How To Fix Kenmore Sewing Machine: 5 Common Issues

Those who want to learn how to fix Kenmore sewing machine can read about the five common issues you might encounter. Then, we’ll discuss how you can solve them at home, including the causes so you can avoid them. We also include some tips to fix a Kenmore sewing machine jamming or not sewing. 

To avoid issues in the future, please learn how to use a Kenmore sewing machine. We based that guide on a Kenmore manual, so you can sew with confidence and avoid accidentally damaging your unit. 

how to fix kenmore sewing machine


How To Fix Kenmore Sewing Machine At Home

Before anything else, please read the manual of the specific Kenmore sewing machine you have. You may even find troubleshooting guides for common issues on the back pages. 


Fabric will not feed:

  • Check the pressure foot if it’s installed correctly and reinstall if needed
  • Check the pressure you’re applying on the pressure bar to feed the fabric 
  • The fabric got caught on the burrs on the needle plate
  • Set the machine for sewing and that the feed dogs are up
  • Clean the feed dog for lint buildup


Needle breaking:

  • Use the correct needle for your material, especially with heavyweight and challenging fabrics
  • The needle might be damaged or you’ve been using it for 8 hours without replacing
  • The needle might be hitting the hook because the hook timing is out
  • Reset the top thread tension to medium 


Top thread breaking:

  • Reset the top thread tension to medium, especially for regular sewing projects
  • The top thread can break if the needle plate is damaged
  • Polish the burrs on the needle plate
  • Replace the hook if it’s damaged


Thread looping on the bottom of your fabric:

  • The thread tension needs to be tightened, or the bobbin tension needs to be loosened
  • There might be thread or lint stuck in the thread tension, so make sure to clean that area from debris and buildup 
  • The tension discs should be free of lint or thread
  • The sewing machine needs rethreading where the thread passes between the tension discs and take-up lever

Learn how to thread a Kenmore sewing machine correctly to avoid issues such as thread looping or breaking.


Bobbin thread will not pick up :

  • Check if the sewing machine is threaded properly 
  • Repair the hook timing on the sewing machine, or it might not pick the bobbin thread since the hook and needle are not meeting at the right point
  • Reinsert the needle with its flat portion inserted towards the hook tip
  • Replace the needle because a damaged or blunt one can cause the hook to miss the thread 


Why Is My Kenmore Sewing Machine Not Sewing?

  • Check if you plugged in your Kenmore sewing machine correctly
  • Check for issues on the electric source
  • Inspect the shuttle race and remove if there is a thread caught in it
  • Engage the push-clutch


Why is my Kenmore sewing machine noisy?

  • The shuttle race has lint built-up 
  • There is a thread caught in the hook race
  • The sewing machine needs oiling

Learn how to oil a Kenmore sewing machine to keep it running smoothly and protect the moving areas from getting worn quickly from friction. 


Why Does My Kenmore Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

  • Thread has tangled in the bobbin case
  • The sewing machine is not threaded correctly
  • The bobbin winder is still engaged
  • The bobbin case is dirty
  • The sewing machine lacks lubrication

For other common reasons, read more about why is my sewing machine jamming


Why is my Kenmore sewing machine skipping stitches?

  • The needle and thread are incompatible with the fabric material
  • The needle is blunt
  • The needle is damaged
  • The needle is not inserted correctly
  • The sewing machine news rethreading

Be prepared the next time this issue occurs by reading why is my sewing machine skipping stitches


How Do I Fix The Feed Dogs On My Kenmore Sewing Machine?

  1. Check and adjust the height of the feed dogs, so the fabric is pushed forward smoothly
  2. Adjust and tighten the screws on the feed dogs if they fail to move when the stitch length is set above zero
  3. Check for broken parts on the feed dogs and replace them


Why Is My Sewing Machine Not Working Properly?

  • The sewing machine is not set appropriately for the fabric you’re working on
  • Some parts are not installed correctly
  • Some parts are damaged or loose
  • There are issues with the power source and plugs
  • Some areas are filled with lint, dust, or thread
  • The sewing machine needs lubrication
  • The sewing machine is not designed to handle the fabric you’re working on
  • The electric components of the sewing machine are damaged



And that’s it! To recap how to fix Kenmore sewing machine, you always want to check if you install everything correctly, no parts are damaged, and the machine is free of dirt and lint. Furthermore, some models require to be oiled regularly to help prevent wear from friction. 

If these troubleshooting techniques and repairs didn’t solve your issue, contact a Kenmore dealer or have your unit serviced by an authorized center. Do not attempt meddling with the electrical components to avoid further damage to the machine. 


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