Why Do Pipes Freeze On Air Conditioner? 3 Best Reasons!

Do you want to know why do pipes freeze on air conditioner? If you have this kind of problem, then this article is for you. The experience of interrupted comfort from your air conditioner is one of the worse experiences that you can have.

This kind of interruption has different reasons, and one of them is the freezing of the air conditioner pipes. Upon examining your air conditioner, you are sometimes surprised because of the frozen air conditioner pipes.

why do pipes freeze on air conditioner

In this article, we will tackle the different reasons why these air conditioner pipes freeze up. Furthermore, explore the article to engulf yourself with knowledge in this topic.


Kinds Of Pipes In An Air Conditioner

Before we move on to answering your main question, let us discuss the types of pipes used in an air conditioner. In this way, we can easily understand the reasons why these pipes freeze up. Let’s discover the secrets of our fellow, our air conditioner.

To begin with, the pipes that must be used in the air conditioner system must not be vulnerable to changes in temperature. Regarding this condition, the most suitable material for this job is metal. Yes, the air conditioner uses metal piping in its system.

Because the entire cooling process operates in a closed circuit, pipework is crucial. If these pipes are of poor quality, leaks and cracks may occur, resulting in inefficient cooling. There are two types of metal used nowadays in our air conditioner namely aluminum pipes and copper pipes. Let’s discuss them a little bit further to distinguish their differences and what type of metal is the best for the job.


Type #1. Copper pipes

The copper pipe is the preferable kind of metal pipe to be used in air conditioning systems. Between the two kinds of metal pipes, this pipe has the upper hand over the aluminum pipe. However, there is a backfire because of those features.

In comparison, copper pipe is more durable, has faster cooling time, and has better performance in terms of being anti-corrosive than aluminum. Those same features of the copper pipe make it expensive to be used. You can choose between the quality of the air conditioner or the practicality of the appliance.


Type #2. Aluminum pipe

The aluminum pipe has inferior performance compared to the copper pipe. However, it is famous for its economic-friendly price. If you choose practicality over quality, then this kind of metal pipe is perfect for you.

This kind of metal pipe has subservient characteristics than the copper pipe but it doesn’t mean that it cannot do the job of a pipe. Although this metal pipe has a shorter lifespan than the copper metal pipe, it can do a good job.

That is why, even if it is a bit expensive, many people prefer air conditioners that have copper piping rather than having those that have aluminum pipes.


Reasons Why The Pipes Freeze On Air Conditioner

This part of the article will answer your question, “why do pipes freeze on air conditioner?” as we go on reading. Let’s go over the reasons why the pipes of an air conditioner freeze up. We will discuss three reasons in this section.

There are plenty of possible reasons for this kind of phenomenon. However, we will only talk about three common reasons in this article.


Reason #1. Low refrigerant level

As you all know, the refrigerant has an essential role in the cooling operation of the air conditioner. It acts as a heat absorbent in the cooling process of the aircon. The low refrigerant level can cause the pipes to freeze up. It is one of the reasons why pipes freeze up in your air conditioner unit.

Refrigerant cycles up in your air conditioner, and when constantly decreasing in amount, there is a possibility that it will get stagnant. This stagnancy can cause the pipes to get frozen because there is no sufficient heat that travels in them that stabilizes their temperature.

There are several causes for this instance, where there is a low level of refrigerant present in the air conditioning system. One of the solutions to this problem is recharging the air conditioner. When you do this, ask for help from those who have prior knowledge.


Reason #2. Wrong thermostat setting

The thermostat serves as the control center for our air conditioners. We often used this thermostat to configure the level of temperature the air emits. If you set the temperature too low, there is a possibility that the pipes inside of your air conditioner will freeze up.

Many people make the mistake of setting the thermostat to a lower temperature to allow the system to cool more quickly. This instance will cause the machine to run longer and finally ice up the entire system. The best solution for this is to turn off the air conditioner.


Reason #3. Clogs in lines

The airflow keeps the air conditioner operates. Good airflow makes the aircon showcase good performance. When there are clogs inside the air conditioner system, like in the drain system and in the evaporation line, the pipes might become frozen.

Regular check-ups and maintenance must be conducted on your air conditioner to ensure that there are no clogs in the said areas. The filters and indoor coils must be changed regularly to guarantee proper cooling.

These are the reasons why pipes get frozen inside an air conditioner. Always remember, proper guidance from a professional must be observed when doing the suggested solutions to the causes.


Final Words

At the end of this article, may your question, “why do pipes freeze on air conditioner?”, has been answered. The information presented in this article is expected to help you in your endeavor on this kind of topic. Your time and effort in reading are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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