How To Hang Rod Pocket Curtains With Clip Rings? 5 Easy Steps!

You are asking yourself how to hang rod pocket curtains with clip rings in your windows?

There are two common types of curtains the rod pocket curtains, and clip rings curtains.

how to hang rod pocket curtains with clip rings

If you don’t want the idea of using the rod pocket curtain because you’re getting bored with the way it looks.

And yet, you have no more extra curtains of a different style to use.

Worry no more!

Here you will be taught how to modify the same curtains to look more fabulous that will make the room more gorgeous.

You will be introduced to a different technique in hanging curtains to look more impressive and will enhance the beauty of the room.

It will make it a total make-over for the entire area because curtains are the essential decoration of the room.

Just continue reading, and soon you discover the new style in reinforcing the traditional style of hanging curtains.


Steps To Hang Rod Pocket Curtains With Clip Rings

Yes, there are only five steps in doing how to hang rod pocket curtains with clip rings.

You will discover how easy it is, and here are the steps.


Step #1. Determining how

Determine what time of rings you want to use, whether it is a clip or a pin.

Then check if how many of them you will be using in the curtains.

Ring requirements vary from the width and height of the window and how heavy or light the cloth you will be using.

If the window is big of course it needs more panels that will also require a lot of rings to hold curtains.

It all depends on how big or small is the are area.

When using a heavy drape curtain, it needs a great number of rings to support the weight of the curtains.

For sheer curtains or lightweight curtains, it needs fewer pieces of rings.

So better to make a plan ahead of time on what fabric to use to make your work easy.


Step #2. Measurements

Now, if you’re sure about what materials to use in panels and knew the exact measurement of the windows, then you’re now ready to do your project.

First, you fold the curtain equally and mark each fold with the tailor’s chalk.

Evenly fold it, depending on how close the folds you want to have in the curtains for each serve as pleats for the curtains.

The number of rings you will be using will equal the number of marks you made.


Step #3. Clipping the hooks

You just determined the number of rings you will be using in the curtains.

Now it’s time to attach the pins, lay down the curtains wrong side facing towards you.

Clip the rings on the mark you made a while ago.

Take note of the clips or hooks that will be attached to the ring.

These clips or hooks should be directly attached to the fabric.

Don’t worry. This will not alter or cause any damage to your curtain.

For it is clips or hooks attached to the ring, and clips will be pinch to the fabric, so the fabric is safe.

You may choose either its ring clip or hanging pins attached to the panel that is securely sewed at the back of the fabric and then hook on the ring clips.

Hanging pins is best for curtains that have a heavy material because a plastic thread secures the pins.


Step #4. Hanging it out

Now that you have finished attaching all the rings in the curtain, it’s time to hang it out.

This method is beautiful; it added more length to the curtains 1 to 2 inches because of the ring that attached to the rod.

It is also easy to slide the ring on the rod, and it gives you an effortless way to open or close the curtains.


Step #5. Final touch

Positioning your pins equally gives a good look for the curtains, especially the pleated will be nicely placed if the hooks or pins are properly in place.

Just secure all the pins or the hooks and carefully slide them on the rod and hang it on the rod holder.

Carefully arrange the panels on the desired look you want.

It’s done; you perfectly made it right.



Hopefully, your question on how to hang rod pocket curtains with clip rings had been answered.

This technique is best for the place where you want to open or close the curtains.

More often, rings help the curtains slide freely on the rod, and you can move it easily.

If you desire to hang the curtains a bit higher and a longer hemline, clip rings allow a little trick on it.

The method is pleasing, and the result will allow you to create a liveable place of your style.

You can change the curtains handily without too much effort, anytime you want.

For curtains is the final touch of every decoration. It made the place complete.

And choosing the right accessories will stimulate your guest’s impression, and you will be proud of yourself.

Happy decorating, and enjoy your day!