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How to Hang Cafe Curtains? 4 Simple and Easy Steps!

Cute cafe curtains are decorative pieces with a history of enhancing the overall appearance of cafes and diners. They are window treatments that hang halfway up the window and give room to enough light to enter while they provide some privacy as well.

For someone Who loves the practicality and appealing look of these special curtains, you are in the right place to learn how to hang cafe curtains. This article will take you through hanging cafe curtains and the different places where you can hang cafe curtains. 


how to hang cafe curtains

4 Easy Steps For Hanging Cafe Curtains

After choosing the actual spot where you would like to hang cafe curtains in your home; cafe, or dinner, then you start the process of hanging them. Here are the steps to take on how to hang cafe curtains: 

You will need the following tools; 

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Standard level
  • Screws    

Step #1: Measure Your Preferred Space 

The first step on how to hang cafe curtains is taking measurements. Ensure that you measure the actual width and the height of your window. This will allow your cafe curtains to fit perfectly into your windows.

Note that choosing curtains that are about 2 to 2 and a half times wider than your window is the best. Measure the length of your cafe curtains to be up to 4 to 6 inches longer than the length from where you will place your rod to the window’s base. 

Step #2: Choose Curtain Rods 

The next step on how to hang cafe curtains is choosing the right rods. The best options for curtain rods are either the classic, or you go for return rods. 

Step #3: Consider the rod Placement 

The next step on how to hang cafe curtains is placing the rod. You should hang your cafe curtains a little above the window’s middle. They must cover the window panes’ meeting point, giving your window more privacy on the lower half and letting light come through it from the other half on the top. 

Step #4: Install the Curtain rod

Using a pencil, start marking the point where you want your curtain rods to be on each side of the window. Check again to confirm that the lines are on the same level before you mark holes, then fit the brackets into place.

After ensuring that you have the right placement where you prefer, and they are leveled, with a drill, secure the brackets into the wall.  


How Should Cafe Curtains Hang?

Usually, you hang cafe curtains on a rod, which goes across the window glass’s middle part instead of hanging it on top. This is good enough for getting some privacy and little sunlight as well.

The grommet and cafe curtains need hemming on the lower end. You need to use four to six inches for the hem, such that it balances below the sill’s bottom when you are looking at it from outside.    


Where Should Curtain rod Brackets be Placed?

You can place each bracket on the height that you have chosen, which should be up to four or six inches from both sides of your window frame. This will permit your curtains to open completely. 


4 Steps on How to Connect Cafe Curtain Rings?

Step #1: You start with spreading out your curtain on any flat surface, such that the top edge of the curtain is pointing towards you. Spread out the curtain on a table or another flat surface with the top edge of the curtain toward you.

Step #2: Squeeze the cafe curtain rings you have chosen or clips to open them. In case the ring is a solid one, squeeze the ring’s loop to open the claw. For rings with a separate attached clip, open the ring by squeezing the top of the clip.   

Step #3: After opening the claw, slide it or the clip onto the top edge of the cafe curtain and leave the pressure. When you release the pressure, it will allow the claw or clip to grab into the fabric.  

Step #4: On the top left and to the right ends of the cafe curtain, attach one cafe curtain ring. Fasten the rest across the top of the cafe curtain evenly. 

Where can I Place Cafe Curtains?

In the kitchen

In traditional homes, you would find cafe curtains as kitchen window covers. They are perfect for the window above the sink. They let you have natural lighting and an open view of what is going on outside while you are doing your dishes. 

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is also commonplace for placing cafe curtains inside your home. They give your bathroom windows the needed light and privacy.  

In a Home Office

When you are working from home, it is nice to have a conducive space in your home as an office where you can have better productivity. So you may want to throw in some plants that have stress-reducing and improved productivity effects.

Using cafe curtains in such a place will give you and the plants the needed natural light for growth! 

An Entryway

Entryways of your home are the first impression people see, the more pretty they look, the more inviting your home will be. When the front door of your home has glass panes that lead to the entryway, install cafe curtains to get the appealing quantity of light perfect for a warm welcome.   

In a Nursery

Letting natural light enter your room while you enjoy time with your little ones will do you both some good. They also look good in the nursery when you include cute embellishments into the cute and delicate fabric. 


Usually, cafe curtains are lightweight fabric like lace or muslin materials. The simple and nice looks of Cafe curtains make them ideal for kitchens, restrooms, or anywhere you have small windows in your home.

While some cafe curtains may have a casing or a pocket at the upper part where one can slide cafe curtain rods through or use a spring tension. Other easier cafe curtains do not have a pocket. With these, you only need cafe curtain rings for hanging the curtains.

These cafe curtain rings may come in solid metal pieces with curves on the end to make an oval loop that has a claw on the bottom, some come as circular rings that have a small attached swiveling clip on the ring’s bottom. I believing reading through this write on how to hang cafe curtains.

How to tie up curtains

How To Tie Up Curtains? 6 Exciting Steps!

How to tie up curtains? The first thing that you should learn is how you can create the ties themselves! After which, you can tie the curtains up in six easy steps!

Indeed, fashion and functionality are both exhibited by tie-up curtains.

They serve a specific purpose while makes the room more attractive at the same time.

If you extend the curtains all the down your window, you can have more privacy.

Not only that, but this can also prevent sunlight from entering.

You can then raise them if you want to let the light into your room or if you wanted to look outside the window.

You have to secure the curtain at any position you like with the use of ties.

After you tie them up, you will see how tie-up curtains can add a unique element to your window treatment.

Now, to know how you will tie up your curtains, scroll down until the end of this post, as we will be providing all the essentials when tying up curtains.

As a bonus, we will also teach you how to make a tie-up curtain yourself.

Let us start with that before we proceed on the steps in tying up curtains.


Making The Tie Up Curtains

Perhaps, you don’t want to buy those ready-made tie-up curtains. You can create your own by following this procedure.


What are the things needed?

Before we get right into the steps on how to make tie-up curtains, you must know the things that you will need first so that you will be able to prepare them.

Make sure to have all of them ready so that the process would be smooth and fast.

  • Main fabric
  • Back fabric
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing scissors
  • Curtain rod


6 Steps To Make Tie Up Curtains

After you have prepared all the supplies needed, you can now start making your tie-up curtains.


Step #1. Measuring the window width

The very first thing that you need to do is to measure the width of your window.

Use the measurement that you get to know how much fabric you will need.


Step #2. Cutting the fabric

After you get the measurement, you can now cut the fabric accordingly. Do this both to the back and front pieces.

Then, place the back piece and front piece together with their right sides facing each other.

Line their edges and put a pin to keep them in place. Make sure to leave an opening.


Step #3. Ironing the curtain

You need to flip the right side of the curtain out and then take the curtain’s opening and start tucking its edges as well.

Then iron the curtain, including its edges.


Step #4. Sewing the curtain

Now, stitch all the curtain’s edges, starting with its opening to close it.

Flip the top of the curtain to leave enough opening for the curtain rod and pin it down.

Then, stitch it as well to put a curtain rod pocket. Remember to measure the curtain rod to ensure that it will fit in the pocket you made.


Step #5. Making its ties

Cut two ribbon pieces having twice the length of your curtain.

This step is to ensure that it can reach the other side.

You may not attach the ribbon to your curtain, so you can easily change its color later on.


Step #6. Hanging the tie-up curtains

Finally, you can now hang up your curtains into your window.

Then, tie and untie them accordingly, depending on how you want it.

Or you can follow the steps below.


6 Steps To Tie Up Curtains

You can tie up curtains in so many ways, depending on how you want them to look.

So, how to tie up curtains?

In this post, we will be teaching you the easy way to do it.


Step #1. Fold up the bottom of your curtains to raise them

Narrow folds can provide a neat look. Fold it back in forth until it reaches your desired height.


Step #2. Create ties

Clasp the ties hanging down your curtain – two ties from the left and two ties from the right.


Step #3. Tie the knot

Start at either side. For instance, you can tie the ties on the left first into a usual bow.

Make sure that the bow is snug and tight enough so that it can hold the curtain up.


Step #4. Do the method on the other side

Proceed to the other side and follow the same method you used in tying the bow earlier.


Step #5. Adjust the tie

Please take a few steps back to see whether or not they are even.

Adjust them accordingly if they are not even by tightening or loosening one tie.


Step #6.  Finish up

To lower the curtains, later on, you only need to untie those bows.

Regardless, you might want to read this article.

Nevertheless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

Tie-up curtains are both attractive and functional.

You can let it fall to block light and for extra privacy or tie up to allow the light to enter and see the view outside.

Either way, your curtain will look chic and pretty.

It is very simple and easy to tie it up and untie it later if you want.

In any case, it is also easy to make a tie-up curtain if you are into sewing and designing stuff yourself.

That is how to tie up curtains!

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