What Is The Highest Watt Hair Dryer? 3 Best Options!

Read this guide on what is the highest watt hair dryer to make the hair drying game strong and to the point. We have listed three high-power hair dryers that will cut your drying time to almost and you will never be late from a party due to wet hair.

High wattage hair dryers not only help to kill the time but also cut down the electric bills. 

what is the highest watt hair dryer

Think of a situation! What will happen to us girls if the hairdryers suddenly vanish from our planet. isn’t it dreadful? These A-listed dryers will not only help you to dry your hair faster, but the hairstyling will also become a breeze too. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


The Highest Watt Hair Dryer

Keep scrolling to know about three mind-blowing blow dryers and to get the answer of what is the highest watt hairdryer. because we think that 3 is an easier number to choose from instead of a list of 10-15. readout and find a blowdryer of our dreams. So, what is the highest watt hair dryer?


#1. Xpoliman salon hair dryer with AC motor 

This dryer is the excellent servant of all types of hair whether they are coarse and thick, fine and thin, or curly and curvy. Because it comes with three heat settings that are, low, high, and medium. The fan speed can also be changed from soft and fast. A cool shot option is there too to set the hair after having done with the drying and styling. 

If your hair dryer handle is slippery and does not have a good grip, this dryer will solve the problem with its strong grip and well-designed handle. The silky touch of the dryer body leaves a good impression when you hold it. The extraordinary ALCI Plug is also a plus point of the Xpoliman professional salon hair dryer with an AC motor. Two buttons on the plug make it safer and easier to use. You have to press the red button to turn the dryer on and push the yellow button after having done with the drying.

Is your hairdryer too slow? If yes, this dryer is just what you just need. The powerful alternative current motor helps dry hair 50% faster than usual. Air filter removal is an issue in some hairdryers but you don’t need to face it while using the Xpoliman hairdryer. The filter easily comes out thus making the cleaning convenient and time-saving. 6.6 feet cord has a hanging loop that enables you to make the drying process all good 

Price: They will say a high-end hair dryer is expensive but this one is only 99$. 


What is the watt power?

2000 watts. 


#2. JOHN blast turbo hairdryer

Does your hair dryer have a DC motor? Replace it with the new JOHN blast turbo hair dryer that has an AC motor that dries hair three times faster than an ordinary DC motor hairdryer. Everyone wanna get the salon look without going anywhere in this pandemic. You must be one of those like us. This hair dryer comes with two concentrator nozzles of different sizes that will alleviate the roughdrying and specific drying at home and you will be the prettiest girl in your colleagues. 

The bombastic combo of ceramic and tourmaline technology makes this hair dryer an excellent choice to buy. The negative ions radiated with the air not only dry the upper layer of the hair. But it penetrates inside the hair cuticle thus making your hair frizz-free and by giving them additional shine. The tourmaline technology changes the water molecules present in your hair into macromolecules to give you a gift of healthy hair. 

If you are searching for a lightweight blow dryer, buy this as soon as possible. Because its weight is only 1.43 lb that makes it easy to carry without dealing with sore and weary arms. This weight is not only of the dryer body but the cord and plug are also included. A 9 feet cord with an ALCI plug is also a good reason to buy this hairdryer. 

Price: 59$ is quite a reasonable price for the JOHN Blast hairdryer and if you are a girl who wants to make your hair styling game on, you must have one in.


What is the watt power?

2200 watts


#3. Elchim high-pressure professional hairdryer

The main feature of the Elchim high-pressure professional hairdryer is the intelligently designed mouth that allows the air to come out with high speed due to the design of the mouth that is of small size as compared to normal hairdryers. Professionals adore and recommend this product and nothing is more reliable than an expert’s advice. This top-notch blow dryer is made in Italy and the company made sure that there is no compromise on quality and they have added their 100% while providing ease to its customers.  

Not every hairdryer brand offers a wide ride of color variety but the Elchim solves this problem. They offer four different colors that are white, black, black, and gold,   and red and black to choose from. So if you are a person who likes to customize his or her space, the hairdryers with colors and quality are just what you were searching for. If you wanna save 20-30% of drying time. This hair dryer will assist you in the long run and you can spend the leftover time on makeup to get a multiplied glow on your face. The blow dryer is lightweight like a feather with a weight of 18 oz only. You may want to find out the best lightweight hair dryer

Price: Run to your favorite store and buy the Elchim classic for only 110$.


What is the watt power?

1875 watts


It’s A Wrap! 

We hope that this guide on what is the highest watt hair dryer helped you. And you will be able to choose a hairdryer that will serve you high airflow and reduced drying time.

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