How To Kill Bed Bugs Home Remedies? 5 Best Ways!

So, how to kill bed bugs home remedies? There are a few ways, including vacuuming, steaming, rubbing alcohol, using silica gel, and washing more often.

There are times that when you sleep peacefully at night, a small suspicious bug will appear from nowhere and disturb your sleep.

how to kill bed bugs home remedies

And this makes you think about what the home remedies to kill bed bugs are.

That leaves a reddish mark that infects the skin and may also cause many skin diseases if not treated immediately.

Fortunately, you came across to see the right article that is meant mainly for these pests.

Here we’ve got many remedies for you to choose from that can help you exterminate these bugs that may cause terror at your home in the future.

These procedures are easy to do and also budget-friendly.

They eliminate the bugs without the hassle of you needing to spend money for professional help.

And another reason why we recommend you to do it by yourself because the machines that they use contain harmful chemicals that may also affect your health.

But it will make you inhale various sorts of chemicals that may cause distress to the human body.

That is just a little information about the article that we are about to discuss.

So hang in there, and we will give you the solution on how to eliminate these errors.


Ways To Kill Bed Bugs Home Remedies

How to kill bed bugs home remedies?

Bed bugs may appear in your home anytime, especially if you have old or used furniture that has been sitting around the corners for a long time.

They can even reach your sofa, and for some, their car seats too.

These insects find an area where they can infest and lay down their eggs to grow their territory.

Often as their name states, they only do not appear on specific things.

For example, bed bugs usually hang around your bed, bed frames, or even in between your mattress.

These bugs are nocturnal ones.

They make their appearances crawling into a nearby blood source every night, which can be you out your family.

Though worry not because we got the remedies you can do at home without spending a lot of money eliminating them.

Listed below are five home remedies that we’ve specially prepared for you.

Take a look at what it is about, and you may learn something from it.


Remedy #1. Vacuuming

Sucking these insects with a strong vacuum cleaner is the easiest way around to finish them all off.

They can come out anytime, especially when some areas of your house have already been infested.

Thus making it easier for you to suck them up in one go; also, remember to vacuum small or narrow infested spots as they can make it their permanent habitat.

Especially in sofas, mattresses, and many more narrow areas, once you are done dealing with them, clear out your vacuum bag and put these pests into a bag.

And finish them off afterward just by freezing at a low temp or putting them outside so that they will die by the heat of the sun.


Remedy #2. Steaming

Steaming is one of the most not-so-cheap ways but very effective when dealing with hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs hide.

It is efficient to use a steamer because you can do this by the day or night.

Usually, bed bugs attack their targeted blood source at around two o’clock to five in the morning where you are asleep, making it easy for them to suck out blood.

But usually, it happens every night, so before you go to sleep, add this method to your night routine.

With steaming, you can do this by eliminating most of them and having a good sleep at night.


Remedy #3. Rubbing alcohol

Another alternative for these home remedies is the usage of alcohol, which can make bed bugs and even their eggs die when they come in contact with it.

Place an adequate amount of rubbing alcohol on a spray bottle and spray it all over your bed and let it dry.

It would be best to steam clean afterward.


Remedy #4. Silica gel

These little packets found in the boxes of shoes and sometimes in food products are also an effective alternative to eliminating bed bugs.

To use them, open the pack and finely grind them into a powder-like consistency so you can spread them along with the infested areas.

If you got someone in your household allergic to these chemicals, try to avoid as much as possible not to have any chemical reactions.

Silica, when inhaled, may cause serious harm, so as much as possible, you may opt to use a baking soda instead.

It has the same effects but less harmful.


Remedy #5. Washing of laundry more often

For our last remedy, make sure to regularly check your cabinets if they have cracks and crevices.

These parts that may contain bed bugs and infest your clothing.

First, make sure that the fabric of your shirt can handle high temperatures that can kill bed bugs in one go.

Please note that bed bugs are weak against high heat and freezing temperatures causing them to die instantly.



Today, we gave you tips and tricks “How to kill bed bugs home remedies?”

Always remember to keep safe and double-check everything when you aren’t feeling right.

Through this, you’re sure to avoid them from ever infecting you with illnesses.

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