How To Fix Recliner Chair Springs: 2 Easy DIY Methods

Is your recliner still working well? Knowing how to fix recliner chair springs can definitely help you out!

Recliner chairs sinking are caused mainly by damaged springs — broken springs, to be specific. Worry not, because you can quickly fix and replace these springs.

how to fix recliner chair springs

After this, you can freely relax and enjoy your reclining chair again. Read on as we guide you in the process of fixing your springs.


Types Of Recliner Chair Springs

Common problems of recliner chairs are their slight sagging and reclining action. Springs are to blame for these. They are involved with the relaxing mechanisms a reclining chair brings.

Recliner chairs are built with more than one kind of spring and have different methods of replacement. This article will help you understand more.


Zig zag spring

These sinuous springs are in charge of the sinking in your reclining chair. They are found in the back of the chair.

Zig zag tension springs support the weight of whoever sits on the chair. They are designed to be stacked up with groups to provide comfort.

These springs are less expensive. Unfortunately, they are the ones who need replacements from time to time.

When working well and fine, zig-zag springs make the recliner chair stable and durable. It ensures the firmness and security of the one seated on the chair.


Recoil spring

Recoil springs are found in the base of the chair. They are responsible for the chair’s reclining action.

When these springs are damaged, you would often find a problem in your recliner’s mechanism. You need to replace them immediately.

These springs have more robust durability. They can work for years until they’re damaged again.


Repairing Zig Zag Springs

Prepare a screwdriver and a staple remover. Don’t worry, you won’t need a vast space. However, make sure that you are in a comfortable position.


Step #1. Remove upholstery

First, flip your chair and start by removing the padding in the back of the chair. Use the staple remover and screwdriver in taking the staples off.

Be careful in removing the staples because you will put them back again. It is advisable to take a picture before removing it.


Step #2. Locate broken spring

Remove the cover carefully and locate the broken zig-zag spring. Tension springs are large; you won’t have trouble finding the damaged one.

You might also want to check the general condition of the springs. Use your judgment and remove all deficient ones.


Step #3. Let the broken spring come off

Your hands need to be gentle in this step. The top part of zig-zag springs is usually built hidden. You need to push this top part firmly but gently for the broken spring to fall off.

You won’t want to dislocate the other springs in their positions. If you wish, you can get aid from a family member or a friend.

Once the zig-zag tension spring shows on the bottom, simply unhook it to remove it. You should be able to unhook it without any trouble.


Step #4. Replace the broken spring

Prepare your new zig-zag spring and make sure that it is compatible with your recliner. You can base it on your chair’s model or ask the store itself.

Install the top of the new spring first. Next, clamp the bottom part.

After everything has been replaced, inspect the springs again to make sure that everything is fixed. Attach the upholstery again after.


Repairing Recoil Springs

Since recoil springs are found under the chair, you might want to work in a wide area. You also need to make sure that it has enough light.

The materials you will need are pliers and screwdrivers. You can also arm yourself with a flashlight and protection goggles to prevent accidents.


Step #1. Turn the recliner upside down

Flip and face the chair’s bottom. Remove any obstruction if there’s any.

Find the location of the recoil springs using a flashlight. Inspect their condition and be prepared to take it out if they’re damaged or getting too old.


Step #2. Unfasten the backseat and base

Before you can remove the springs altogether, you need to remove the chair’s seat and base. Unfasten all the screws, fasteners, or bolts.

It’s advisable to remove the backseat first before the chair base. The base is often more secured, so it can take more time.


Step #3. Remove cable

The cable is often attached to the lever from the outside. Remove the casing first before you proceed in pulling the cord.


Step #4. Take out the broken springs

Unclamp the springs and thoroughly remove them from your chair. Sometimes, they are attached in frames, and you need to loosen them. If they are bolted, you can use a screwdriver or a wrench.

After the springs are removed, buy compatible springs for replacement. You can ask the store for heavy-duty springs or whatever is compatible.


Step #5. Replace and install the new springs

Stretch the new recoil springs to prepare it. Re-clamp them to the right points and install them on your chair.

Secure them and reattach the upholstery again. You might also want to pick coins in your chair!



Chair springs need attention every now and then. Knowing how to fix recliner chair springs is a skill you will find helpful.

Get equipped with the right equipment and knowledge. Start replacing your recliner chair springs!

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