How To Thread A Kenmore Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

Those who want to learn how to thread a Kenmore sewing machine can do so in two steps. This article will go through two steps explained in bullets to make them easier to follow. You’ll also learn troubleshooting techniques that often come from issues during threading a Kenmore sewing machine. 

But what if you own other brands of sewing machines? The good news is that we also have a tutorial on how to thread a Brother sewing machine and a guide on threading a Singer sewing machine. Feel free to check them as well or explore our blogs regarding sewing machines. 

how to thread a kenmore sewing machine


How To Thread A Kenmore Sewing Machine At Home


Step 1. Thread the top thread

  • Locate the take-up lever, typically above the needle, and rotate it counterclockwise to raise it
  • Behind the needle is the presser foot lever and lift it as well
  • Place the thread on the spool pin accordingly, ensuring that it will rotate counterclockwise
  • Have the thread on the thread guide at the top rear portion of the sewing machine and wrap it to the left side and down to the front and back again
  • There are path guides you can follow, typically with labels, depending on the specific Kenmore sewing machine model you have
  • The first thread path can also have a tension knob bearing tension discs where you’ll need to insert the thread
  • Some Kenmore sewing machines opt for a tension area at the front bottom instead of a tension knob; for this case, have the thread around the check spring holder instead
  • Locate the tension spring and thread it before taking it down and front of the sewing machine’s designated thread path
  • Secure the thread into the take-up lever and have it through the lower guides
  • Take the end of the thread and insert it through the needle from front to back with a bit of the thread’s length extending at the rear

Step 2. Thread the bobbin thread

  • Check if you’ve raised the presser foot and keep it this way
  • Hold the end of the top thread while simultaneously rotating the handwheel clockwise 
  • Pull out the bobbin thread from the shuttle by finding it at the bottom of the needle plate and tugging
  • Have the top and bobbin threads underneath the presser foot and pointing towards the rear of the Kenmore sewing machine
  • Leave around four inches of thread for each of them 

How Do You Thread An Old Kenmore Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific vintage Kenmore sewing machine you have
  2. Thread the first hook and down the tension knob
  3. Tug the wire loop upward and bring the thread around the hook
  4. Release the wire hook and bring the thread up to the lever and down the thread clip and needle thread clip
  5. Thread the front of the needle and leave at least two inches 

How To Thread The Bobbin On The Kenmore Sewing Machine?

  1. Remove the extension table of the Kenmore sewing machine to help you load the bobbin
  2. Pull the shuttle cover down or lift it to open, depending on the specific Kenmore sewing machine you have
  3. Turn the handwheel to raise the needle at the highest level
  4. Pull the latch on the bobbin case to remove it out of the sewing machine
  5. Insert the bobbin into its case securely and guide the end of the thread to its designated slot at the top
  6. Weave enough thread until you can pull it under the tension spring
  7. Return the loaded bobbin case into the shuttle and wait for a click to indicate that it’s securely installed 

Why Is My Handwheel Stuck On The Kenmore Sewing Machine?

You can check your handwheel if your Kenmore sewing machine is jammed. You only need to disengage the inner wheel and then rethread the sewing machine. It would also be best to reset the machine’s tensions. 

After these troubleshooting techniques, you can check the bobbin case if the Kenmore sewing machine is still jammed. Then, clean it accordingly and try the machine. And speaking of cleaning, did you know that a dirty sewing machine can also cause the bobbin not catching?


Why Is The Bobbin On My Kenmore Sewing Machine Not Catching?

Ensure that you’ve cleaned your Kenmore sewing machine, then check if you’ve wound and threaded the bobbin correctly. If you don’t, they are usually the reason why the bobbin can’t catch perfectly. The installation of the bobbin can also cause it to stop working correctly. 


Why Is The Bobbin On My Kenmore Sewing Machine Not Spinning?

Start by ensuring that the bobbin is clean and then check if you’ve installed it correctly. If you also didn’t wind the bobbin on your Kenmore sewing machine perfectly, then the bobbin won’t also spin. You can also tighten the bobbin case or rethread your sewing machine.



Was this article helpful? To recap how to thread a Kenmore sewing machine, you start with the top thread and then the bobbin thread. It’s a straightforward process because there are guides that you can follow when moving the thread to the paths. 

Be sure that you’ve also wound and threaded the bobbin correctly so it will catch or spin without issues. And, of course, keep your Kenmore sewing machine clean. 

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