book has dark spots or stains on pages where it may have gotten crushed.

Bed bugs in books can be harmful and cause infestation.

They like staying at a cool temperature, dry, and books that are in the corners of your shelf.

But thankfully, there is a solution to kill these pesky bugs and prevent having them in your books.

Here are tips on how to kill bed bugs in books:


Tip #1. Make use of the hot temperature

An effective way of removing bed bugs in books is heat.

A temperature above 118 degrees is high enough to kill the bed bugs.

Put your book in the oven and set the temperature to 118 – 150 degrees.

Ensure that you won’t overheat the book or increase the temperature too much, which can cause it to burnt.

You may also use a microwave, depending on what appliance you have.

You may encounter problems like; melting of the glue binding.

Also, discoloration of pages or materials made of plastic may melt.

Make sure to clean your oven or microwave after heating the book to avoid contamination of the food.

Heating the book is said to be the most effective way of killing bed bugs.


Tip #2. Try freezing the bugs

Like how they cannot survive in higher temperatures.

Bed bugs also can’t survive at temperatures below 0 degrees.

Get your book and put it in a ziplock.

Make sure to seal it securely and freeze it for at least five hours.

Zip locks will prevent bed bugs from contaminating things in your freezer.

It will also maintain the quality of your book.

After freezing, take out the book and inspect for live bed bugs.

To ensure that the bed bug’s eggs are also dead, leave it in the freezer overnight.


Tip #3. Isolation

Suppose you notice a book infested by bed bugs.

And luckily the other books aren’t, take it out from the shelf and store it in a zip lock bag.

Isolate the book that is infected.

Separate them in storage where the bed bugs won’t spread.

However, this method will take a long time for them to die.


Tip #4. Pesticides

Another way to kill bed bugs is to spray them with pesticides.

Spraying with pesticides is the most common way of killing bed bugs, even in your books.

Spray the book carefully, especially in the spine, where they mostly hide.

However, using sprays may ruin your book, so it’s up to you if you will use them or not.

After spraying your book with bed bug killer spray.

Make sure also to use residual spray on your shelf to prevent bed bugs from getting into your books.

The residual spray will act as a disinfectant.

Nowadays, libraries make sure to maintain the cleanliness of their place.

For example, they clean the shelves and disinfect them now and then.

Bed bugs can be transferred in every way by humans.

So always make sure that you aren’t the one spreading the pests around.

If you notice bed bugs, make the right decision by doing the necessary tips and steps to remove them.

Don’t be dumb and act like you didn’t know bed bugs are infesting.

You can always inform the librarian about it.

Upon returning books, make sure that you didn’t bring any bed bugs that came from your house.

Be obedient enough to return it in good condition, as a rule, says.



To prevent bed bugs from taking over your books.

Sore them in a place where bed bugs wouldn’t reach them.

We have come to an end and discussed “how to kill bed bugs in books?”

Always observe cleanliness to maintain good health.

To get rid of bed bugs in your home, click here.

That is all.

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