How Much Does It Cost To Run A Portable Air Conditioner? 3 Best Types!

Are you wondering how much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner? When you are traveling to a place where the weather is so hot, you will need to cool down at times.

Maybe if you are planning to purchase one unit of air conditioner only, you can buy this one. The portable air conditioning unit is nice because you can bring it anywhere you want. 

You can have one and mainly use it to make every room in your house cooler, especially during summer. The weather makes the air very humid, and no one would want to suffer a feeling like you are being roasted. 

And this device is what you need to save money and get out of that uncomfortable and sweaty feeling. 


How Much Does It Cost To Run Your Portable Air Conditioner?

So, how much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner? You must be familiar that a portable air conditioner is often called a “PAC.” And just in case you do not know, here are some more facts.

Portable air conditioners do have a lot of versions and styles. But, of course, there are different sizes also. And that could be a reason for the value of running one. Every unit has different specs. 

That makes each of them different from the others. And that would mean that they are capable of having differences in their values. One might be higher in terms of its maintenance, but here are some ideas you can consider. 

We have here three types of portable air conditioner (PAC) and their corresponding values in terms of running them. 


Type #1. Small-sized PAC

A small-sized PAC is excellent for cars that you want to have extra coolness, especially when the car’s ac is broken. Or, it can already sustain a room that is small and not so spacious. There are times where smaller rooms are even hotter. 

Maybe one of the reasons is when you have so many things inside your room that it blocks air circulation from flowing evenly.

Of course, another common reason is when your room has no windows where air could go in and out. It usually happens when you have no cross ventilation inside your room.

You must have two windows to have it well ventilated. But then that is no longer your problem because running in a small portable air conditioner isn’t that expensive. Usually, it would only cost you about $2.84 to run a small-sized PAC. And that’s not bad for a more relaxed and more comfortable room.


Type #2. Medium-sized PAC  

This one is what we are commonly using. Its size is just enough and excellent for living rooms and somehow medium-sized rooms. If you want something that makes your room cooler faster and that room is a bit bigger, go for the medium.

It is not that expensive nor cheap for any reason. Instead, it is reasonable. If you have a home that is an average size, this suits you best.

This portable air conditioner in medium-size would only cost you about $3.75 to run nicely. You see it is not expensive for good service and a large unit. It could make your whole living room more relaxed in just minutes, no matter how wide it is.


Type #3. Large size PAC         

Our last unit would be a large size portable air conditioner. It can be costly but still somehow reasonable. You can already use this for more prominent places such as meeting rooms, halls, and theatres. 

One can be a good option if you want to cook a whole big room with just one unit. It can work fast depending on the model and specs it has. All you have to do is to pick which one could sustain your area.

It is great for businesses, especially those who usually have events and want a portable air conditioner. Other than you can transfer it from one place to another, it works best because it is big and can accommodate the place better. 

A more prominent place or venue requires a more oversized portable air conditioner. And if you are organizing events, this one is for you.

You can transfer this from one venue to another if you cannot purchase a lot for each platform you have. It would only cost you about $5. 31. That’s probably a good offer for this kind of instance.


Is using a portable air conditioner practical?

To answer your question directly, yes, it is practical. However, it can be considered suitable in so many ways. One, it is cheap to be maintained and run. Another is that it is practical because it is portable. You can also transfer it from one place to another.

You can utilize the use of it, and of course, you can also maximize its use. When you are no longer using it, you can have it rented; that way, you can also earn. This portable air conditioner is multi-use. But, first, you have to discover how to make it work for you.



Your question “how much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner?” has been answered. Now you can think of what type you would want to run. Remember the three types of a portable air conditioner as it affects the cost of the product.

Get to know what you are buying to make it easy for you to choose the best one for you. Nevertheless, if you have more time to scan some articles, this one might be worth reading.

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