How To Get Candle Wax Off Tablecloth

Candles, without a doubt, add a lot to a centerpiece, but they can also spill wax and ruin your tablecloth. Although your first instinct may be to throw away the tablecloth, removing the wax is not as complex as it appears. This article will teach you how to get candle wax off tablecloth.

Methods on How To Get Candle Wax Off Tablecloth


Method #1: Applying Heat

Step #1

Freeze the wax that has spilled. The simplest method is to fold the tablecloth with the wax on the outside top layer and freeze the entire fabric. Alternatively, while the cloth is still on the table, fill a bag with ice and set the ice pack on top of the wax.


Step #2

Scrape the frozen wax off the tablecloth with a dull tool, such as a butter knife or your fingernail. What if the tablecloth is made of lace? Take special care not to harm it when scraping the wax.


Step #3

The third step on how to get candle wax off tablecloth is to use heat to remove the wax. So, place paper towels or brown paper bag pieces on both sides of the stained area. If you use a paper bag, be sure it doesn’t have any writing. 

Heat or medium your iron and iron over the paper. When ironing, avoid using steam. Due to the iron’s heat, the leftover wax will melt off the tablecloth and seep into the paper. Then simply perform some spot cleaning. 

If required, repeat the ironing procedure with fresh paper towels or brown paper bags. Continue changing the paper and ironing until all of the wax has been removed. Once the wax has been removed, wash the tablecloth as usual.


Method #2: Using Cold


Step #1

If the spilled wax has not yet cooled and solidified, add something cold, such as an ice cube, to speed up the process. The less resin that seeps into the fabric, the easier it is to remove! Simply brush the ice cube around the wax’s exterior until it has cooled.

What if you don’t have an ice cube available? Use another frozen item or even lay the tablecloth or placemat in the freezer until the wax has thoroughly cooled. It is a good alternative.


Step #2

If any wax gets stuck inside the fibers of your fabric, you can melt it and transfer it to another material with heat. It is entirely up to you to move the melted wax to another material. Thin pieces of fabric, such as an old, cut-up t-shirt, a folded paper towel, or a paper shopping bag, work well.

Sandwich the tablecloth at the location of the candle wax stain with two pieces of whatever transfer material you prefer. First, check that your tablecloth is wax-side down. Next, apply heat to the wax stain with an iron or a hairdryer until it begins to melt and transfer.

Lift, reposition, and reapply heat as needed. Do it until all the wax has transferred from the tablecloth to the other material. Do this step gently but thoroughly.


Step #3

Even if you remove all of the wax from the tablecloth, you may still have an oily stain. You should remove this stain from the washing machine. Then, launder your tablecloth as usual, but do not dry it in the dryer.


Tips on How To Get Candle Wax Off Tablecloth

  • By placing a large, flat mirror under your candles, you can avoid getting hot wax on your tablecloth in the future. The mirror reflects the flames on the candles, creating a lovely effect, and it also collects any dripping wax. A dull-bladed knife, followed by an ammonia-based window cleaner wipe, easily removes wax drips from the mirror.
  • After removing the wax with a heated iron, there may be a lingering stain on the tablecloth. After removing the wax, apply a stain removal product if a stain remains. You can use Shout to the affected area before laundering.



Candle wax is a significant source of tablecloth stains. However, once the stains have hardened, they are simple to remove. Follow these ways on how to get candle wax off tablecloth.


You may remove the candle wax with an iron and paper towels. Then launder the tablecloth as usual to remove any leftover colorant. It should only take one day to remove candle wax from a tablecloth.

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