How To Get Wax Off Wall Without Hair Dryer? 7 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to get wax off wall without hair dryer? Use a hot iron, butter knife, ice cube, credit card expired, and iron to remove wax off the wall with no hairdryer use. Just follow the right tips when removing wax spills off the wall.

Remember that it’s always essential the wax or candle melts cool down completely before moving. Complete the job using a few supplies and a little patience, too.

how to get wax off wall without hair dryer

But take good care of cleaning the wall before adding wallpaper or painting it to free the surface from things that avoid new coatings as they stick to the wall. So, let’s begin to read this article!


Ways To Get Wax Off The Wall Without Hair Dryer

Below are ways how to get wax off wall without hair dryer.  


#1. Butter knife

A butter knife is useful when wanting to remove wax off your wall as it scrapes lots of wax away on your wall. Continue to scrape the wax and wait until you get near the wall surface. Grab some wet cloth and put it onto the hot water where you stand. And wear some gloves to safeguard your hands against heat and rub a damp cloth onto the wax stain. Please wait until you see it is gone and clean the surface with water and mild soap solution and dry it with a clean cloth.


#2. Ice cube

Hold an ice cube or ice pack to harden the wax off the wall, and use the expired credit card when you scrape it off a wood surface. Remove any residue that forms to clean the wood surface and use cream wax on the furniture. Wash your clothes in the washer considering the manufacturer’s instructions.


#3. Hot iron

Use an iron to remove wax stains from your wall and scrape much of it with a scraper. Use a gentle force when rubbing and placing some paper towels onto the rest of the wax stain. Set the hot iron onto the paper for several seconds. Lift the paper stained off the wall, follow the same procedure and apply some rubbing alcohol to the paper towels.

Sweep or vacuum the wall if there are other stain types you see on the wall before applying a cleaner. Remove more debris before you clean the soot off the wall and attack the stain source. When you spill the wax onto a surface or wall, it can leave you feeling frustrated or tired. It’s also not enjoyable getting wax off the wall, so always use the best techniques possible. With a scraper, little heat, and a bit of patience, you can clean the spilled wax off in no time at all.


#4. Paper towel

A paper towel is a valuable tool when getting wax off without a hairdryer. It’s challenging to get out of a towel or cloth to remove the mess. So, ensure to use nice towels that a paper towel or old rag does the trick. Sop up the melted wax carefully and remove all of them.


#5. All-purpose cleaner

Remove wax with an all-purpose cleaner, a spray cleaner, plus a sponge. Spray or squirt an all-purpose flour cleaning liquid into the area, wiping it up using a sponge or damp rag. Do not damage the surface using a rag or an abrasive cleaner if you work on a fragile wall.


#6. Detergent

Detergent is beneficial when washing wax off walls, but be extra careful. Use the same method on the exterior flooring, like patios or decks.


#7. Plastic utensil or fingernail

Use plastic utensils or fingernails as one way of getting wax off the wall without a hairdryer. It is useful when polish thinks enough and when removing it. Place some paper sheets with more polish underneath a waxy area, catching the scrapings and pulling them off the wall. Scrape it carefully, or just at a slight angle. Then, use a plastic spoon in a bowl to help remove the wax shavings in a spot. Gift cards or plastic cards make them wonder if there’s no handy plastic spoon to use.

Keep the scraping in a diagonal way or across if the wax is still there for several minutes. Switch directions when you work and approach the issue from another angle. Apply enough pressure when wanting to loosen the wax, not damage the paint further on a wall. Go onto a scraped area using your fingernail, determine if wax remains, gently rub it with a paper towel, or scrubbing sponge, and remove dry wax. You may also be interested to know about common problems with hairdryers you may experience.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to get wax off wall without hair dryer, considering detergent, plastic utensils or fingernails, all-purpose cleaner, hot iron, ice cube, and butter knife. Try any of these methods and wait until it completely dries to see the apparent results. Be extra careful not to spread the wax further on the wall as you remove it. Know that it just needs cleaning and that heat or cold treatment helps remove the rest! You will undoubtedly thank this article for showing you the best methods of getting wax off the wall without a hairdryer! You may also want to read about what is the highest watt hairdryer and how much does a hairdryer weigh.

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