How To Build An Air Conditioner Support Bracket? 3 Easy Steps!

How to build an air conditioner support bracket? Are you having a problem with your brackets because they cannot support the weight of your AC unit? It makes you wonder how you can make a support bracket that will be strong enough to carry the weight of the air conditioner.

You do not have to worry about a thing when it comes to problems like this; besides, we can help you make things ease up a little bit.

How to build an air conditioner support bracket

There are lots of methods that we can see on the internet today, though how can you say that they are adequate to be used. It’ll cause you more hassle if that happens, right? So with that, we have readied our methods to avoid being in that situation.

We got you covered, so stay with us until the end of the article to help you solve your problems and stop you from worrying further.


Steps To Build An Air Conditioner Support Bracket

There are many ways to choose from on the internet today when dealing with this kind of problem, though we cannot assure it applies to all. But we’ve chosen the best method that we think could be useful for everybody in situations like this, make sure to ready some funds and workforce for later.

Spending on this project might be costly, but we promise you that the after results will shock you, and the money you’ve spent will be worth it. Once again, we are doing this because you will not know the possibilities that might happen if your appliance doesn’t get enough support that it needs.

It may tend to fall even if it is placed correctly in its surface area. Thus it’ll give you worries and overthinking about what will happen next if it stays like that. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced in this field of work, always wear safety gear because they are essential when working, especially if projects involve carrying, making, or anything using tools or heavy things.

That is for your own good too; we want to make sure that there would be no problems furthermore so that you’ll get to rest after the job is done. So below are steps on how to build an air conditioner support bracket:


Step #1. Locate your air conditioner’s center of gravity

Now to start the process, the first thing that you would want to do is finding the exact spot if where is the center of gravity.

To do this, partially raise each side one at a time to do. Then, check both sides to see whether it is hefty. If you feel the same on both sides, then the weight is balanced.

Find the sill afterward and put a mark to locate it later on when needed quickly. Take note, if the weight is balanced on both sides, then you can use the center mark, while if not, then put a dot at exactly three inches going to the heavier side.


Step #2. Drilling holes and adding spacer for security

Once you’ve located the areas where it is necessary to put holes, drill that marked surface and make a two-inch deep hole. Always remember to secure the block. We recommend that you use a five by sixteen inches drill if the outer part of the window is made of cement or brick.

You’ll then want to put a plastic expansion screw to anchor screws down there into the still. Then move a block away from the stool until the top of the block is aligned with the seat. And add around the spacer afterward.

Now that they are in place, using the hollow block and circular spacer, drill two 2 inches of deep holes in the sill for each hole, which you will utilize later. If you wish to add a flat spacer to raise the height of the materials, then you may or may not do it.


Step #3. Securing the shelf

Now that all of the supports for the bracket are directly placed, you will want to put the shelf into place, though loosen it for a bit allowing it to move even just a little. Then, with the leg footpad against the outer wall, connect the leg and support by matching the holes on the top of the leg.

In that way, it would fit snugly into place later on when it is going to be tightened up. After you’ve completed doing all of the other steps, tighten the parts where it is loose using a screw, nut, and a washer. With that, we can assure you.

That the hold of your support bracket will be firm that it will carry your air conditioning unit without the worries.



That is how to build an air conditioner support bracket. It isn’t that hard to follow, and we can assure you that its quality will be comparable to the highest standards that you can see on the market right now.

So with that, I hope you’ve gotten ahold of the steps to lessen your worries about making one in the future. Here’s another article for you to read, happy reading!

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