What Is A Cradle Bed? 4 Easy Steps To Use This!

What is a cradle bed? A cradle bed is a device used to attach to the footing of the bed to prevent blankets or sheets from touching the legs or feet.

Cradle beds are often found and in medical facilities or clinics used by patients with injured limbs.

What is a cradle bed

It is installed in the bed to carry the weight of bed coverings or clothes and avoid rubbing the protected part of the body.

The dimensions of a cradle bed allow a person to raise his or her limbs when needed and rest on a pillow.

The sizes vary depending upon the body part intended to be covered.

It might be used to cover either or both limbs or an entire body.

Using the cradle bed maintains the neat aspect of the bed and helps make adjustments according to patients’ comfort.

If patients are required to stay in their beds, cradle beds assist in air circulation and keeping the patients’ skin dry.


What Are The Different Models Of Cradle Bed?

Depending on your condition, budget, or overall preference, there are two models of cradle beds you can choose from.

You can either buy the standard cradle bed or the collapsible cradle bed.


#1. Standard cradle bed model

The standard cradle bed has a fixed height.

On industry average, it has a height of 490 mm, a width of 470 mm, a depth of 320 mm, and a unit weight of 1.55 kg.


#2. Collapsible or folding cradle bed model

The folding cradle bed model can be adjusted depending upon the width of the mattress.

Its overall height ranges between 440 to 640 mm.

It has a width of about 370 mm, an overall depth of 700 mm, and a unit weight of 2.60 kg.

The benefits of the folding cradle bed model include easy storage.

You can also secure it in place by fitting it under the mattress.


Why Do You Need A Cradle Bed?

A cradle bed is particularly required for patients with sensitive skin or certain skin conditions.

It is helpful if you are suffering from skin infections, open sores, or skin burns that need to be covered but not touched.

Also useful for people who endures specific injuries that affect the lower extremities of the body.

These conditions include pressure injuries and paraplegia.


How Do You Use A Cradle Bed?

Typically, instructions and guidelines are given by your healthcare provider as to how to safely set up the cradle bed.

You may also choose to ask for help from your assigned nurse.

Check the following equipment and procedures below to know how to use a cradle bed.

The following are equipment used in setting up a cradle bed:

  • Cradle bed
  • Bed linen, blanket, and additional sheets if necessary as cover
  • Roller bandages

After securing your equipment and the comfort of the patient occupying the bed, you may proceed to the following procedures:


Step #1. Placing the cradle bed

Place the cradle bed by sliding the base on the mattress in the desired position.

Secure the cradle bed over the patient in a way that it does not touch the specific body part concerned.

Once the position is fixed, use the bandages to tie the cradle bed in the bed frame.


Step #2. Tightening the screw or bolt

For adjustable cradle beds, you can tighten the screw or bolts to fix it in place after ascertaining the required height.

Some come with a spring button adjustment feature.

Make sure that the buttons popped in the adjustment holes with this type of cradle bed.


Step #3. Placing the covering

Place the top covering in the cradle bed enough to cover the shoulders.

To ensure that the cover is not in contact with the affected body part, drag the lower portion of the cover to the end of the cradle bed.

Use the blanket and additional sheets as a cover over the cradle bed.

Put it above the top cover placed earlier until the covering extends towards the footing of the bed.


Step #4. Keeping it neat

To keep the appearance neat, tuck the excess coverings on the edges under the mattress.

Set and fix the covers on the corners by mitering.

Keep the top folds hanging freely on the side of the cradle bed to allow access to the protected body part.


When Should You Contact Your Healthcare Provider?

For some circumstances like home-based care or recovery, given instructions might be not enough to successfully set up the cradle bed.

It is preferable to contact your healthcare provider if you have important questions on how to use the cradle bed.

When the device has been worn out, it is likewise necessary to ask for assistance about its replacement.


How Do You Care For The Cradle Bed?

The cradle bed also needs proper care to ensure safety while using this device.

Here are some tips to help you clean a cradle bed:

  • Use detergent and water
  • Make sure to dry it thoroughly
  • Do not use abrasive materials
  • Avoid using solvents like acetone, turpentine, or thinner



What is a cradle bed?

A cradle bed is a device used to keep the covering from touching the affected body part of a person suffering from injury or burns.

It has two types, the standard or fixed model and the collapsible or folding model.

You can either set up the cradle bed by following the given instructions or asking for assistance.

For lasting use and safety, proper care of the cradle bed is also a need.

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