How To Make A Bed Skirt Out Of A Sheet? 6 Basic Steps To Do!

Do you want to know “how to make a bed skirt out of a sheet?”

Have you ever go into someone’s bedroom?

Also, see a cloth that is usually white covering the lower portion of the bed?

This fabric is called a bed skirt.

You will mostly find a product in hotels, households, and in some guest houses.

It can come in different types of designs, colors, textures, and lengths.

A bed skirt is sometimes called a pettiskirt.

It is a decorative cover placed under the sleeping mattress.

The fabric serves as a cover and hides the box spring of your bed.

Some beds have a storage area under them, and a bed skirt is essential in covering it.

Some do not touch the ground and only have a length that is long enough to hide it.

The problem that you may encounter with a bed skirt is that it does not achieve the right length of your bed.

You may buy bed skirts that are too long or too short.

Bed skirts are mainly used as a finishing touch or add décor to your bedroom. It will make your bedroom look tidy.

It is also inexpensive and not hard to do.


Steps To Make A Bed Skirt Out Of A Sheet

What’s exciting about it is you can make your own.

With a simple flat sheet, you can turn it into a bed skirt.

If you have extra sheets scattering around your house.

Or just piling up in your cabinet, you can turn it into a DIY bed skirt.

Some articles will provide you steps that involve sewing.

Well, good news, because the best part is that this step does not involve sewing.

So, grab your scissors, some pins, and a flat sheet, and let’s start making.

Here are steps on how to make a bed skirt out of a sheet:


Step #1.  Prepare your materials

Make sure you have cleaned the sheet you’ll be using.

Prepare the pins (better if you have nails that are 12 inches long

This will securely put the bed skirt in place) and scissors.

Remove everything on your bed: the pillows, sheets, and even the mattress.


Step #2. Measure

The first step is to drape your sheet around the box spring of your bed or its platform.

The length will depend on how you wanted it.

If one sheet is not enough, you may use two sheets or a larger sheet.

If it is too long or too big, you may cut the excess sheet.


Step #3. Arrange

Cover the box spring from the top and adjust it to have even sides.

Secure the top edges with a long pin, or you may use thumbtacks to keep it in place.

Make sure that the pins are not visible and well inserted.


Step #4. Corners

You have now put the sheet in place and have to deal with excess materials on corners.

This step is pretty straightforward.

Grab the corner of the sheet and pull out all the extra fabric on one side of the corner, straight across to the other side.

Put about two to three pins to secure it.

Place the pins at the corner of the box spring.

After you will have excess fabric and you could just let it down to form a straight drape.

Repeat the process in all corners of the box spring.

The edges won’t look messy as before after doing this.


Step #5. Make it look neat

Finally, secure all sheets into the box spring.

Check if there is still any fabric being shown, fold it under the bed skirt, and pin it out of sight.

You may use more pins if needed.

To make it smoother, use an iron to smooth out the edges.


Step #6. Fix your bed

Add your mattress, arrange your bedsheets, put your blankets and add your pillows.

Arrange everything else, and done!

Bed skirts are a great use to cover the lower part of your bed.

It is known to add an aesthetic look to your bedroom, and it is also practical.

For practical reasons, you can use the space under your bed as storage, and bed skirts are great for covering them.

Some beds have box springs, and this can also be covered to look neat.

Its aesthetics enhance the look of the bed and make it look luxurious in some way.

A lot of people find bed skirts as an old fashion or a product of the past.

However, nowadays, bed skirts are being used to provide an upgraded look to your bedroom.



We now know “how to make a bed skirt out of a sheet?”

You can buy bed skirts in stores and online.

They are inexpensive so that you can buy them.

However, there are times that you’ll be having difficulties in finding the perfect size for your bed.

A life hack is to make it your own with a simple flat sheet and some pinning duties.

It is effortless, and you can set it up in just 20 minutes.

I suggest that you use a sheet that compliments the colors and design of your bed.

This way will make it look neater and not contrasting.

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