How To Keep Bed Sheets Tight? 8 Easy Ways!

It is empirical of you to ask how to keep bed sheets tight because who would want to keep on making the bed, again and again, every morning.

Your entire bed can look ruffled and untidy if your bedsheets get easily crumpled and untucked.

how to keep bed sheets tight

Fortunately, some manufacturers have custom-made fitted sheets according to the different sizes of mattresses.

These are designed with an elastic band on their corners to keep them in place. However, they too can be a nuisance sometimes.

But don’t worry, some simple things can be done to solve this problem.


Ways To Keep Bed Sheets Tight

So, how to keep bed sheets tight?

As mentioned, you can do several things to secure your bed sheets in place.

Below are some of them:


#1. Ensuring the right fit

Your fitted sheet may not be staying in place because it is not the correct size for your mattress.

So if you buy new sheets, you have to ensure that it is the best-fitted one for the mattress that you have at home.

This will require you to take the dimensions of the mattress including the length, height, and width.

Once you get the exact measurements, it would be a lot easier for you to keep the bed sheets tight.


#2. Use straps

Using some sheet straps is also a great way in keeping the bed sheets tight.

Sheet straps are elastic with clips made of plastic on their ends.

Put this on the corners of your mattress after you put on the fitted sheets.

The clips will be the ones responsible for keeping the bedsheets intact for too long.

If it’s time for you to wash your sheets or change them, you can simply remove them.

But in case you don’t want to buy sheet clips, you can also try making them on your own.

Get your sewing machine and find some elastic. Then attach some clips onto the corners of the sheet by sewing it.

Once done, you can already clip it to the corners of your mattress.

You can even sew clips onto the mattress too for more security. Then, join those two clips to ensure that your bedsheets will be tight.


#3. Check the fabric

Your bed sheet may not fit tightly due to its fabric material.

That is because some fabrics are naturally more slippery than others.

For instance, if the bedsheets that you get is made of linen or silk, then it will most likely not remain in place if you won’t use sheet clips or straps on it.

But you can opt for those sheets that are made of thick fabric such as cotton, for example, because they tend not to slip that easily.


#4. Put on the top corners first

One trick to keep the bed sheets tight is to put on the top corners first when making the bed.

Start tucking the bedsheet on both the corners on top of the mattress before you proceed to the corners at the bottom.

Most often than not, the top is the hardest part to stretch so if you get over with it, it would be easy to pull the rest of the bedsheet snugly down the mattress.


#5. Using rug corners

You may also make use of rug corners to keep your bed sheets tight.

These are grips that are placed below the corners of a rug to refrain it from moving.

These rug corners are available at any hardware stores near you.

Make sure to get one that can be utilized to any surface type.

All you have to do is to place them under the sheets, preferably on every corner to ensure a tight and secure fit.

It will have the same effect when you use it on your rug.


#6. Using sheet suspenders

Sheet suspenders serves like the pants of the bed.

Their main purpose is to hold the bedsheet tightly in place.

All you need to do is to get the suspenders and then clip them to your bedsheets.

After that, you need to secure it to the slats, box spring, or mattress.

But if you want better security, you can also opt for criss-cross suspenders as they can secure the covers even tighter.


#7. Using stretchy bands

This is another helpful material to use in keeping the bed sheets tight.

Essentially, they are large rubber bands that you can wrap onto the bed sheet to keep in tight.

But some of them are also designed with locks.


#8. Attaching safety pins

In case the options above did not do the work, you can also consider pinning down the sheets instead.

But remember that you have to pin the sheets correctly.

It will be a good idea to pin it with the pressure of the sheet as you tug it and not against it to avoid bending the pin.


It’s A Wrap!

How to keep bed sheets tight?

With the eight simple and easy ways tackled above, you can surely solve your issue with your bedsheets.

Furthermore, those methods are inexpensive so you do not need to spend that much to get the job done.