Candle Colors And What They Mean

Colors play an essential role in our life, and by lighting different colored candles, we may impart diverse vibes and better concentrate our objectives. So may it be by doing creative work or meditating. Indeed, candle “magick” is a significant and well-studied scientific and art form. That is why we will tackle candle colors and what they mean.

This article will discuss the candle colors and what they mean for connecting to individual energies based on different colored Chakras. However, we hope that the candle colors and meanings listed below will positively affect you by strengthening your affirmations. It, in turn, can assist you in directing Universal energy toward specific pleasant outcomes.

candle colors and what they mean

Candles According to Practitioners

To reconfirm one’s objectives, candle magick practitioners frequently propose writing names, dates, birthdates, and particular symbols on the candle or its enclosing glass. Furthermore, you must anoint the candles with oil or specific essential oils to dress them and boost their efficacy. It depends on your intents or reasons for utilizing candle colors based on their distinct meanings.

You will need to take a bath or cleanse your mind via meditation. The dressing of the candle is a ritual in and of itself. You must entirely focus on the objective when rubbing the oil on the candle’s wax.

Color is a type of vibrational energy that impacts us on several levels. First, we all have an unconscious understanding of how we react to different hues. For example, red stimulates and thrills us, but blue is tranquil and soothing. 

The shade of a candle, or anything in your immediate surroundings, is like a key. It opens a particular compartment of your subconscious mind and, hence, your entire body. Those who cannot see colors can feel their vibratory impacts since pigment emits energy at a specific rate or wavelength. 

As it passes through your vision or aura, that wavelength or frequency activates or energizes a particular portion of your existence.  Its impulses are carried to your brain through nerve pathways. Each hue contains the vibratory effects of planets and four elements – Earth, Fire, Air, or Water.


Candle Colors And What They Mean


Blue Candles

Blue candles are excellent for spiritual or emotional healing, boosting communication, and stimulating creativity. Light a blue candle to improve attention, memory, justice, prophetic dreams, and inspiration. Royal blue candles, like white candles, can be used to promote harmony, peace of mind, truth, healing, and connection with one’s higher self.


Green Candles

Burn a green candle if you want to perform money or good luck magic. But, on the other hand, green candles are great for asking for plenty in everything earthy. Whether you’re practicing Earth and plant magic or need help manifesting tremendous success, prosperity, or health.


Pink Candles

Pink candles are recommended for spells including unconditional love, romance, affection, warmth, joy, friendship, and self-love. You may also use pink candles to boost general happiness, harmony, empathy, connection, and intimacy. It may also improve new relations and aid relationship healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, and emotional healing.


Black Candles

Black candles are ideal for casting protection spells and rejecting, absorbing, or expelling lousy energy. You may also use this color candle magic, improve to reverse curses or hexes, unblock trapped energy. In addition, such candles are valid to halt undesirable habits or end unhealthy circumstances.


Red Candles

Red candles are an excellent instrument for casting quick-acting spells. They are ideal for passion or purposes related to determination or survival since they draw into the strength of Mars. In addition, a red candle can help you boost your desire, potency, stamina, or attract a sex partner. 


White Candles

To connect with the moon and Goddess energies, light a white candle. You may also utilize them for protection, fresh beginnings, purity, meditation, serenity, gratitude, harmony, summoning spirit guides, or calming the mind. If the color you choose is not available, you can substitute white candles.

Gold Candles

Another color to think about on candle colors and what they mean is gold. Gold candles are candle colors that attract masculine energy or God’s energy. As a result, if you want success, joy, wisdom, confidence, prosperity, money, personal power, and knowledge, it is best to burn.


Silver Candles

A white or silver candle may signify the Goddess to Wiccans. Silver candles may help you connect with cosmic energy, feminine energy and increase your intuition and clairvoyance. They may also cause more vivid dreams.


Dark Pink or Magenta Candles

So, what if you want to cast a love spell and include some desire? A magenta candle is an excellent method to combine the intents of the red and pink candle colors. In addition, it is ideal for increasing your sexual confidence and flirting abilities.


Orange Candles

Orange candles mix yellow candles’ intellectual vitality with red candles’ fierce resolve. Suppose you need assistance with activities that require rapid actions and thought, light an orange candle. Then, for example, you can burn them to bring good fortune in your job, networking, and legal matters. 



You thought the colors were just for aesthetic purposes, huh? These are the candle colors and what they mean. It shows how the different shades of candles serve specific purposes, so it takes time to make them.

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