How Does The Chillow Pillow Work?

In general, you can know how does the Chillow Pillow work by understanding the cooling relief it brings. This works as a cooling pad insert to help you manage common issues at night. They include night sweats and hot flashes. 

More so, the Chillow Pillow is ideal for those in hot regions. By adding this to your nightly routine, you can still sleep well on a hot day without feeling dry and uncomfortable. This article will also discuss how to use it for optimal efficiency. 


How The Chillow Pillow Works

The quick answer to how the Chillow Pillow work is that it will keep your pillow cool as you sleep, hence Chillow Pillow’s name. This is an excellent idea for a product because many people tend to flip their pillow throughout the night to find the cool side. If one can keep the pillow cool at night, you can expect uninterrupted sleep. 

Therefore, the Chillow Pillow is simply a cooling pad to keep your nights comfortable. This water-based product would keep a relaxing night time without even requiring refrigeration nor being plugged into electricity. More so, those who experience night sweats or have sunburn or fever will also benefit from having the Chillow Pillow. 

One might assume that the Chillow Pillow will feel stiff like other cooling gel products. However, it feels similar to memory foam, which is soft and has a glove leather exterior that remains cool to the touch. And as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to refrigerate it to keep it cool, and it’s even free of harmful chemicals to stay that way. 


What makes the Chillow Pillow unique?

Being a water-based product, the Chillow Pillow works by absorbing heat and letting it out on the other side of the pillow through air. Remember that water is a conductor of heat, and this is what Chillow Pillow uses for its technology. The product will remain cool throughout the night, and the edges don’t absorb heat, making them feel cooler than the rest of the pad. 

However, the efficiency of the Chillow Pillow depends on activating it correctly. You don’t need to change the water in the pad every time, but filling it once correctly plays a significant role in its promised effects. Read more below on how to activate the Chillow Pillow. 

And while the Chillow Pillow doesn’t require refrigeration, remember that comfort is subjective. Some people might want something cooler or feel hotter than usual; they would feel the product underwhelming. In this case, refrigerate the Chillow Pillow for 5 to 10 minutes. 


Guide On Using The Chillow Pillow 

Before anything else, make sure to check your product for any damages. It should be free of any leaks, and it should come compressed with a vacuum seal. More so, keep the instructions and precautions and read them diligently before activating the product. 


Step #1. Add water and activate

In general, activating the Chillow Pillow is simply adding water. You want to unroll the product with the valve side up and then remove the cap. Place the product on a clean surface and slowly pour 8 to 9 cups of warm tap water. 


Step #2. Remove air and seal before setting

Place back the cap while making sure it’s secured tightly. Then, wait for 4 hours for the product to activate before rolling the Chillow Pillow like a sleeping bag. Start at the end with no valve to force the air into the air pocket bubble at the valve end. 

You want to hold the roll and air bubble while slowly lifting the corner and uncapping the valve. This will release the air, so ensure that you can remove all of it while deflating the air pocket. Afterward, place the cap back on the valve to seal the product and let it cool down until it appears vacuum-packed without air. 

If you prefer a cooler Chillow Pillow, you can add a cup of water every month as maintenance. This will keep the product at its coolest because it maintains the maximum weight of 4.5 pounds. You can also reduce the air inside and keep the Chillow Pillow away from direct sun at all times. 


How to clean and store the Chillow Pillow?

It’s crucial that you also know how to clean your Chillow Pillow. Ideally, it would be best if you did it every three to four weeks because of the potential build-up of skin oils on the surface from direct contact. It will only be comfortable when clean, so wipe the sheet’s front and back with a damp cloth and mild dish soap. 

On the other hand, remember that you don’t need to empty the water content of Chillow Pillow when storing. Place it somewhere at room temperature over a soft, absorbent surface. Don’t cover the product nor put it in the freezer. 



A good night’s sleep is only possible if you’re comfortable throughout the night, and keeping the pillow cool might just do the trick. A cooling pad can do this for you, but how does the Chillow Pillow work, and what makes it unique? Compared to other gel-type products, the Chillow Pillow is water-based. 

Because of this, it absorbs heat and releases it while keeping itself cool throughout the night. You don’t need electricity or refrigeration, but proper activation is vital for its performance. Know how to start and maintain the Chillow Pillow for optimal comfort.