How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding? 3 Best Tips

The secret to learning how to keep air mattress from sliding involves three accessories. It can be annoying to feel the bed moving and sliding. More so, you want to ensure that you don’t end up sleeping on one side of the air bed only as it can lead to unequal weight distribution

We all know it’s the leading cause of leakage from the torn seam. We will talk about how better sheets, sheet straps, or a gripper pad can solve this issue. 

How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding


3 Easy Solutions To Keep An Air Mattress From Sliding


Gripper pad

The most obvious remedy for your air bed that keeps on sliding is a gripper pad. You should easily find a specific product that will match the size of your air mattress. However, we recommend getting something that you can trim to customize it to the size of your air bed perfectly. 

You’ll only need to line your air mattress with the gripper pad to keep it inside the bed. The pad’s material is typically a slip-resistant PVC foam. And depending on the product you have, you can also use it on the fitted sheet of your air bed. 


Sheet straps

Another product that will help your air mattress stay put is a sheet strap. From the name itself, you’ll use it to keep the sheets from sliding around. Remember that the air mattress is not always the culprit why it slips because poorly fitting sheets can also get it out of place. 

You will need a set of sheet holder straps according to the size of your air bed. If you are a sleeper who tends to move around a lot, consider adding this bed accessory to your must-have. Air bed or not, the sheets should always be in place to protect the mattress. 


Better sheets

The final remedy for an air mattress that keeps on sliding is simply getting better sheets that won’t bunch up. Perhaps it’s a better investment to buy a new sheet altogether and not just some sheet straps. If your sheet fits poorly onto the air bed, it will eventually pop off when you move around. 

Because the mattress will lose this material, it might slide off the base. It’s also uncomfortable to sleep on a bare air mattress. Not to mention, you risk damaging or getting the air bed dirty if its sheet gets undone. 


What Can I Put Under My Air Mattress?

You can use a gripper pad under your air mattress to improve its slip resistance. However, there are other potential issues with air beds that are not limited to them sliding off. For example, some users notice the air bed feeling uncomfortable when the weather is cold


What to put over the air mattress vs what to put under the air mattress

The air inside tends to get as cold as the outdoor conditions, making the air mattress eventually feel cold and uncomfortable. The solution for this is to insulate the bed by having something between you and the mattress. It can be a pad or blankets but note that we meant over the bed and not underneath it. 

Instead, what you can place under the air mattress include Dri-Dek, tarps, or foam to increase circulation, especially when the night feels humid. Having them underneath the bed will improve ventilation to make you feel cooler when the conditions are hot. More so, you might want to use them to protect the air bed from getting dirty since sand and other debris can stick underneath. 


How Do You Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor?

You may want to raise your air bed off the floor for several reasons. It can improve the mattress’s structure for support, and it will keep the air bed from getting potentially dirt or damaged. And much like with raising other bed types, you can use a frame, box spring, or plywood to do so. 

If you want to use a frame, please be mindful of the material you’ll use and if the finished product will have no edge or corner that can poke the air mattress. On the other hand, a box spring would be the simplest solution as long as you place a piece of plywood over it to protect the springs from cutting the bed. Otherwise, an inch of plywood would be enough in most cases, but you have to wrap it in a tarp to prevent timber rot


Why Does My Air Mattress Deflate So Quickly?

If your air bed tends to lose air quickly, you might be dealing with either damages or a poorly sealed valve. After you have inflated your mattress, please check if you have put the cap back securely on the valve. If this isn’t the case, you want to check the bed thoroughly for tears, holes, or ripped seams. 

Besides pointed or rough objects, a tight space can cause a mattress to deflate. You might have also overinflated it that caused pressure onto the seams. If all of these potential issues seem unfamiliar, the next cause would be how you use the air mattress. 

Refrain from jumping on it or sitting on one side. Concentrated weight and pressure are not healthy for air beds. 



If you’ve been waking up from an air mattress that slipped out of bed, it can be unpleasant. You can learn how to keep air mattress from sliding using three accessories. To summarize this article, you can use a gripper pad, a set of sheet straps, or a better fitting sheet.