What Kind Of Oil For Pressure Washer Pump? 3 Best Options!

Want to know what kind of oil for pressure washer pumps? It is the kind of oil that you also use on the engine. But it is proper to check the manual first as it may require a non-detergent oil.

Know that you will need to change or top up the unit’s oil over time to ensure optimum performance. This way, the pressure washer will work the best way possible.

what kind of oil for pressure washer pump

For one, it is part of giving an outdoor space some TLC often. But remember as well that an electric pressure washer utilizes ATF or automatic transmission fluid. As mentioned, read through the manual before you do anything to know the right amount of oil and the right type that the equipment needs.


Different Kinds Of Pressure Washer Oil To Use

So, what kind of oil for pressure washer pump? Here are the different kinds of pressure washer oil you have to consider:


#1. Non-detergent pump oil 

Some of the pressure washers perform better when there is pump oil.  Apply thirty-W non-detergent oil that prevents the damages the filth can bring to the bearing’s surfaces. This non-detergent oil fastens the contaminants to the sidewalks or valleys of the engine unit as this helps avoid residues from accumulating on the mechanism’s working surface. Indeed, this oil type has several applications before the oil filter becomes popular, as this is highly favored before any other oil filter. Read about the best pressure washer detergents.


#2. All-purpose engine oil

All-purpose engine oil works well in temperate conditions. The SAE30 type is among the recommended ones for temperatures above forty-degrees Fahrenheit. If it falls below those degrees, it is proper to use 10W-30 oil to start the power washer better. Use the correct type of oil at the appropriate temperature level, or it will only increase the oil consumption.


#3. Engine oil versus pump oil

The engine oil and the pump differ in their additives. For example, the motor’s oil’s detergent additive has magnesium sulfonate, while the pump oil has silicone compounds or PDMS. In addition, the modern engine features an oil filter which enables them to use detergent oil. This detergent oil eliminates the contaminants from the surface of the machine. And, they go through filtration using an oil filter, preventing them from penetrating the bearings. The impurities and oil will build up dry quickly if you do not use an oil filter and detergent oil. Implement some oil changes that prevent the engine from obtaining excess water or breaking down. Apply some non-detergent oil in the pump that washes away all those impurities. The pump interior becomes more exposed to wear. Know more about the oil pump


Methods Of Changing The Oil For Pressure Washer

Change the pressure washer oil that prevents you from spending money on a damaged pump. Run the pressure washer for several minutes and warm the oil inside. The warm oil flows continuously and makes the drainage easy. Turn off the engine and get the hose disconnected.  Then, remove the oil cap after you use a wrench. Drain the oil using a pump oil drain plug and the fuel coming from the pressure washer. Remove the filter in the pressure washer and replace it when you refill fresh oil. Replace the previous oil with another one. Be careful not to do some overfilling, or it will cause engine damage and smoking. Never forget to refit the oil cap you removed. Clean the spilled oil before you pack it up. Read more about how to change oil in pressure washer.


#1. Check the oil level

Check the level of the oil before you power the pressure washer. Luckily, some owners have a sight window for oil where they can check the oil levels. They do not need to open the cap in this case, but they also check the dipstick.


#2. Check the frequency of the changing oil 

Carry out some oil changes during the spring season or when you begin to power wash during the winter. In the winter season, that oil thickens and ruins a completely functional pump. Thus, you have to spend extra money. Refill it accordingly. In the tropical climate, change the oil more often but every 50 hours. It may also be a good idea to read about how to change pressure washer pump oil


What About The 10W 30 and SAE30

Velocity is the measurement of any liquid flow. With low velocity, it means to say the substance flows freely in different directions like water. High velocity prevents the flow of substances in any direction like syrup, ketchup, and many more. SAE10 comes with a lower velocity as compared to SAE 30. The latter does not flow freely as compared to the first one. 10W 30 signals the oil in a multi-velocity manner so that it performs SAE10 at a low temperature and SAE30 at a higher temperature. It is now easier to decide the right oil to use for the machine.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what kind of oil for pressure washer pump, the types, and other things you need to do. It all boils down to your budget and preference to use non-detergent or general engine pump oil. For your pressure washer that takes oil, check the lubricant level every time you use it. Do not start its engine if it is still at a low level or burn the pump. Moreover, any old fluid removed from the pressure washer must go through proper safety disposal with the oil recycling center. Do not pour it away onto a storm drain or natural surface.

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