How To Fluff A Body Pillow. 3 Steps To Do

You must do three techniques if you want to know how to fluff a body pillow correctly. Much like bamboo pillows, fluffing your bamboo pillows is an essential practice that you must do regularly. Remember that proper care and maintenance of pillows is something never to overlook to keep their structures intact. 

With body pillows, they must maintain their form to provide the right support and comfort for the body. It would also be best to know the care needs of your body pillow’s materials to help it last longer. Read this article to learn how to keep your pillow in its best form.  


Best 3-Step Guide For Fluffing A Body Pillow


Step #1. Push

The first step you can do when fluffing a body pillow is grabbing both ends and pushing them together. This is especially useful for materials like memory foam because it allows the pillow to breathe and retain its form and loft in the long run. The pushing motion is similar to when you’re playing the accordion, so you can assume that you’re also breaking the clumped filling inside. 


Step #2. Massage

The second step will also increase your body pillow’s loft, and it is when you’re massaging the pillow. This motion will help the filling inside in getting well-distributed, so your body pillow will provide the best height for support. Some sleepers also compare massaging the body pillow to punching it. 


Step #3. Use a dryer

Finally, and perhaps the most common way to fluff a body pillow is by using a dryer. However, the emphasis is necessary on checking your body pillow’s label first as some types are not meant for use in the dryer. You risk damaging the materials if the pillow is not compatible with tossing in the dryer.

If this is the case, you can get a similar finish by putting your pillow somewhere warm and well-ventilated to allow some air to fluff it for you. Just be mindful of direct sunlight and heat that can damage some body pillow types. On the other hand, pillows you can place in the dryer can have a tennis ball to accompany them to help bounce onto the pillow and fluff it. 


Why Fluff A Body Pillow

Fluffing your body pillow using the three steps above should be a mandatory part of your pillow’s care and maintenance. This will help restore its form and make it feel as if it’s new. More so, remember that the structure, which is composed of the loft, firmness, and height of your pillow is significant for your comfort and support

Over time, you need to fluff your body pillow because it will get compressed from daily use. If the body pillow you’re using is flat or has clumpy stuffings, you will not get the similar support when it’s new and achieve a well-aligned spine. A deformed body pillow will also be ineffective for alleviating pressure and body pain.


When To Replace A Body Pillow

Regularly fluffing your pillow will help it retain its form, but over time, you’ll notice that the pillow won’t bounce back to its natural shape. Depending on the usage and material, you will need to replace your body pillow every four years or earlier. You can also test if the body pillow has difficulty returning to its form when folded or if it developed lumps on the fill and mildew outside. 

The daily use of a body pillow will eventually deform it and expose it to sweat, oils, and dirt. It would be best if you also replaced it to ensure that you’re not exposing yourself to allergens like dust mites and mildew. But while it’s still usable, remember to maintain proper hygiene and use the appropriate body pillow cover for washing regularly. 


How To Make A Body Pillow Last Longer

You can fluff your body pillow every couple of weeks to get rid of lumps and also let it breathe. This will help restore the height of your pillow that has flattened. And while you’re at it, reposition your body pillow each night, so you’re not only wearing one side. 

While it’s not necessary to wash the body pillow often as it can damage the material, you will need to give it a deep cleaning now and then. Check the label instructions on how to wash and dry the pillow thoroughly to avoid fungal growth. This is why using a body pillow cover is essential as a barrier for dust, sweat, and other dirt that can accommodate the pillow. 

You can then do some simple spot cleaning or vacuuming as maintenance to ensure good hygiene. Make it a habit to shake your pillow every time you’re about to use it to eliminate dust and other particles that have built-up on it. 



Body pillows are excellent for all types of sleepers because they offer support and relief. However, you must also know how to fluff a body pillow to maintain its form to do its job well. Start by holding both ends of the pillow and push them together as if you’re playing the accordion. 

Then, massage or give your pillow some light punches to break down the clumped filling further. This will also introduce some air in the body pillow to help it get fluffy. Finally, some body pillows are compatible for use in the dryer, where you can place them inside and further restore their structure.