7 Easy Steps On How To Fix A Squeaky Office Chair

Using lubricating oil and a few tools, you’re good to go on following the steps on how to fix a squeaky office chair! It isn’t enjoyable when one officemate squeaks all day with that chair. Here are a few of the information you’ll need to fix that.


how to fix a squeaky office chair

Why Does My Office Chair Squeak?

When you sit on your office chair and it makes a screeching sound, the first thing that may come to your mind would be, “why does it squeak?” Some of the reasons these chairs squeak are loose screws, wheels that need to be lubricated, and other moving parts. Remember to check your chair regularly to avoid squeaks and accidents.


Areas where office chairs may squeak

Before you start fixing your chair, you first need to know where the problem originates. Ask for a friend’s help and let them sit on the chair. Let them move around on the chair while you look for the area where the squeaking originates.


1. Screws and bolts

In assembling our office chairs, we sometimes forget to check areas if they are tightly screwed. The best way to check for loose screws and bolts on your chair is to turn it upside down on a stack of books that has a higher height than your chair, wiggle the bolts and screws, and tighten them using the right tool.


2. Backrest

Backrests connect to parts that have springs. When you lean back, there is a possibility of it squeaking because the springs may have too much tension on them, causing it to rub on housing ends. Lean back on your chair, check if it squeaks, and if it does, you may use oil to lubricate it.


3. Gas lift mechanism

Squeaking may also come from the gas-lift mechanism, which consists of metal parts. You may quickly know if this is the squeaking source, and you may use lubricating oil to lessen the friction and get rid of the squeaks.


4. Wheels

Office chairs have wheels attached to them. As time goes by, these may wear down, which makes them loosely attached. Wheel axles may then produce squeaks from the friction that it does. Always have a spray oil ready because a lot of times, it’s the wheels that get squeaky first due to movement.


5. Moving parts

Office chairs have a lot of moving parts on them. Ensuring that these parts are well oiled and not rusted is one way of getting rid of the squeaky noises.


Steps On How To Fix Squeaky Office Chair

Now that you know where the source of the squeaking is, here are some steps on how to fix it. Remember to use the right tools, and if you know someone who works well with setting things, you may ask for their assistance.

Step #1. For the bolts, screws, and nuts of your chair, you need to turn it upside down and make sure it is stable. Use a screwdriver and tighten them, even the parts that aren’t loose. Tighten them well, as these may still become loose due to movement.

Step #2. Once tightened, use lubricating oil to loosen joints and avoid friction that causes squeaking sounds. Using grease will also lessen rust build-up, which may also cause your chair to squeak.

Step #3. If your chair still makes squeaking noises after tightening and lubricating the screws and bolts, remove all of it and use a lighter variation of machine oil to lubricate them before you put them back.

Step #4. Once everything is back in its place, ask a friend to sit on the chair while you recheck the parts and oil them. Ask them to move around to make your chair squeak intentionally. If there is a squeaking sound, locate it and apply oil.

Step #5. Have a friend lean back to see if the backrest squeaks. If it does, apply oil to the spring located in the turn knob housing. You may spray the oil once you’ve opened the housing.

Step #6. Have a friend sit on the chair and move it around. This action helps you to check your chair’s wheels.

If they squeak, turn the chair over and spray oil onto the wheel axles. Sit on it and move it again to see if you still need to add more oil.

Step #7. Once done, sit gently on your chair. Collapsing into your chair may also cause squeaking noises due to the chair parts’ sudden tension. This action may also cause the screws and bolts to loosen up quickly, so be cautious.



The chairs that we use may have gone through a lot, and just like people, they also need to be in good condition. Knowing how to fix a squeaky office chair will surely make most of your office days more focused and less annoying.

With the right tools and correct steps, you will fix your chair problem! Make sure to go through this guide so you won’t get lost in the process.

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