How To Get A Free Air Conditioner? In 3 Easy Ways!

On the days that the temperature keep going up, you would want to have something to cool you down, which is why you may be interested in knowing how to get a free air conditioner.

This is especially true for people who do not have enough budget to invest in this particular appliance. Not all can buy this since it can be very expensive. Getting an air conditioner for free might be something unusual to you and yes, it is true.

how to get a free air conditioner

People who are suffering from severe health issues may be qualified to get one. Stay tuned because we will be discussing more that in this post. You will also know the things that you need to be eligible for this.


Ways To Get A Free Air Conditioner

This section will know the common authorities or programs granted for eligible people to get an air conditioning unit. So, how to get a free air conditioner?


Way #1. Cooling assistance programs

There are various programs devised to provide cooling assistance to those who need it. For instance, the state government of New York devised the HEAP or the Home Energy Assistance Program that offers air conditioners for free. This helps households with low income by covering a particular portion of their expenses for energy.

Much more, this is intended for patients with an underlying health condition that is sensitive to health. The government will provide them with cooling assistance. But there are certain things that people need to do and follow to be eligible for this. For example, in case you cannot install an air conditioner, or if for some reason the installation has gone wrong, they can also provide a fan.

This particular program started to help those people with medical needs yet cannot afford it for themselves. Some conditions are worsened by heath, and an air conditioning unit is a great help for them against the intense heat.

Furthermore, some programs are also created to give away free AC units to senior citizens. Most states have this particular program. You can contact the HEAP offices of your particular state to inquire.


Way #2. Government grants

Some governments also offer financial help to people who cannot afford to purchase an air conditioner. But this also depends on the health condition of a person. They will cover both the cost as well as the installation of the unit.


Who are eligible?

This program is not for everyone. Below are the factors that will determine whether or not you are eligible for this assistance.

  • You are a citizen of the United States who does not have any criminal record.
  • Heat can worsen your medical condition as certified by your doctor.
  • You do not have an air conditioner at the moment.
  • There is a need to fulfill an income requirement since the benefit that you will receive will vary based on your income size.


What do you need to submit?

You will need to complete a few paper works. Keep in mind; this should be clean and accurate because those documents are essential. If your documents are accurate, you can have a higher chance of qualifying for assistance.

Below are the documents that you need to submit:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • Passport information
  • Social Security Card and number if you are a dependent
  • Adoption records
  • Marriage record
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Religious certificate
  • Medicaid card
  • Official School records


Application process

Now let us move on to the application process. This is very simple. You have to mail your application for cooling assistance to the HEAP office of New York City. If you have already applied for this in the past year, you should fill out the application once again. The same process will have to be taken.

The next thing that you need to do is to visit the contact directory of New York HEAP. This is to ensure that you will get more details on how you are going to proceed.


Way #3. Charities

Different charities also offer free AC units. Those charities primarily collect appliances to ensure that people with low income can also use those appliances. Explain in your application your need for it.

If your medical condition can be aggravated by heat, it will be fast to get an AC unit because charities prioritize those with health needs. Various charities from your local area may provide air conditioners for free. All you need to do is to contact the office of those local charities.


It’s A Wrap!

If you know how to get a free air conditioner, your loved one who has a heat-sensitive condition will not suffer anymore. That is because the government, as well as some charities, can provide you with cooling assistance.

This is a benefit that is offered to those who cannot afford to purchase an air conditioner. So you need not worry if you do not have the money to get yourself or your loved one suffering a health conditioned cooled during the hot days.

As long as you are eligible and accomplish all the things needed, you may have your free AC unit.

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