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How To Use Twin Z Pillow For Mom And Twins

Don’t feel overwhelmed in researching how to use Twin Z pillow because it has several purposes for mom and twins. Gone are the days where caretakers of twins have to compromise comfort to do various tasks efficiently. In this article, you should understand these pillows more in an easy-to-comprehend guide. 

The fact that the company’s products have become popular is a clear indication of the pillow’s usefulness. But more than comfort, they can also help you in various tasks besides taking a rest. Continue reading this article and get the most out of Twin Z pillows. 


3 Uses Of The Twin Z Pillow

When looking for baby gear for your twins, you have likely stumbled upon the Twin Z pillows. The company invented the Feeding and Support Twin Z pillows that eventually gave way to One Z and Sleep Zzz pillows. The One Z pillow is best for nursing, while the Sleep Zzz pillow is meant for toddlers and adults. 

Because of this, the Twin Z pillow will be useful not just for twins but also for their caretakers. It’s no longer limited to breastfeeding, but you can also use it to support your kids and provide you a comfortable sleep. Below are the best ways to use this fantastic pillow. 


Comfortable sleep

Being pregnant with twins can be uncomfortable, especially while sleeping. Your belly size can make some sleeping positions painful, and getting a good night’s rest is almost impossible. You can use the Twin Z pregnancy pillow to support you, but remember that this pillow is not meant for children’s use. 

Much like with the safety message of Boppy pillows, babies shouldn’t have Twin Z pillows in their beds or bassinets without supervision. The product is a suffocation hazard, much like toys and blankets for very young children. An adult should always be present when the pillows are in use of your kids. 


Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Breastfeeding twins can take a lot of time, mainly if you feed them individually. A useful solution for this is tandem breastfeeding, and you can use the saved time for other activities or even sleep. The Twin Z pillows can help you with this duty by supporting your back. 

It’s also gentle enough that those recovering from C-section shouldn’t feel any pain. Just place the middle leg behind your back, wrap the ends around and lock them in front. You can adjust the buckle according to what’s comfortable, and the sides can work as a support for nursing your twin babies. 

You can use the same pillow when bottle feeding both your babies at the same time. Wrap the pillow around you or place it over a flat surface to hold the babies in each arch. You can even make the arc smaller for the safer support of smaller babies. 



Speaking of support, you can use the pillow for other activities as your helper for the twins. These can range from diaper changing, bath time, or when you’re helping your twins reach developmental milestones. You can use the pillow to support your babies to develop their tummy and bum muscles as they sit safely and comfortably.

And because of its rounded edges, the Twin Z pillow is usable for babies of all sizes to explore the world while doing tummy time. Speaking of the tummy, some parents use the Twin Z pillow to keep babies upright after feeding as well. This way, you can ease them of acid reflux comfortably. 


Pregnant With Twins? Here’s How You Can Sleep Better


Best sleeping position

It can be challenging to find the best sleeping position when pregnant with twins. However, experts recommend sleeping on your left side to relieve lower back pain and provide optimal circulation for your babies. It would be best if you had a pillow like the Twin Z for support, focusing on your head, back, under the belly, and between your knees. 


Treating insomnia

It’s hard to find a medication safe for pregnant moms with insomnia. However, you can always make lifestyle changes to improve your sleep quality, such as a strict sleep routine and limiting caffeine. You also want to stay hydrated and stop drinking some hours before bedtime to minimize bathroom breaks at night. 

Some other activities for a good night’s sleep are exercising, taking a relaxing and warm bath, and maintaining a cozy sleeping environment. If these changes don’t show any improvement with your insomnia, it’s best to consult your doctor or check the additional tips below. 


Staying healthy

Conditions like sleep apnea, anxiety, and heartburn will surely rob you of good sleep. You want to ask your doctor for his recommendation to alleviate the discomfort of these conditions. More so, don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamins to provide the nutrients you need during the pregnancy. 



You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and sleep when you are pregnant or if you just gave birth to twins. You can know how to use Twin Z pillow in multiple ways ranging from sleeping while pregnant to supporting your babies to reach their milestones. The Twin Z pillow provides support for moms that are pregnant with twins in their sleep, and you can also use it as a helper for breastfeeding or bottle feeding both babies at the same time. 

Afterward, the Twin Z can be useful for other baby duties like nappy changing or even keeping your babies upright to prevent acid reflux. However, the emphasis is necessary on never leaving babies unattended with the Twin Z pillow. Like other pillows, toys, or blankets, the Twin Z can pose a safety risk for babies. 


How To Use Lumbar Pillow

How To Use Lumbar Pillow. Best Overall Guide

If you want to know how to use lumbar pillow correctly, you must consider your sleeping position. Remember that lumbar pillows are essential for keeping your spine in a neutral position. However, using it will vary for every sleeping position to prevent tension and pain. 

It would help if you also considered making a lumbar pillow yourself. This way, you can modify it according to your body and needs. You can learn more about making the most of your lumbar pillow below. 


How To Use A Lumbar Pillow For Every Sleeping Position

A lumbar pillow is a useful addition when sleeping in every position. This way, you can ensure that your spine is neutral, and you can prevent back pain and other stress in different body regions. However, you should know how to use lumbar pillow according to the way you sleep. 


Back sleepers

Even though sleeping on your back is the most recommended position due to it being the closest to the natural posture, you should still place a lumbar pillow on your lower back. What this pillow does is it will fill the gap between your back and the mattress and support this region. 

Remember that the lumbar region is the place where the spine curves inward when you’re sleeping on your back. It’s one of the reasons why you might be waking up with back pain. It would be best if you also elevated your legs to help with the weight in the hips and add another pillow under your neck where there’s a space between it and the pillow or mattress. 

After placing the lumbar pillow and other additions, you should check if your ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned with each other. Using a pillow too high for the head can strain your neck, shoulder, and back. On the other hand, be sure that your lumbar pillow stays under your lower back throughout the night. 


Side sleepers

Another sleeping position that is supportive of the spine is on your side. Some people can’t sleep on their back, such as pregnant women or those suffering from breathing and acid issues. So how should you use a lumbar pillow if you’re a side sleeper?

Like sleeping on your back, you’ll notice no support between the area above the hip and the mattress. As a result, your spine bends downwards and cause straining and discomfort. Place a lumbar pillow in this region to fill the gap and support your back and use other pillows for the head, neck, shoulders, and legs.

How to achieve this? When sleeping on your side, you might benefit from a contour pillow for your head, neck, and shoulders. It has the curves to support these parts and relieve pressure. You can also add a pillow between the legs to help with the hips’ weight and encourage a neutral spine when sleeping on your side. 


Stomach sleepers

Perhaps one of the most discouraged sleeping positions is on your stomach. This is because your neck turns too far from the back, unnatural for the spine and neutral posture. However, you can still use a lumbar pillow to support healthy sleep. 

Since you flex your lower back when you sleep on your stomach, use the lumbar pillow below your abdomen to keep the spine level. It would also be best if the pillow you use is flat, similar to the one you use for your head. You can flatten a pillow, depending on the material, and use the lumbar pillow, not for the lumbar region but the pelvis area. 


What about combination sleepers?

Not everyone stays in one position throughout the night. If you’re guilty of sleeping in one position only to wake up in another, get the proper lumbar pillow to ensure that your lower back is well-supported. To complement your various switches, you should use a lumbar belt. 

What is a lumbar belt? Think of this as a pillow that surrounds your waist above the hip. Because it wraps around you, you can ensure that all sides of your lower back will be supported even if you change sleeping positions. 


Types Of Lumbar Pillows

It’s essential to experiment with pillows and sleep positions to avoid back pain. Therefore, it will be useful to know about the different types of lumbar pillows for sleep. While they may vary in materials, the most significant difference among them is their shapes. 

The most common lumbar pillows are cylindrical because you can easily slide them under the mattress gap and lower back when you sleep on your side or back. Another lumbar pillow is triangular to support the back, similar to when you use a lumbar pillow while sitting. And finally, there are lumbar belts that you can wrap above the hip, ideal for sleepers that move a lot during sleep. 



Do you frequently wake up with lower back pain? Perhaps it’s time you familiarize yourself with using lumbar pillow according to your sleeping position. For example, both back and side sleepers can fill the gap between their back and the mattress with a lumbar pillow. 

However, those who sleep on their stomach must use the lumbar pillow on the pelvis area instead. Following these guides should help keep the spine neutral and lessen the pressure on the back. It would be best that you also get the appropriate pillow for your upper and lower body. 

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