How To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer And Round Brush? 2 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to curl hair with blow dryer and round brush? Curl your hair with a blowdryer, starting with misting the roots, lifting the hearts, creating small braids, and pushing them upward.

After braiding them well together, let them stay dry and remove those braids to shake that hair out. Scrunch the hair while removing the nozzle and applying a relaxed setting to achieve the curls, and finish them off with hairspray.

How to curl hair with blow dryer and round brush

On the other hand, curl hair with a round brush as you unwrap the brush through the section in the same direction. Apply a mist taking you to the area, pick the team up with an index finger, and push for swaying, to rock backward and forward. Secure the curly hair using a dry and sectioning, so the section stays cool. So, let’s have a deep look at it!


How To Curl Hair With Round Brush

A round brush is a fundamental tool to achieve finished results that apply to medium and more delicate hair types. The heated round brush affects the section as it gets in contact with hair that the brush barrel heated starts the drying procedure in the area. The dryer’s heat promises a drying result outside the area, achieving a faster and more double action of drying time.


How To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer

Curl your hair with a blow dryer, which will take less than ten minutes without a salon visit. In any hair type you have, be it wavy or straight, you’re sure to achieve an impressive look suitable for any kind of occasion, as this is a perfect trick when in a rush and has no time to attend a salon appointment. Try something new, and trust that this blow dryer takes ten minutes from the beginning until the end. Do not think twice but grab a blow dryer to fully transform your curly hair into a glamorous and beautiful look.

But if you frequently use the blow dryer, know the proper way of using the attachments. Understand what each of them does to help you achieve curly hair. For one, diffuser attachment creates wavy hair, often considered a curl wand or roshambo. It somehow depends upon the head size that it starts with small curls or large waves that also achieve multiple locks on the various sections of your head. But, it’s always best to use a diffuser attachment to every area on an individual basis.

Moreover, the concentrator helps guide hot air onto a single spot of the head, as this is useful for styling the hair, not requiring much moisture, such as a hairstyle with ends smoothed or curled.

Plus, it is handy when you try out something new that if no directions are read in the packaging, the attachment guides you in how you should use it. When airflow is troubling you more to concentrate, that’s when concentrator attachment helps push for airflow with great precision.

The diffuser is a necessary attachment for blow-drying the hair effortlessly and quickly. This small piece does not leave you in trouble with drying hair in just a few minutes. It also ensures a natural and curls pattern that is maintained while drying. You may also be interested to know about the most common problems with hair dryers.


Enhancing The Natural Waves

Apply a small quantity of the hair product to make the hair appear smoother while you rub it. Apply it towards the hair ends, beginning in the shaft middle and downward. The diffuser creates curls alongside the blow dryer, evenly distributing air in the hair and making it likewise more manageable. Create curls all you want with a diffuser and blow dryer. Scrunch the hair onto a diffuser after applying the product and letting the air in the blow dryer handle the rest. 

Move the dryer around, spreading the heat evenly, scrunching the hair altogether, helping it achieve a wave. You’ll get used to it as you take practice. Nonetheless, use some anti-humidity spray or light hair spray when wanting to keep the curls in their place, as this will help avoid humidity as it reverses the curl pattern that causes kinks to become stringy and flat.


Turning Once-Straight Hair Into Curly And Wavy Hair With Blow Dryer

Follow the steps below when achieving beautiful curly hair as part of learning how to curl hair with blow dryer and round brush:

  • Mist your roots using volume spray while also doing the same to the rest of the hair using a heat protector.
  • Use a flat nozzle as you lift the roots and dry the hair in a similar direction, to achieve a straight and wavy hair.
  • Part your hair towards the middle, creating small braids, winding them upwardly. But be sure to keep the several braid pieces curly later.
  • Hold your braids together for some time and allow them to dry. Afterward, remove them from your head to shake the hair out.
  • Scrunch the hair while removing the nozzle and apply a relaxed setting as you achieve a curl.
  • Complete it off with hairspray or light spray.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to curl hair with blow dryer and round brush that helps achieve beauty and fashion. Rock your big hair appearance and enhance your true beauty. This tutorial proves to be handy that you should curl all you want, girls. You may also want to read about what is the highest watt hair dryer and how to use hairdryer diffuser.

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