How To Install Chemical Injector On Pressure Washer? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you ever wonder about how to install chemical injector on pressure washer? Don’t worry, and you have arrived at the right place. When cleaning with a low-pressure nozzle, chemical injectors are nozzles that pull detergent or cleansing chemicals further into the pump.

You need to buy an injector kit, unplug the spark plug carefully, install the new chemical injector valve, and plug it in again. 

how to install chemical injector on pressure washer

It takes so much time and effort to get rid of stubborn filth that you nearly want to give up and consult a decent cleaner. If you install a chemical injector on your pressure is may easily remove the stubborn dirt but be careful while using the chemical injector. Must ensure that you have purchased a good quality injector kit, which guarantees no leakage of chemicals from the valve. Let’s go into the deep!


About Chemical Injector And Pressure Washer

According to legend, a pressure washer with no need for a chemical injector is like a grin without jaws. You may expect them to clean to a certain extent, but not to their full capability. While certain cleaning activities may be completed without chemicals, others require their usage to get excellent results.

Cleaning chemicals can be sprayed using a separate direct spraying method from the pressure washer. This procedure is used because the chemical must be applied at maximum dosage. However, having a chemical injector put on the pressure washer itself is the most effective technique of cleaning using chemicals.

Pressure washers with chemical injectors help the process go faster. A pressurized air spraying or a straight spraying device delivers power ranging from 1.5 – 2 gallons per minute. That cleaning strength pales compared to the average pressure washer’s flow rate, ranging from four to eight GPM. The cleaning ability is doubled when the application speed is significantly increased. Working with a tool other than the pressure washer might be exhausting. As a result, getting a chemical injector incorporated with your pressure washer is preferable because you can manage it directly at the nozzle.


Steps To Install Chemical Injector On Pressure Washer

Installing a chemical injector is not a difficult task. You need to read the below-mentioned steps on how to install chemical injector on pressure washer.


Step #1. Take safety guidelines

To avoid any mishaps, make sure the spark plug wire is disconnected from the spark plug. Also, make sure the engine and pump have cooled before attempting any action.


Step #2. Match the pressure of your pressure washer with a chemical injector

Ensure the chemical injector we have had is compatible with the pressure washer’s flow. This is important because if your chemical injector’s pressure does not match your pressure washer’s stress, it must create trouble for you while cleaning. Make sure the hose is unfastened and won’t bend or curl. Before you put it in, make sure it’s straight.


Step #3. Examine the chemical injector

An indicator on chemical injectors indicates the orientation of the water flow. It will show you where the water originates from and where it exists. Check that it fits the pressure washer component you wish to install. Put a ball bearing into the chemical injector or the piston after sliding the big o-rings well over holes. Apply lubrication to the big o-ring if necessary. Thread the new assembly into place after aligning it with the injector outlet.

Remove the coupler if the flow of your pressure washer is directed rearward. To make the flow suit the water delivery method of your machine, plug it in and turn it on. Once the chemical injector coupler is in place, connect your outlet hose to your chemical or soap bucket, drop it in, and reattach the spark plug again.

Chemical injectors kits usually include instructions and pictures to assist you in putting them all together. This figure also shows if you have all of the required assembly pieces, such as springs and hoses. Sometimes the picture will teach you how to connect o-rings and balls. It may also be perplexing if you don’t notice them on the shipment you got. Most devices come with such pieces pre-installed.


Step #4. Use the connected nozzle

Now that you’ve got the chemical injector set up, make sure you’re using the proper soap nozzle. To make the chemical injector operate, attach your black soap nozzle. You can also take advantage of your second line. To make it function, switch your dual line to the low-pressure setting.


Step #5. Replace the nozzle

Return to your high-pressure nozzles (orange, blue, yellow, or red) once you’ve finished adding chemicals or detergent to prevent the discharge line from vacuuming anything from the detergent pail. This process enables you to rinse away any chemical or detergent that you may have used. You may also want to know how to use downstream injectors.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to install chemical injector on pressure washer. This is not a complicated task if you read all these steps carefully and keep all the safety measurements in your mind. Thank you, friends, for staying with us! Find out the answer to your question: why wont my pressure washer start and what kind of oil for pressure washer pump.

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