How To Fix A Water Damaged TV Remote: 6 Helpful Steps

If you are looking for answers about how to fix a water damaged TV remote and tips on making its life longer, you will find the solutions in this article. See you at the end of this topic!


how to fix a water damaged tv remote

Possible Damages

Whether it is water, coffee, juice, or tea spills, it can surely damage your TV remote. There are possible damages that you will see happen to your TV remote after liquid spills:

  • Corrosions on the battery terminal
  • The buttons are not working
  • Sticky circuit board
  • Damaged IR emitter
  • Circuit board damaged
  • Other internal damage due to water residues


How To Clean The Water Away On A TV Remote

Before doing the steps below, make sure to wipe the water away on the outer parts of the remote with a clean and dry cloth.


Step #1. Open the TV remote case

Unscrew the nails of the remote if there are any to start opening the case. Carefully open the remote control with a flat screw, or you can use your hand but do not use force to avoid the case breaking.


Step #2. Remove the remote button mat and circuit board

After opening the TV remote case, remove the button mat and the circuit board. Place them on a clean paper towel.


Step #3. Dry the button mat and circuit board

You can dry the remote button mat using a mini portable vacuum or wipe it with a clean and dry cloth. While for the circuit board, avoid using a vacuum or hairdryer and only use a clean towel in drying.


Step #4. Clean the button mat and circuit board

After drying, you will still see some dirt on the button mat and circuit board areas. Get a clean towel, and pour enough alcohol to clean the areas with dirt on the remote buttons while you can use an eraser for the circuit board.


Step #5. Use a pencil to add conductivity to the circuit board

Liquid residues lessen the conductivity of some crucial parts on the circuit board, one of the reasons the remote is not working well. To add conductivity to the circuit board, use a pencil and gently color the tracks on the board. 


Step #6. Reassemble the TV remote parts

Lastly, reassemble the TV remote control parts using a manual for your guide to put the right pieces accordingly. Then, test every button again to see if there are any changes. 

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How to check the conductivity of the circuit board of your remote

If you want to check the conductivity of a circuit board, there are things you must prepare, such as an analog/digital multimeter, magnifying glass, soldering gun, and desoldering station. These are the essential tools you will use to help solve problems in conductivity, and so on.


How to prevent the TV remote from getting wet and damaged

Liquid spills usually happen accidentally, and that is why using a polyethylene plastic cover is a good idea to prevent damage to your TV remote. Cover your TV remote control with a plastic cover and worry less about your TV remote getting wet or water damaged.


How to take care of the TV remote control

  • Avoid dropping/sucking the TV remote
  • Put away the remote control if you are eating to avoid food or liquid spills
  • Do not hit the TV remote if it is malfunctioning; instead, try to change the batteries
  • Clean your TV remote regularly with a mild antiseptic liquid damped on a cloth


Why is my TV remote not operating correctly (aside from water damage)?

Aside from water damage, there are also other reasons why your TV remote is not working correctly.

  • The buttons of the TV remote are jammed
  • Poor contact with static electricity or battery
  • TV remote control terminals are clogged with dirt
  • The batteries are too old (need of replacement)
  • Other internal/external damage


Tips on troubleshooting remote control

  • Check and ensure that there are no hindrances between the electronic device you want to control and the remote itself because your commands will not work if they are not in harmony.
  • You can contact a professional or your cable TV provider to help you ensure that your TV remote control and the particular equipment setup are programmed appropriately.
  • If the remote is still not working, you can check if the remote is damaged or defective. Using a simple universal remote for replacement may solve the issue, or you may contact the device’s manufacturer for a remote control replacement.
  • Try replacing the batteries of the remote control.
  • You can do a power reset on your TV remote control



The tips and solutions on how to fix a water damaged TV remote are accessible and simple. Follow the simple steps for a worry-less and joyful rest with your favorite TV shows.

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