10 Tips on How to Hang Curtains Without Curtain Rods

Whether you are relocating to a new place, or you are planning redoing the one you are currently staying in. You may have the furniture in the right place; then you are on to the treatments for your window.

A lot of people prefer to frame their windows with curtains but may not want to put in the time and money to put in a curtain rod for hanging these curtains. So this article will expose you to how to hang curtains without curtain rods.  

How to hang curtains without curtain rods

For you to hang curtains on rods can be quite complicated and maybe something that would be more permanent. This may not be ideal for someone who likes to change their home decor and look now and then.

With this, you can add different creative methods that will give your window a classy lift while it doesn’t hang on a traditional curtain rod.  

Ideas On How To Hang Curtains Without Curtain Rods 

You would find different ideas that will help you decide on the next touch-up to your living space. You can use; 


You can use few hooks that you can use in hanging curtains. Firstly, you should check out where they sell curtain rods to buy self-adhesive hooks.

Take your time to work out this project, measure the distance carefully between the grommets on your curtains after securing the place to fix the eyelet rings on the curtain hooks. 

Drawer pulls

Look out on your antique drawers for their drawer pulls in the hardware store that you can use as a hook. Choose the drawer pull that is the perfect size for the eyelet hole of the curtain that would be able to slip right into.

They are in different styles and colors, they should be able to go into the wall as it would on a drawer. 


This is ideal for a country decor inspiration for How to hang curtains without curtain rods in a Western outlook. You begin with measuring the curtain’s width before you choose the rope you want to use to hang the curtains.

You can measure the width of only one panel if there are two panels, then you double it. 

Ensure that you have extra inches on each side, screw in a hook to support the rope, and wrap the rope around the hook to keep it in place.  

Tree Branches

It is nice to use a tree branch that will hang your curtains giving it a natural touch to the decor. The tree doesn’t have to be in perfect shape, only that it should be strong enough to hold the curtains.

For a heavier curtain material, you will have to use a branch that is sturdy enough. 

You will need to cut and smoothen the branch before use. Install brackets where you will hang the branch or rest it on two pieces of the branch that are placed side by side. 

Sports Equipment

If your home has athletic decor inspiration, you can use several pieces of sports equipment instead of traditional curtain rods. You can use baseball bats, golf clubs, boat oars, and hockey sticks.

It is limitless for How to hang curtains without curtain rods. Just choose equipment that will let your curtain slide smoothly over.  

Include finials which can even be baseballs or golf balls as the case may be at the end to prevent the curtains from sliding off. 


In case you want a cute and simple curtain made from lighter materials so that nails will go well. Choose long nails, enough for you to drape over the curtain directly on each.

Create a straight line for the nails by using a ruler. Go ahead to hang your curtain in a straight line or with a ripple effect by hanging your curtain between nails. 

Copper Pipes

One of the best choices on How to hang curtains without curtain rods is copper pipes. They give your decor a simple and elegant look. They are available in stores that sell home decor. Also, you can get brackets for securing the pipes in place from there.  

Upholstery Tacks

Maybe you are renting the place and you don’t want to make holes in the wall, you can directly hang the curtains in the wall using these upholstery tacks. You may not be able to pull open the curtains but you can use materials to tie back the curtains and with tacks attach them to the wall.

These materials are cheap and you can easily find them in any local store near you. So it is pretty affordable and straightforward to put them in place. 


You could use either a moderate gauge wire or a heavy one instead of a curtain rod. This is a very fast, affordable, and simple means of changing your window coverings.

You will have to get brackets or some other material on both sides of the wall that you would wrap your remaining wire around.

You can use materials as tiebacks, that will allow light into your home while you pull the curtain back on the sides.   


If you use a yardstick, you will get the man cave or a handyman form of bedroom decor. This would be perfect if you are a simple person yourself.

Very easy to put in place by putting the yardstick in between the allocated space that you have marked out. To top it and give it that buffered look, use measuring tapes to make tiebacks on your curtains. 



While you may have held the long belief that there’s no way on how to hang curtains without curtain rods, well this article has shown you that there are many methods of hanging curtains without using rods.

You can choose from the number of options we have listed above to give your home a more personalized and unique touch. You also enjoy the benefits of these methods being cheap and easy to install instead of using the popular curtain rods.